Thursday, August 17, 2017

5G: YOU are already an Antenna, courtesy of Chemtrails (NOT 'geoengineering')

We have previously analysed the latest scientific peer reviewed papers concerning, especially, Barium Titrinate nanoparticles which are the chief operative component of the chemtrails that the fake alternative media assure us are "geoengineering" when in fact the science informs us that these particles are entering the brain and individual cells making YOU a receiver in the same way that your phone is a receiver.
Read THIS and get up to date. It's the scariest thing we ever wrote:
There's more here: 
The Luciferian mythos tells us that when we are all shattered by the chaos and war the new 'Christ' (Maitreya) will appear in the world 
Now, how do you think the "Christ" will be able to do that?
By YOU being made into a microwave receiver.
If you read those articles you will be left in no doubt that this is the intent and has probably been achieved already.
Ever wonder why you can inform someone of the shit that's going down in the world and it just seems to pass right over them, as if they'd not even heard you, or they ask you or tell you to shut up?
Is the mind control ALREADY ACTIVE?

Worried about 5G?
This excellent Doctor tells it like it is about microwave radiation and the long list of effects on human beings and how cutting it out of your life can have startling effects.

Ditch the phone. Turn off the WiFi. Make your sleeping place a Faraday cage.(

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Reading between the lines said...

Food for thought for sure .I was subscribed to Share International for years .Recently unsubscribed since the death of Benjamin Creme.But it is very interesting that you would have mentioned the name of Maitreya in reference to your research and dot connections.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi 'Reading...'
The masters of this reality plan for centuries. The human consciousness is easily deceived. Billions still get down on their knees to one god or another, still kill those who worship a different god. Billions more believe money is real. Every day for thousands of years we have been tricked into thinking killing other members of our tribe in war is a good idea. We are dumb monkeys indeed. Our masters plan a new , world religion, one that will be accepted by all as true. To do this they'll need to do some Magick (ie science)and, as the Theosophists that have been preparing this con (and were deep into the founding of the United Nations)have been laying the groundwork for, spread now by Barbara Marx Hubbard and so on in things like the 'Shift' movement, the Zeitgeist and Thrive movies and much more, especially the NGOs spawned by the UN (who are keen on 'rescuing' children from the war zones they create.)
Aktina Pempti says hello from Crete.
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

Do you think we are evolving? Maybe a paradigm shift? What about the new sciences.

Olive Farmer said...

I believe there is only one destiny for humanity, and that everything the elite are doing is to slow down that inevitability or, if they are successful in engineering constant chaos and war everywhere, put us back a thousand years from our goal.
A lot of previous posts deal with this, but our ideas are constantly morphing and our next post will focus on this.
We believe that a future humanity is scientifically capable of messaging today's humanity and that future humanity is full of good will and humour, so we are reassured of the right outcome.
The question is not if, but when, and the longer if waits upon when the greater the price humanity will pay.
Love to you,
OLive xxx