Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Global Unity the Only Weapon in this War on HUmanity

The war on humanity is, in effect, a war on love. 

Conducted at the level of consciousness and reality engineering the war has been waged for millennia.

The main prongs of the initial strategy were firstly to destroy the tribal systems and understandings and, eventually, even the memory of them, secondly to create a fear based hierarchical system, thirdly to harvest humanity's labour through the imposition of a money system of exchange (something utterly alien to tribal humanity), fourthly to gain control of human consciousness through psychological operations which drew heavily on the effects of symbols on the human subconscious. These psychological operations included the myths we call religion, the myths we call class or caste, race or nation, myths substantiated through symbols drawing on a knowledge we have yet to fully comprehend.

This war of planetary conquest has been conducted by a force which is evidently inhuman, in that it bears none of the characteristics which we identify as being human. It relishes child murder and sacrifice, it has no moral qualms with regard to genocide or mass murder. For all of known history it has raped, murdered, crucified and otherwise brutalised humanity, still does so today, and yet is able to maintain the control over human consciousness that causes us to worship the key figures of this hierarchy and their psychopathic half-breed servants.

Witness the abject and crass servitude of those that love the Royal families that help dominate this inhuman reality. A century ago the First World War trampled humanity into the mud and slaughtered millions as two cousins fought for supremacy in the Empire. Still at that time the Royal family of England controlled 40% of the world's land surface. Other European Royals added to the total with their Empires. They are interrelated, as we know. To build these Empires the Royals had used their subjects to cross oceans and murder entire nations, then had their subjects at home wave flags and feel proud of themselves for the carnage wrought. This is much the same in the USA today, which continues to be a subject nation, its politicians merely knee-bending acolytes of the world's owners, the consciousness of its citizens still now entrained by flags, by symbols, by myths and fake religions to believe they do good whilst the last seventy years has seen that nation surpass Hitler and Stalin in cruelty and inhumanity. In the same false mythology that has caused the Jews to believe they are God's chosen people, so Americans believe their nation is God's own.

This consciousness control runs so deep that these few hundred million people will soon be duped into a much bigger conflict, the third world war which is being prepared in the consciousness of humanity as unavoidable, just as the other world wars were.

That this ancient inhumanity that prevails and owns humanity is unconcerned about the 'awakening' is evidenced by their unfaltering continuance of their current strategy, which involves both culling the herd and installing a more reliable technological control grid over the consciousness of humanity. On their instruction, using our efforts and labour and our planet's resources, they have caused us to invent, refine and also to construct the instruments of this coming control grid and, as ever, to be happy with the shiny things, the toys they give us to play with whilst we do so.

Recall the early traders with the tribal peoples of America, swapping worthless shiny trinkets for items of real value until, that is, the orders to wipe them out were given.

We human beings are simple creatures, can be bought for trinkets. Witness how many sell their entire lives for a 'loan' created out of thin air. Witness how many engage in tasks simply not required by a species in exchange for some numbers in a digital bank account and the ability to exchange those numbers for worthless trinkets. Entire lives are wasted in such utterly useless pursuits.

As tribal people we understood the simplicity of life. We needed to feed and clothe and house ourselves, protect ourselves from threats, create a peaceful and ordered society, care for our young and our sick and, most importantly, create as much free time for individual and collective fun as was humanly possible. Billions of human beings today engage in activities which are of no real use or benefit to our species, accounting for the widespread dissatisfaction with work that we witness. Those that perform readily identifiable useful work are generally happy in their labour, or at least would be were they not enslaved by the two prongs of financial control: Low pay and unpayable debt.
Sure, history is littered with stories of tribes that went wrong, that became aggressive empire builders and warmongers, that engaged in child sacrifice.....

Against which we have to wonder just how long our species has been infiltrated by the inhumans and how widespread they have been throughout human history. Their kind are readily identified. They create, through violence, murder and fear, hierarchies at the top of which they sit which both protect them and enforce their will, recruiting to their hierarchies the few psychopaths amongst our species and the half-breeds which litter the world. They engage in human sacrifice and cannibalism. They enjoy witnessing agony and terror. They relish the art of control, wrapping themselves in symbols, causing us to worship them.

