Monday, August 7, 2017

It's all in the mind, the collective will.

It's all in the mind.


This is not about your mind, about how reality is an effect of your consciousness as a participant in this reality.

Nor about whether your boss is a dick, your bills need paying, your house is a mess, dinner needs making, or any of that stuff.

Enter the zone......

Proud, or ashamed, and as full of the fake idea of self as you are, you are merely an individuated unit in the single body we call 'humanity', that which will soon find its expression as an entity and discover its destiny: A force of creative love comprised of billions of units just as your own body is such an expression, comprised of trillions of free-thinking cells that are unimportant as individual cells but, put together, make up something altogether greater, altogether finer, almost unimaginable to each cell but nevertheless 'being'.

The inevitable eschaton of this fake reality, its demise, is entwined with the birth of something greater.

That we humans despise this fake reality will, as night follows day, lead to a different reality.
Those that shape this fake reality are trying their best to reshape a New World Order, to escape the inevitability with all their goodies in a bag and still be in charge, through deception and trickery and mind-control and devices.....
They are of course too late.

They cannot abort the child that is about to be born and, though their chaos we see swirling about us right now may delay us, they have missed the point:
Chaos will ensure we come about.
It will stimulate.
Their strategy is at fault.
We Are survivors.
We Are about to take our first breath as a species.
We will cry, scream and wail, as any child will.
Birth is painful.
But eventually we will smile, and grow into our strength, and become what we were intended from the beginning to become: That which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Your individual 'body' is created of cells, each itself created of atoms, each atom being an expression of information determined by thought, thought itself created by consciousness.

Each atom is linked with every other regardless of space and time, those imposters that we are trained to believe in, about to see through, about to make our tools.

You yourself are nothing, merely a cell, as we are.
But together our combined intelligence will shape, will create realities.
Humanity is an entity in incubation.

An entity created by conscious thought within a reality of nothingness given form and shape by conscious thought in the Ouroboros of eternal being, eternal consciousness, birth and rebirth building the universe of what is, the antithesis of nothingness, the spark of life.

We Are about to enter another paradigm, become something else.
It will be, in appearance, painful.
There are final lessons to be learned, deeper understanding of good and evil, still some younger souls among us that are easily tricked, but we should remember:
We Are not the body-mind we are fooled into believing is “I” and so fight to hold on to.
Our beliefs have, all of them, been shaped by a fake reality.
We Are something altogether different.
We have been to school, endured the fake teachers spewing their fake knowledge, suffered the bullies, taken the blows, for millennia died for kings and religion and offered our children in sacrifice to false gods and falser flags, have been educated to believe we stand against each other in some sort of race and are judged, are belittled, are made to feel alone.......

Yet calling to us all now is our destiny as a species.
We Are coming, and nothing will prevent that.

Fear nothing.
The conduit is closing.
There is Good out there.
And in you, in our collective whole, there is the genesis.

And “God” said to Moses:
“I Am who I Am”
When 'We Are' become an entity comprised of billions of cells, how might We describe ourselves?


There is, if We allow it, more terror to come.
The terror is designed to prevent the birth.
To abort the foetus.
To kill the thing humanity is destined to become, a collective intelligence full of love.

Now is the time.
Let your mind swell with the Moment.
Be that which you were created to be.
Your sins will be forgiven, as you must forgive those who sinned against you.

Familiar words?
Something gave us a hint.

With love and hope,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

(Remember the lesson the Olive Tree teaches us. The part you see above the ground, imperfect, attacked by parasites, cancerous, sprayed, is NOT the olive tree. The olive tree is the roots, stretching down through the hard soil and rock. Cut the entirety of the tree down, every branch, the trunk, right to the ground and, within two or three years, a new trunk will emerge, new branches, free of the sickness of the old, ready for another thousand years of fruitfulness. THIS is the path we must take. Cut down the diseased tree entirely, and grow something utterly new, clean limbed, and fruitful.)

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