Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Only You

As I go further from you
The individual dots coalesce
Shapes, not visible close to
Become clearly discernible.
The white line on the horizon
Becomes the crest of the tsunami
It boils and writhes in its turmoil
Its motion onwards, rapid
It is change
It is humanity
It is urged onwards by a great rent,
A shift
Inhuman in origin
Whipping the self
Flaying the beast
Driving its creation towards the abyss.
It is the flood.
It is you.
Step away and watch it if you can.
As your distance increases
So more becomes clear
The inscape is mere detail
Reality unreals itself
What’s real is revealed.
Are you far enough to see the truth yet?
It’s light blinding enough for you?
It is you.
As above,
So below,
Only you can change the world.

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