Thursday, December 8, 2011

Read and Share.

Most people cannot believe in the idea of a perfect world. They look about them at the mockery of civilisation we call home, see the greed and callousness permeating all levels of society, understand because they have been programmed so to do that humanity cannot be trusted, feel helpless to affect the reality in which they exist because they are relentlessly instructed in a myriad of ways that they are just that.

From the days of kings our master and its servants have understood that our tribe would increase. They foresaw our burgeoning and understood that in that growing and swelling of our kind lay the inevitability of a slaves revolt. They understood that as our numbers grew so would our genius, if only as a ratio but nevertheless. They grasped the concept that this genius would reshape the world, might even challenge the rule of the slave-master and its minions great and small.

For many thousands of years we were small in number, divided and easy prey for those that thrive on us, the parasites. Our knowledge and invention progressed as a snail progresses. By the year 1700 there was almost nothing on this earth that hadn't been there 2,000 or 10,000 years before.
Witness what has happened since then. See the world now and compare what we have devised since 1700 to that which was devised in the ten thousand years prior to that time. See how now, as our numbers grow, we share our ideas at the speed of light. See how fast the world is changing.
And what might we do in the next few years? What perhaps have we already achieved that is denied us?

It is not rocket science, this inevitability of the quickening of invention as our numbers grew. It has been foreseen and planned for for hundreds of years. Attempts have been made to stem the growth, to get us to cull each other. Those attempts continue apace. What we see of the world right now represents another of the strategies of our master, an entirely false reality built with craft and wickedness for centuries, a reality which so clouds and obfuscates our vision that we cannot even dream of a world made perfect, that we cannot believe in ourselves, that we cannot see our strength and what we are capable of, that we cannot imagine ridding ourselves of the systems that prolong our misery.

We cannot believe in our own nobility.

More than this, our master understood that a time would come when the truth of our condition would begin to be seen by some of us and that we would share that understanding, and that a tsunami of truth would be unleashed upon the world and seven billion hearts and minds would bring themselves to bear upon the problem that besets us. We would see the beast for what it is and shrug it off and with it the systems that form the bars and locks and chains of our servitude to evil and step into our own pure light.

And so long and detailed and intricate plans were implemented to subvert and mislead this great apocalypse, this great unveiling.

And if you have eyes to see, this strategy is as plain as the nose on your face.
With sadness you might also see how successful it is being.

And if you don't understand of what I speak, yet count yourself a truth-seeker, then the likelihood is that you have fallen for the deception and are already a tool in the hands of the master, doing its bidding even as you believe yourself to be battling with it.

The monster that governs our reality is a many headed monster, cunning beyond all reckoning, ancient as time, stretching vast and ordered tentacles across the globe, seemingly beyond humanity's power to destroy even though it relies upon humanity to sustain it.

Foreseeing a great surge in the tide of history, our master determined to place its hands upon the tiller and have its servants lead humanity into a new hell.
See how the eastern bloc colour revolutions have turned already to ashes in the mouths of those that took to the streets.
Witness the Arab Spring and the false green it has sprouted.
See Libya, “Occupied” and heading for further monstrous disaster.
Look anywhere you like across the globe and see change in the wind, then look deeper and see the same hands guiding that change.

Those that wielded the hammer and the sickle to rid themselves of a tyrant never believed that they were giving birth to a new, more horrible monster, gestated by the same master that birthed Hitler and Mao and countless others that furthered the control of the beast.

As I said a while back, dear truth-seeker, the New World Order is you.
Can you see it now?
Occupy something, and you do its bidding.........

The master is crumbling the edifices of its old world order, breeding resentment and hurt across the globe. It is its intention to collapse money, that great glue of its old system, believing that we would rather starve than do for nothing what we already do for money!
It might be right.
We do that now.

But I suspect, when the time comes, that our master will have underestimated us.

It has weakened and enfeebled us with its strategy, filled our glorious bodies with poisons, filled our amazing minds with fallacies, battered our souls until they lie cowering and fearful behind the protective wall of “I”, and the instinct for self-preservation makes cowards and sneaks of us all.

And yet.
There is in humanity something indomitable, something pure even within the foulest and most perverted of us. Deep down, we have not forgotten. The memories of how things should be are there within each of us no matter what stake we have in the empire of evil, no matter what power the sickness wields over us. It calls as a yearning to us now, as a shard in the mind it calls and will not be ignored.

There is a better way.

Join no movement, follow no leaders however anonymous they might be. Most if not all of the unfolding history of these greatest and foulest of times is being written by the unseen hands.
Find your inner strength.
Commune with your soul.

Humanity needs no leadership, no systems, no money, nothing but itself and the belief in a perfect world made perfect by love.
And the beginning of this new world is found within.
We just need all of us to understand.
And once we do, the nightmare will vanish overnight, will wither and starve in the face of our indifference to its systems, its servants, its rule.

And a breeze will rise across the globe, bringing the scent of true freedom to a species long enslaved, and a light will shine forth across the universe that is ours, humanity's, free at last, free at last, free at last.

And so, beware of deceivers.
The answer is within you.
And together, We Are One.

With love,
Fear nothing,
Olive Farmer