Friday, March 2, 2012


There is an art to deception, and a magick to grand illusion.
When I write I write from the heart. I do no research. I plagiarise nothing save perhaps words that have entered my consciousness over a lifetime of living. Today, I looked to see if there were others suggesting one day, one moment one day that could change our reality.
Of course, I found the spider's web.
Of course, it is full of fine words and a deep understanding of what humanity is about to discover.
Of course, it is there to steal leadership, to misdirect the herd.
I don't do detail, but I will this time and it'll be the subject of my next post.
If you want to follow the spider's web and see if you discover what I am discovering go look for birth2012. I won't post a link. Then check out the sponsors listed at the bottom of the page. Then check them out, their history, their sponsors and associates. Then theirs. Then theirs.
It keeps on going, this deep rabbithole.
And if you ever questioned whether our masters know what's coming, you'll question no more.
You'll love all the reassuring smiling faces.
You'll see how organised just this one piece of the new control matrix is.
They know.
They're waiting.
Now you can see them.
Beware of deceivers.
Fear nothing.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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Caltus86 said...

Thank you very much, the Rabbit hole seems really deep.

Peace, Love and Blessings