Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A deleted Youtube exchange with Max Igan !!!!

This is a conversation with Max Igan of Craphouse, sorry, Crowhouse fame. His dulcet tones emanate from his enviable accomodation in Los Angeles, when he's not jetting around the world meeting exxx members of paedophile cults, exxx members of the Church of Satan or Alexxx Jones (who Maxxx himself calls a shill!), amongst others of the huge fraternity of  disinfo merchants established to subvert the awakening of humanity from our collective nightmare.
He deleted the exchange, as he would, as do all the freaks that occupy this area of consciousness manipulation when we get stuck in with the uncomfortable truths.We are blocked from commenting on Icke, Jones and many more sites, as these @Truthers@ hate it when they get called out with evidence (though we've seen and heard our words plagiarised by them many times!).

Here's the exchange:
But why do you associate with such obvious agents of the power, such divisive and money-grabbing evident sociopaths? Do they fool you, do they fund you, are you attracted to the allure of fame, does the association gain you more sales, is it the same Ego we all battle with, the body-mind hangover from our upbringing, the false reality getting in the way of your true self, the humanhearted core? Just asking. We have refused many invitations to speak, sell nothing on our blog, grow our olives organically and sell for a pittance and live an utterly simple life, cut our own wood for our fire, collect natural herbs and greek 'horta' for sustenance, do no harm as much as we are able in this false reality, do kindness where and when we can (particularly Aktina), earn less than enough to pay tax (until this year, when the Greek Govt decided 6,000 euro was more than we need to live on). Yet we are still, try as we might, locked in the matrix to an extent, yet knowing we are, as a species, sooooo close to a form of redemption. Sorry.
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"obvious agents of the power, such divisive and money-grabbing evident sociopaths"  ??? to whom are you referring please?
Olive Farmer
Where to begin, Max?Before ditching him, didn't you hang with Zen Gardner, senior guy at the famous kiddy-fiddler church it has been reported. Perhaps, as is suggested, Mark Passio really was in the Church of Satan.Maybe you regret hanging with Ken Okeefe, you recall, whom you later accused of deceptive fraud I understand. Didn't you used to appear on Alex Jones' show? He you later accused of being a disinfo cointelpro shill, or something similar? Let me know if you want more (!) but at least three people you used to do shows with YOU YOURSELF have since accused of wrongdoing or of working for the other side.Er, did you know this is common practice amongst the disinfo cointelpro community?That is, to fall out with and accuse of bad stuff other 'leaders' of the fake alternative media.
met zen gardner twice, met mark twice, ken was an asshole so I called him out as thief when he betrayed me and everyone else, never been on the alex jones show.... Im not aware of anyone I have done shows with who is accusing me of wrong doing or that I am accusing of wrong doing, except Ken, because he did the wrong thing, so... Er, take your disinfo and shove up your programmed divisionist asshole. Have a nice day and feel free to troll your unresearched disinformation somewhere else.
lol ... that was the Linda west show, so she happened to be with infowars for about 2 weeks, so what? thats not doing shows with alex jones, and yes, I have done interviews with lots of people... made a mistake or two in my life too and trusted the odd asshole like ken as well.... I dont go attacking others and spreading my own self righteous drivel around youtube with every mistake I see anyone else make tho... so I will tell you what I will block you so you can go troll someone else because Im totally sick of being attacked by programmed drones who are too full of themselves to have any life other than attempting to bring down others... so goodbye now :)
Olive Farmer
Weak. Lol.Isn't that blocking freedom of speech, just because you're losing?

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Anonymous said...

Igan just keeps on befriending dodgy people. Luke Rudowsky is anotjer lol. I asked Max last year how he manages to be constantly and i mean constantly flying all aroumd the globe and his answer? 'Cmon it doesnt cost much to fly from country to country!!!' I couldnt believe it, my partner and i both work and there is no way we could do the continual flights that scumbag does. Another shill just found is the book max was promoting by Rebeka Roth!! She is a well know liar ousted by Jim Fetzer. Max is a dodgy lying pos. The list is so long of all the disinfo agents he hangs with i dont have time on my phone to type them out.