The inhuman creatures that have dominated our species have exercised control over the human consciousness for so long that they have been able to refine and reinforce their control grid to the extent that even today, with our family growing so populous and collectively intelligent, they are still able to do exactly as they please. For them, though, there is a regret. In the past they were able to openly enjoy the sport of killing, raping, executing and eating their herd. Human beings would readily bring their children to be slaughtered and feel a sense of pride if they witnessed their child's head been severed and its heart eaten. Our history is full of such utter and abject servitude, across the world. These days, though, they are forced to disguise their activities, hiding the truth they once openly flaunted. They yearn for a return to the old days, when on a whim they could set out with their dogs and hunt humans down, when they could rape a new wife on her wedding night before the husband could consummate the union, leaving their demon seed and creating half-breeds for future use in their hierarchies.

The problem for our masters is two-pronged: Firstly our sheer number has given rise to a greater collective intelligence, which they can usefully milk and garner to their cause through bribery with their fake money or position within their fake hierarchies but which they still fear. Secondly they have witnessed a falling away of the blinkers they historically relied upon to keep us blind to our true situation. So it is that fewer believe in their fake Gods, fewer are inspired by a sense of national patriotism, more and more are picking at the edges of the consciousness shroud and witnessing the Wizards behind the curtain. More and more of us, in a multitude of different ways, sense an inner disquiet with how things have been and are.

They recognised this more than a century ago and have carefully managed this disquiet, taking its energy and directing it to serve their own purpose. From this next-level consciousness management they have created Jihadists, have engineered the “Colour Revolutions”, more recently created 'Brexit' and the Trump.

Everything we witness in the world today is the culmination of a long strategised plan to meet and defeat the threat to their rule by our growing number, our increasing collective intelligence, our increasing disenchantment and awakening to the fakery of nation, race, religion, so-called democracy and so on. They are careful, though, to preserve as well as they can the myth surrounding the Royals. Not a day passes in the UK when the papers are not full of fawning cult-of-celebrity building bullshit about the Royals. The mythology of Princess Diana, the surge of belief in her that was engineered, the mythologically referenced story of her death, now the cult of William, he who rescues people in his helicopter, the Prince of Peace.

What they are successful in is the strategy to keep the hundreds of millions of human beings now filled with an overwhelming disquiet separate from each other and ignorant of our collective number and the power to change the world that would quickly come were we to understand how many we are.
They have achieved this with such ease that we must seem as children to them. Their agents have built large numbers of cult followings, each with 'believers' that will lurch to the defence of their chosen man or woman, each finding they must argue and fall out with other fake leaders, keeping us divided and separate. Not one of these fake leaders attempts to show, simply by counting, just how many we are. All of them grow rich as they milk their followers, just as churches have so milked the herd in the past and still today.

They have arranged a vast array of agents who speak of love, of peace, of humanity just as the religions do. Each one sucks in a few thousand believers.

They have created thousand upon thousand of agents who 'specialise' in the disturbance of the minds by offering countless rabbit holes of knowledge which countless millions of we truth seekers willingly dive down and get lost in. Everything from aliens to demons, from numerology to Niburu, from lost civilisations to Mars landings, from flat earth to.......
You get the picture.

Human beings are easy to manipulate into obsession and belief, easy to keep divided by opposing opinions, easy to fool. We must be, as we have been conned for millennia into killing each other and getting on our bended knees and giving our stuff to some murdering inhuman psychopath or another.
We consider ourselves bright because we have no competition here on this world, no superior intellect, other than the superior intellect which is hidden within our world and owns us all, body, mind and soul and which ,most of humanity is kept ignorant of.

There is only one way that humanity can alter its immanent reduction.
That is for those that are full of disquiet, full of disenchantment, full of disbelief in the hierarchies placed to dominate our species, for those that are 'awake' even though they have been swallowed by the fake alternatives put in place to deceive us, for those countless millions in the world that have simply had enough of endless war, of endless injustice, of endless manipulation, of the endless despoiling of OUR planet, for we millions to stand together somewhere, somehow, and count our number.

To do this we must recognise our differences and put them aside.
To do this we must find a unifying simplicity.
One thing that identifies us as human, that sets us clearly as a single and powerful entity against the EVIL which dominates this reality.
Some think of LOVE as an emotion.
It is not.
It is a way of BEING for a species.
It is the unifying humanheartedness of a species.
It is the future, if we can unite behind its banner and, somehow and right soon,


The fake opposition speak against a global response. The reason is obvious.

It is with love that we post this message and the hope that those few that get to see it will do what they can to spread it in whatever way they can. Time is increasingly short now. The need for global unity of our species in the war against evil is pressing. We MUST COUNT OUR NUMBER.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx    

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