Saturday, November 26, 2011

To find Truth....

The truth is, no matter how smart or erudite or learned you are, you're still just a human being. No matter how far outside the box you are capable of thinking, no matter what insight you have, no matter what your I.Q. you are still just a human being.

You might, of course, be something other than just human, as we all might. What is the purpose of our “junk” DNA? What is going on in the trillions of brain cells that appear to have no purpose, this giant biological server housed in our cranium that busies itself with the minutiae of daily existence, the price of fish, the daily “news”, the reality TV show, the true and awesome power of this instrument never once utilised.

By anyone.

And yet most of us realise, at least, that there's something wrong.
It's that feeling that lies at the core, the root of humanity's unhappiness.
Is this really all there is?
Surely there's something wrong with this picture?
It is the splinter in our souls.
Touch it and it hurts.

And so you search for it, this shard, for it is the only thing that lets you know that something's wrong.

And when you begin to search for the truth, once you are past the frippery that is politics, the thin gauze upon which the projection of reality is projected, the daily picture show that most believe is real you see the next fantasy screen and the new reality, as false as the first but more subtle, because you have been smart enough to poke your head through and look.

And there you will find more false trails, more red herrings, more intricately woven lies and obfuscation, the spiders' webs of deceit intricately woven across your path designed to make you believe that “THIS IS REAL”.

It ain't.

And when you poke your head through that veil you find the next screen showing another reality, a reality designed to flatter your idea of self worth, a flattery designed to weave into your consciousness the idea that you are apart, separate, different, more knowing.

This reality is heaven for the detail lover, those that pride themselves on research, those that are linguists and mathematicians and philosophers. It's Nirvana for the spiritual, the seeker for the eternal, the New Ager, those that still catch a whiff of the scent laid for them by John Lennon, the trail that leads East.

When you reach this place you will either fall into the pit and spend a lifetime trying to learn or uncover “esoteric” secrets, suffering the ignomy of being considered slightly weird by the rest of the world, or you will understand that this is just another layer.

You will need to brush past the kabbalah, the bibles and korans, the gemantria and numerology, the buddhist tales, the theosophists myths, the controlled release of ideas like the electric universe and the outpourings of quantum physicists, the esoteric.

In the same way that the simple theft of humanity's future is shrouded in an ever deepening miasma of financial jargon and faux debate about the intricacies of a mechanism called finance, about the relationships between nations and the lie called diplomacy, about the need to kill people so that we may not be killed, the vast web of deceit that makes the false reality “real” is even more intricate once you get beyond that level, even more confusing, even more tempting for the ego.

And once past there, you see magic.
And past magic you find Magick.
And past the book of Thoth and Tarot and the revoltingly appealing Crowley you see lucifer.
And then you see the great battle between good and evil, and then see it for what it is.

Past this understanding you see “god”, the universal idea, the word, the light.
And past them you see, finally,......

And there you find the answer.
And you need not have gone so far, nor looked so hard, because the answer was always there.
It still is.
In you.

Seek, and you will find.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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Wei Wu Wei said...

This may very well be your best yet.