Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fake snake oil salespeople dominate the alternative media????

Dark Matters.

Somehow, and from somewhere, there is serious money to be made in the 'alternative' 'truth' community and, wherever there is money to be made, so the snake oil salespeople, the sociopaths and the plausible fraudsters make their appearance to milk humanity and exploit our gullibility and bathe in the ego-jacuzzi of fame.

Only a complete idiot has not arrived at the evident truth that the masters of this reality funded and created vast numbers of 'consciousness thieves' to steal the hearts and minds of an awakening humanity.

Well, they would, wouldn't they?
Well they could, couldn't they?
So they did.

Still believe in one or another of them?
Still defend that belief?

Welcome to the world of the duped.
Don't feel ashamed.
It's humanity's history, being duped.
It's what we are.
Dumb believers.

Billions believe in one fake religion or another.
Billions believe in the fake money shit that enslaves us.
Billions believe their vote counts.
Billions believe what they're taught at school.
Billions believe the fake history.
Billions believe whatever some newscaster tells them.
Belief causes death, misery, division, pain, yet we continue to believe in an entire catalogue of fake shite.
“Dumb believers” sums us up.

You might as well be a Jehova's Witless
or a Moron
or a Moonie.

Whatever happened to “question everything”?

“Well”, I hear you say, “ (Insert Name) woke me up. He/she tells a lot of truth/exposes the NWO/(choose a topic)”

Well, they would, wouldn't they?
But it's never a truth that some other human being somewhere hasn't already put out there.
They steal stuff.
They also conspire to rip you off by selling you some worthless crap wrapped in snake-oil sales patter.
As the drug companies know, there's money in health concerns.
They also conspire to sell you bullshit financial advice (BUY GOLD!) because they know you desire more than others, or desire security.

Listen: You woke yourself up. It was you that went looking because you felt, deep inside, that there is something completely fucked up about this world. YOU took that first step, on your own, to begin the voyage of discovery. Down deep, maybe without you realising it, you began to search for a better destiny for your species.
You maybe don't realise that that's the journey you're on, but it is ONLY that journey.
It's all there is.

You opened up your PC, typed in a search, and discovered one of the many thousands of plausible creeps who 'woke you up'. You found, on their sites, interviews and videos with other creeps, opening up a thousand rabbit holes of truth for you to bury your head in. Every one of them tried to sell you something or begged for your help to sustain their 'noble' work.
And linked to each other.....
Because it;'s a mutually reinforcing circuit.

A mutually reinforcing circuit.

Think about how you browse.
You read or watch something.
Your interest spikes.
There are links to other similar content, other of the 'circuit' speakers, other websites repeating the same mantras.

In the UK there was Jimmy Savile, 'Sir' Jimmy Savile.
Everybody loved him, he was such a nice chap, raised millions for charity, smoked a big cigar, raped and murdered kids, was a regular at Buckingham Palace, spent every Christmas with Margaret Thatcher, fucked corpses, battered children's brains out with hammers dressed as Satan, hung out with Prince Charles, supplied 'food' to Prime Minister Edward Heath, presented TV pop shows, was an all round good guy, spoke with a choke in his voice about how even the small gesture he made by running a marathon might “help the little kiddies”.
Do you see?
Thousands wept when he died.
He was a one man PsyOp, the 'man' who said to Louis Theroux “I've known the Queen for a million years”.......(Do you see yet?)

We are an eminently foolable species.
We have two thousand years of utter stupidity to prove it.
We have the present to prove it.
Aktina and I prove it, for we are dumb too in comparison.
YOU prove it.
We are all of us lost in this great myth that purports to be real, surrounded and fed upon by succubuses, those demons that fuck the sleeping.

Back to the fakers:
Our masters would have been careful in their selection of 'staff', ensuring they found the right charismatic and completely immoral liars to perpetrate their fraud.
That would be easy, wouldn't it?
They're hardly in short supply.
Check the banking industry, politics or Oncology.....

Throw into this admixture of deliberate and carefully considered deceit the allure of the market place (for the alternative, truth community IS a marketplace, offering as it does EASY money for the oldest snake-oil tricks in the book) and, as our masters must have understood, the mistruth missile they fired would drag along in its slipstream literally thousands of shysters.

They row amongst themselves, these fraudsters, with beautifully divisive effect.
Witness the row between two snake oilers par excellence.
Horowitz was paying Jones $8,000 a month to advertise his Oxy Silver.
(! $8000 a month to advertise. We live on less than 8000 a year!)
Here's their row, from Horowitz' viewpoint:

Do you see something here?
YOU are worth advertising to at the rate of $8000 a month!
How much does Horowitz make from this crap?
How much do you buy?
Answer: Enough to warrant $8000 a month to get at the dupes that follow Jones.
With the “NASA developed super blah, secret, miracle, known to past civilisations, gifted by aliens......” etc etc ad nauseam.

These tossers are everywhere, in every area that we human beings are discovering we have been lied to we find some idiot propounding some deliciously tempting theory that we can PAY to find out more about, because everywhere they ask for money or try and sell you something.
YOU are a cash cow, being milked.

I went to school with a guy, then later had a chance to give him a job at which he was not great, though nor was I (being at the time a corporate bullshit artist). The business went kapoowie and, later, I chanced to meet him and he told me he was really into Megaliths (big standing stones). I was dumb enough at the time to think that HE was crazy, though I knew he was a bright guy. Now he's “Doctor” Andy Collins, a circuit speaker on one of the rabbit hole circuits featuring Golbeki Tepi etc etc, dressing as you would expect any British “explorer” to dress like Indiana Jones and I wonder, just wonder: Has he been sucked into the faker circuit? Does he believe he is making a difference? Does his exposure make him feel famous? What, exactly, is the true nature of Andy's humanity? Is he for good? Or has the allure drifted him somewhere else? He always seemed like one of the good ones.

You see, we never know.
We ourselves appear to other people as the mask we are wearing.
I spent 30 years of my life wearing a mask, pretending to be interested in some fake 'business' or another so that I could feed my kids and provide a home.
Then I woke up and got the hell out.
It was David Icke that 'woke me up', but it wasn't.
The burning disquiet inside me woke me up, and Icke was where I landed.
I've moved on.

We have moved on.

Do you feel an extra sense of separation at the moment?
Let us know.
Something is occurring, dear friends.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx   


rainbowsophie said...

How interesting, when I lived in the Big L back in the 1990's I used to listen to Icke talking to small audiences in the back rooms of pubs, just after his 'turquoise tracksuit' stage. He was very genuine then ... I've also somewhere got the reply to a letter I sent to Andy Collins, about the time of his 'Seventh Sword' period ! There is no such thing as co-incidence ... only synchronicities.

Olive Farmer said...

He was, I recall, always good at quizzes, though not as good as another guy that worked at the same place. Lots of left brain. I still listen to Icke, as in haystack of truth in which is buried the needle of a lie/deception/misdirection/deliberate 'conspiracy people are nutters' lunatic promulgation designed to occlude our dawning brilliance.