Monday, February 27, 2012

Pass this on.

People assume they are born with a personality, that what they later come to think of as “I” was there from the start.
It wasn't.
The mind human beings are born with is a blank canvas, wrapped around the pure love that is the centre of our being.
You can see this, almost reach out and touch it, as the new-born baby gazes into the eyes of its mother.
The baby's eyes are not yet fully formed and cannot focus, yet it is able to communicate, both to give and receive pure love.
You can see this connecting beam of love energy, though not with your eyes.
It is the essence of humanity.
The thing we have lost.
It is human nature.

Second by second, hour by hour the experiences the child receives act as input data, forming and shaping the program that becomes the ego, makes “I”, the observer of this experience we call life.
It forms the connections between the neurons as the brain grows, shaping the understanding of what the child has to deal with.

We become the product of the reality we experience, as do those around us, measure and judge all input data against the reality we have formed, pass the shape and form of that reality on to those around us and eventually to our own children.

And all that time the core essence of love is pushed further and further into the recesses of our being as the reality we live through moulds us.

So it is that we learn fear, give and receive this terrible instrument of our torment, the weapon that sits at the heart of every system of control ever known. Naturally, it is the “I” that gives and receives this hurt, the ego that ever struggles to maintain its control over the biological mechanism we call our bodies.

Watch a child grow and you witness this process, see the instinctive love and giving diminish as reality imposes its harsh lessons and ego begins to dominate.

This process advances at varying speeds, according to the life experienced, the quantity and quality of love received, though it is almost unknown for a human being born of love to escape the process altogether and emerge into adulthood a creature of love.

When such humans come, the rest of us tend to kill them.
In fact, we always kill them.

Every human being exists in their own reality, for every life is different, but together we share one home and, now that we have “advanced” enough to create systems of assured mutual destruction, it behoves us to examine what we have done with our planet and done to each other and to consider our future as a species.

This is an inevitable process, and it is now our duty.
Our survival depends on it.
This is that time, that time that deep down each of us knew must one day come.
It is the reckoning.

Humanity is coming of age and our family is vast, our technology advancing at an astonishing pace. In effect, we are collectively evolving and that pace of advance means that we need to re-assess much of what we do and see if together we can find a better way forward.
Or have no way forward at all.

This examination of our reality is a journey that many millions, perhaps soon billions of our species are making.

It is the reason you are reading this.
The reason someone who loves you sent you the link to this page.

As the world teeters on the edge of catastrophe, the catastrophe that all but the blindly ignorant can perceive is unfolding, more and more of us are seeking the reasons for this calamitous state of affairs.

We wonder how it is that so much of our planet, so many of our family are engaged in bloodshed?
We wonder what lunacy has led us to stockpile weapons of mass destruction?
We ask how it is that every nation on earth can be in debt, and ask to whom?
We consider our violation of our biosphere, and question how it is that we have allowed ourselves to despoil our planet and glibly continue to do so, passing the ruin to our heirs?

We wonder why it is that we feel powerless to alter things, that the job seems so difficult.

It is because we think of ourselves as “I”.
And we forget that we are “We”.
And so we don't see our power to change things.

There is much that is good in our world, and everything that is good is an act of love.
That much is plain.
There is too much that is bad in our world, and everything that is bad is an act of evil.
This is self evident.
And so the answer lies in shifting the balance.

In fact there is no future at all for our species unless we do, unless we build a reality centred and focused on love.

This is no hippy mantra.
It's fact.
We have no choice.

If we fail in this, armed as we are and behaving as we do, our extinction as a species is inevitable.

Indeed, it could happen tomorrow.

There are still many of us so consumed with “I”, so embattled with the daily struggle, so distracted by minutiae, so willingly or unwillingly ignorant of this circumstance that, to an outside observer, it would seem as if a mass insanity prevails here on this pale blue dot we call home.

And of course it does.

That same observer would witness the systems we have constructed and see how those systems fail our species, see how they benefit so few and kill so many and wonder when we will wake up to the reality of the imminent danger we face and understand how simple it would be to alter this unhappy state of affairs.
It only requires love.
That thing we are each of us born with.

And to start again.

Those many millions of us now that understand this situation, those that are walking the path on behalf of the rest of our family, recognise the historic shift in the tides and affairs of humanity that is under way.
Each day more and more human beings step into the light of this understanding and seek to remedy our world.
Like some beneficial virus our numbers grow each moment.

And one day soon we will reach critical mass.
And on that day, everything will change.
Because it must.

We recognise that the age old systems and beliefs that humanity has allowed to shape the current reality are fighting this virus, that those structures and the few that sit at their pinnacles must stem this swelling tsunami or lose the control they have over us, the control they have over shaping the reality into which each new human being is born.

We understand that we are picking a fight, but overwhelmingly believe that it is a fight that can only be won by love, for violence is a symptom of the very reality we seek to change.
Violence has no place in the future we must build.

Those of our family who do not perceive this great shift in the consciousness of our species see their world slowly crumbling around them and wonder why.
War is stretching its arms across the world.
Revolutions are daily news.
Nations somehow are bankrupted.
The fabric of civilisation is crumbling.
Chaos threatens everywhere.
The future has never seemed so uncertain.

This is no accident.
Nothing happens on the global stage except by design.
Powerful people seek to distract humanity at this critical moment, seek to prevent us discovering our unity and the strength of our common desire for peace, for a life free of fear, for a world free of want, for a new paradigm of existence.
Frankly, they will stop at nothing.
And yet they are so few.

And more and more of our family each day see them for what they are.
And when we most of us see, their power over us will disappear in a moment, for we shall just ignore them.
It will be that simple.

This great moment requires no leaders, no marches, no banners, no riots, no war-planes, no armies, no gulags.
It needs no detail, no theories, no beliefs, no heavenly intervention.
It needs no path to follow other than the path that leads to love, and that path is short for love is within each and every one of us.
It needs no accusing fingers pointed, no lynch mobs, no wreckage, no dispossessions contemplated.

It just needs us to ignore what we no longer require, and to do so together.

The future will find its own way, with love as its guide.

And so, dear friend, do not fear the future.
Just pass this message on.

And remember:
Those that control our current reality also understand that the best way to fight this threat is to lead it. That is their endgame.
That is the deception known as the New World Order.
It's not so clever a trick when you see how its done, nor is it a new trick.

With love, what else,
OLive Farmer.
xxx xxx xxx
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(Dedicated to John F from Australia. Thanks for sharing.)

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Anonymous said...

Imagine we deserve a Heaven instead of this Hell.

Never fear.

We are ONE.