Thursday, March 1, 2012

Start Again. Make the idea viral....

Start Again
The time approaches when humanity will have to reassess how, as a species, we get things done.

This means we must look again at how we govern ourselves (if govern ourselves we must), look again at how we exchange with each other, look again at our relationship with our biosphere, look again at justice, liberty, freedom, equality, re-examine why we work, how we work and at what we work, understand how and why we will do things differently such that the children born today will grow into a far better world.

It is impossible for one person to dream of the detail that would be needed for such a task. So we all need to do this, for then it becomes easy, the load shared, each portion tiny, achievable.

How can we make life for all of our family free of fear, how can we ensure that everyone gets a fair share, how can we ensure that no-one uses others, and that none are used? How can we make the future a bright and shining place, full of happiness and possibility for all of our family?

There have been thousands of leaders in the past that have promised such visions, every time delivering the opposite, or being slaughtered before they could realise the dream. Perhaps the lesson is that humanity should shed its need for leaders.
That we should reach a mutual understanding that delivers our shared vision.
This shared vision, this hope, this idea can be encapsulated with one word.
That word is love.

Numberless sage and wise and beautiful minds have told us this in every language since time began.
We have not listened before.
Perhaps we'll listen now, to their echoes that still reverberate around our world.

There are seven billion of us in our family and the beauty of that number means that there are seven billion opinions, that our world is populated by a species of magnificent diversity. That diversity is an expression of the most fundamental human right we have, free will.

At present, it is a poor simulacrum of what it should be, for our current systems are designed in every way to suppress and steer free will, to engage each of us in the control and subjugation of others in a million tiny ways.

This is the success of the current reality.
The current reality is designed as a system of control that engages the prisoners as jailers, that we each of us act as warders of each other.
It is at core a system of mind control.

Historically this control of free will was simply carried out by brute force, some gangster and his gang subjugating people by violence and crowning himself king.

These psychopathic killers learnt that they could extend their power, and ease their task of control, by developing systems, hierarchies, structures of state distancing them from the herd.

They learnt that pomp and ceremony and ritual could, as if by magic, turn a human being of free will into a subject, a vassal, a slave and that they would more often than not be grateful for their condition.

On another front they captured the desires and yearnings for a world of love, a world of fairness, a world of sharing, a world of good by adapting the superstitions (and perhaps the innate understanding of the existence of a universal and unifying force of good in creation) and turning this force for good into organised religions.

Once again the magic of artificial hierarchy, pomp and ritual, symbols and structures of unchallengeable authority all worked, weaving their spells over the consciousness of humanity.

They still do, such is their power.
Three billion people watched the “royal” wedding.
Billions prostrate themselves before one god or another every day, and bitterly dispute and often kill in arguing over which god is the real god.
Such is the power of these delusions.

Billions of us live in what we are told is a representative democracy and yet are powerless, and yet have no free will, and yet dutifully vote at every election thinking we have.

Over time, other systems of control were added to the mix. The artificial system of exchange called money was designed to allow our rulers to conveniently extract and store the fruit of the labours of their vassals and, more importantly, pass on that theft of labour and time in a convenient form to their heirs.
This thing called money has become the way we measure another's worth in this world!
Rather than revere the wise, the talented, the loving and caring, the just and the fair, the givers of this world we have been taught to measure human beings by their greed, by how much more than their share they have managed to accumulate. With money comes power over others, freedom from obligation, exemption from law.

And of course law itself is a vital part of the ingredients that make this current reality. Thousands upon thousands of regulations are drafted and enacted every year in nation after nation around the globe, further wrapping free will in a restricting cocoon as a spider wraps its prey. Purporting to be for our own good they are the exact opposite, writing and rewriting the rules of the game in favour of the powers that be and once more weaving the magic of ceremony, of unassailable “right” and authority, of ritual and symbols.

As humanity approaches maturity, as our numbers gift us the understanding of our power, as our interconnectedness enables us to share visions of how the world should be so those that rule over us find themselves having to redesign and revolutionise their control systems.

We are moving quickly now and so our controllers must raise their game.

They understand that a threat exists to the continuance of their control matrix, that humanity is waking up to the reality, that we are understanding how this thing works and what it is depriving us of.

We can see that our systems are failing to satisfy our needs and failing to protect our planet.
We can see that what we have allowed to be built around us threatens our very existence.

Our masters know that we can see the prison bars and understand that they have to build a new, high security prison in the minds of humanity or face losing control of the herd.

For a moment, put yourself in their place.
They have built a prison for free will, a gaol for the true nature of humanity that has lasted for thousands of years.
They see it crumbling.
They fear the worms turning.
And so its time for some new magic, some new sorcery that will subjugate humanity for another thousand years.

It must capture the desire for freedom, for equality, the yearning for peace, the desire to share, the need for security.
It must rekindle the belief in a religion that rekindles the yearning for a deity that is waning.
It must seem as if we have wrested control of our destiny as a species.
It must seem as if we have invented our own, new systems.
It must seem as if we are exercising our free will at last.
It must be so cleverly woven that we once again fall into the trap of being our own jailers.

It is this strategy that we see unfolding around our planet.

An essential part of this strategy is the deliberate collapse of much that we have been given in the past in readiness for the laying of the foundations for the new gulag for our souls.
From the chaos the consciousness of humanity will be more easily guided in the direction they intend.
And the New World Order will be born.
Ordo ab Chao.

And once and when we all understand this, so the players in the game will become more visible to us.
Generally, they hide behind a banner with “TRUTH” emblazoned across it.
Already their followers and believers swell in number.

Clever, isn't it?
But what did we expect?
That this would be easy?

Did we expect that humanity could wrest itself from a system dominated by evil and control and gift itself a new world built on the foundations of love and free will without some backlash, without some further wickedness, without some cleverly wrought deception, without some new sorcery?

The question remains:
How does humanity wake up both to the wrong that is the current reality and the threat that exists to the future of our kind and steer itself into the broad sunlit uplands of new consciousness that now present themselves as an achievable possibility for our species?
We are close, dear friends.

The answer lies inside each of us, not far away, buried but reachable.
It is the pure heart of love.
It is the knowledge that we can do better.
It is the understanding that we must, or face armageddon.

And perhaps chaos has to come before we most of us realise that the time for decision is upon us?
And unhappily armageddon, already beating its wings across much of the globe, will have to touch us all before we understand.
And maybe our masters, creating these horrors, are serving as the instigators of their own demise.

Or just maybe these words and a thousand others like them will somehow enter the consciousness of our species such that we can all see, as if a light suddenly shone into the dark corners where evil lurks, and we finally understand.

That could happen in just one moment of time.
Frankly, it has to.

We have to try this thing.
Humanity has to choose that time, name that date, pick a moment when we all of us look with a fresh eye at our condition, give each other a hug in recognition of our shared desires and get to work on our new world.

We have been given the instruments that make that possibility, that global moment is a reality if we choose to make it so.

It would be nice if that idea went viral.
It needs to.
Our future depends on it.

And as an act of faith I can see it coming, that day, that moment, because I trust humanity, because I trust the heart of good that is in each of us, because I trust my family, because I see what we are becoming, because we have learned to question, because by these tokens I see the future.

And it is beautiful, and full of wonder.
And it is our world, the one that human beings will make.
And it is close.

It's time to start again.
With Love,
Olive Farmer.
Xxx xxx xxx

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Something tells me this matters, and I am filled with hope.


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When is that moment exactly? I'll be ready.

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