Sunday, August 13, 2017

Future speak....

The consciousness is constrained by the ability of the body-mind to assemble and interpret the signals received, those signals being constrained by the operational parameters of the input senses. The life experience itself constitutes an enclosure, bordered by time, existing only within the stage-set of understood reality.

(Showing programme inputs shaping consciousness experienced reality)
Within this parametrised box the human experiencer absorbs understandings which become the 'truths' that shape and give direction to the 'life'. The boundary of time ensures the experiencer has little opportunity to question those truths. This is further restricted by the contrivance of a false need for activity, eating away at the available time for consideration and questioning. These factors, combined with the restricted limitations of individual intelligence, which vary little, ensure the capacity to achieve greater understanding is unavailable.

In this way a 'life' is experienced within a tightly bounded and restricted cell.
In this way experiencers become the captives of the beliefs, the programmes, input by certain agencies that operate within the reality.

In this way the experiencer mistakes decision making for the exercise of free will.

There is no free will, only choices delimited by programming, trammelled by normalcy, that normalcy determined by agencies outside of the experiencer but impinging upon every action, every choice, every decision.

As with all deceptive reality structures the detailed regulation of the life experience entails the manufacture of consensus across all participating consciousnesses over time, the chief transmitters of this consensus understanding being the experiencers themselves, who repeat and reaffirm programmes they have absorbed. This endows the deceptive reality with a generational continuity through time, the concepts made stronger simply by virtue of that continuance.

As with all computational devices the overall capabilities of the instrument are subject to the available processing components.

We should note that a thousand pocket calculators, not connected, are individually weak processors.
This is currently the condition of the experiencers of this reality: one of disconnection.
Additionally, each individual unit is kept busy, leaving little processing time for other calculation.
The disconnection also ensures that each individual unit is operating with unique operational programming, creating artificial separations exampled by language, nationality, status etc.

That this artificial separation is created to ensure the continuance of the controlling agencies is evident.

The separation is designed to create competition between each individual unit, each having been programmed to believe that such separation is their 'right', that such separation is 'natural', that such separation is how things are, indeed that such separation is 'good', contrary to evidence and logic.
Naturally, this prevents the individual units from cooperating, even though it is evident that the combination of their processing capabilities would produce a single entity of immense computational power.
(Showing the inevitability of connection, indicating the power of such connection.)

The experiencers remain individual pocket calculators when, within a moment once connectivity has been attained, they could become something ineffable.

Thus the intent behind all actions of the controlling agencies is to prevent the individuated pocket calculators from realising what they could become if they became a single computational unit. The actions of these agencies are indeed so successful that very few experiencing consciousnesses understand the threshold at which they now stand, how close they are to becoming something greater than the sum of their parts.

Despite these actions, there is an inevitability to this destiny. Once an idea is born into the collective consciousness it will become a reality in time. The shared idea needs only the application of the reality shaping will of sufficient processing power over time to enable its existence. It has been seen that ideas born of prescient science fiction writers have entered reality in this way, proving that everything is possible through the application of thought.

We should recall, at this juncture, that the parametrised reality is a function of information interpreted electronically by each experiencer and is subject to the collective consciousnesses of the experiencers, reality 'existing' only as an electronically generated display within each consciousness, having no substance otherwise, being a product of those consciousnesses .

It should be noted, then, that control of the collective consciousness is the objective of the reality shaping agencies, ergo who must understand this conceptual musing, must indeed have understood it for aeons, which conclusion is demonstrated by actuality.

The resultant step of logic from that understanding is that either these agencies are comprised of a continuity of some form, that continuity possessing hidden knowledge, or these agencies are comprised of a collective superior intellect, 'human' or 'inhuman' in nature. In either case there is an evident purpose to their control of the human consciousness, which is to prevent it becoming something collectively more powerful than the agency itself and by doing so freeing itself from the parametrised cell and enabling the expression of its collective intent.

There is an additional threat to this destiny, which is that once those agencies perceive the inevitability of such connectivity and understanding, they would naturally seek to harness and constrain that new and powerful instrument and make it their own.

It is in this light that we experiencers should consider the device-led, microwave-delivered fake connectivity represented by the internet. Certainly it would be advantageous for the agencies to harness the collective power of humanity and thereby control the entity that collective could become.
Certainly there is evidence in abundance to indicate such a stratagem.

The intent is not to further subjugate humanity as is, but to construct the fetters and chains that will constrain and direct the power of the something other we will become, as the Lilliputians enchained Gulliver.

In essence we rely upon this:
That there are, within the power-construct of the agencies, individual consciousnesses that both understand the juncture at which we are and are willing, at personal risk, to spread this understanding.
Who tie a faulty knot, who fail to secure a peg, who ensure that a link in the chain is weak.
In that way, Gulliver can raise itself and snap the restraints.

Please recall that it is only through and in love, the principle, and all that is good that grows from that principle, only that common understanding which can serve as the uniting force which takes seven billion individuated units and forge them into a collective consciousness.

Time has no beginning nor end, the past exists and shapes our present, but the future also exists and that future is now reaching back to do battle with the past. What we will become is reaching back to ensure our birth as a collective consciousness.
Here is one such message:
(Showing an entity comprised of entities, the sum of the parts, complexity brought together by simplicity)

Understand there is Good out there.
Understand we are close.
We Are close.
And know that We can change Everything.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(As we write, the cicadas are gifting us with their white-noise cacophony, the sun its heat, the wind its cooling, all of this reality of vibration interpreted and presented as real when we choose to focus on it, drifting into nothingness when we are occupied elsewhere, as it is when we sleep. Now the collective consciousness is so occupied, sleeps. It needs to awaken. The future awaits.)


rainbowsophie said...

I'm beginning to think I need to come to Crete ... that last bit sounds so beautiful. Would you like a paying guest ?


With Love

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Rainbow,

That sounds nice (the visit, not the paying bit) but we have to say that our circumstances, at the moment, would make it difficult for us to have visitors. Maybe in a few months?

Lovely thought, thanks,

OLive xxx