Saturday, August 5, 2017

There is only unity, for we are one.

No one can know everything.
Even the most gifted left-brained fact collectors cannot know everything.
Even those learners of lists have to rely on the lists themselves, on the compilers of the lists.
Almost all historians rely upon what other historians have written.
Almost all scientists rely on what other scientists have 'proven'.
The vast majority of human beings are, now, far removed from the base source of truth.
They neither check, nor research.
They simply believe what they are told.
We are an inventive species.
There are those amongst us that profit from invention.
Lies can be fruitful.
There is absolutely nothing that can reassure you that what you believe is true.
People have argued, cohesively and cogently, against Einstein's special relativity and have, despite being eminent physicists, found no publishers for their debunking.
In truth, humanity exists within a web of lies.
Not simply the propaganda we are bombarded with from the fake mainstream media, but also the fake propaganda that we are assailed by from the fake alternative media, the control system devised by clever people to manage the awakening as their agenda progresses towards its sick conclusion.
Not just the fake money world we exist within and are debt-enslaved by.
Not only the misleading stream of consciousness that is directing the human collective will towards the inevitability of another world war but also the other 'inevitabilities' we are directed to believe in and so create....
Death, for example, as some sort of finality.

Your body is made of trillions of cells.
Every single one of them is conscious.
A blood cell will attack a virus without your instruction, fix a wound without an order, sort toxins from your system and expel them without written instruction.
Other than the DNA programme which gives it its sense of being and its duty to the whole.

We, the human species, are an entity too.
Though we are yet to come to understand it.
Each and every day you use or consume something someone else has made.
At the end of each day, if you checked, you would find you have relied upon the efforts of thousands of other human beings from across the world.
Who made the devices you have used? Where did the materials come from? Who obtained the materials? What did you eat and who grew or prepared it? Where does your energy come from, your petrol, your electricity? Your clothes? Who grew the cotton or sheared the sheep or manned the mills or sewed the stitch or knitted the fabric? Who made your shoes, your phone, your everything?

We Are a single entity, cannot exist without each other, are a single unit of billions of free-willed cells forming a whole.

And we are sick right now.
There is a virus, a plague amongst us.
And we lack the will to rid our self, our entity, of this intrusion.

It is not a race.
Forget the 'Jews' who are merely human, just like you, simply a part of the whole.
Forget the Catholic Church and the Jesuits.
Forget the so called 'Royal' scroungers and bullies.
Forget the conspiracy that exists, the usurers, the warmongers, the child-killers, the perverted tossers that call themselves your 'government'.
Forget the Masons.
Forget the migrants/immigrants, who are merely human beings seeking a safer or better future.
Forget everything, ….

For who can tell what is true?

Except this one universal and seemingly unending truth:
There is Good.
There is Evil.
The entity that is human, our interconnected species, the billions of individual 'cells' that comprise the single creature we are destined to become, this entity is, despite the propaganda that informs you otherwise, a creature that is good.

We Are Good.
We Are Love.
These are the characteristics of the species, now sickened and degraded, now being edged towards a cancerous finish, yet still, underneath it all and growing every day, characteristics that WILL tell in the end.
We are approaching a nexus, a turning point.
Enough of us understand this now.
We simply need to discover this shared understanding.

There is good, there is evil.
WE choose good.

In love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx   

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