Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being Human

(Sometimes it's hard to see the hidden beauty of a creature when it is so rarely revealed.)

To be human is to be the product of all other humans. We shape each other by bumping into each other, giving and receiving damage, making claims on the insurance policy that is love to repair the hurt. Those with no insurance policy resemble old bangers, permanently dented and scratched, often driven carelessly, soon to be in the breakers yard. Others, those that are cherished, grow old with grace, polished and cared for by those around them they become more beautiful as they age. We don’t make them like that any more, people will say, but of course we do.

Time will tell.
Look in the mirror closely and your reflection will show you the harm you have received, reveal to you too the loving repairs that have been made. Sometimes it is accident that causes harm, but repairing the damage is usually a deliberate act. An act of love.
Mostly the harm is an act of deliberation.
One human gifting evil to another.
And usually that gift is just being passed on, for few do evil out of choice but because they have caught the virus at some time in their lives when evil was done to them.

They know not what they do, but are sick.
They don’t need punishment, they need love.
This is how we begin to break the cycle of harm.
As chaos approaches its crescendo, remember this.
It is humanity’s salvation.

Someone once said turn the other cheek. That simple act is an act of selflessness, for it is Ego, it is “I” that demands revenge, that seeks recompense. We see around us the world being engineered towards confrontation and conflagration. Carefully crafted “revolutions” turn to internecine strife, Afghanistan and Iraq serving as archetypes. Much more is to follow and more quickly and on a larger scale. This is no doom-mongering, just the stating of an evidence driven conclusion.

When it comes to your country, your town, your street it will be difficult not to react the way you are expected, nay programmed to act. Witness the world, and witness that other ordinary human beings are scrapping over lies, killing over an invented difference. Some are getting to like it.
That’s how it goes.


Our masters understand this, understand us better than we do ourselves, have always found it easy to get us to kill each other. They are engineering the consciousness of humanity right now, as a dog handler enrages the pit-bull to ready it for the pit.
When they’re ready, all hell will break loose.

This time, though, something is different.

Understand this: Our master’s enemy is free will. The massed ranks of slaves that say “no”. The worms that turn.

For a century now they have steadily and remorselessly attacked our levels of intelligence and our core strengths, derived from love, of family and of community. They have attacked our native trust in one another, have made mockery of our age-held sense of morality, have spoilt our children in a thousand ways to grow the adults they want.

You and I are a product of this manipulation, a product of the false reality they have crafted.

This vast scheme has had a purpose and has been driven by a deep understanding of what the future would bring. Hundreds of think-tanks and the cleverest and most devious minds have been harnessed to this future gazing. Coupled with this deep thought have been other methods of foretelling which some may scoff at as fantasy but our masters know well is not.

Why this effort?

Why do they need a new world order when they could do what they liked in the old one?

Because they have seen something coming.

They have seen you.

They have seen the day, seen the moment approaching when humanity would wake from the nightmare of their condition, see the world for what it is, know that they have been tricked.

They have seen the moment coming when humanity would understand how easy it would be to stop all this stuff and shrug them off.

We are a sleeping leviathan, a vast tumultuous uncontrollable species that could as easily break its bonds as an elephant could snap a twig. We are one kind, one family, one species sharing one home, we are seven billion strong and one day, one moment we will understand our power.
And in that moment the world will change.

From that moment we will act in love, because that is the only route to our survival.

It is the moment we find our free will.

Nothing can prevent it

We will forgive. We will forget. We will turn the other cheek. We will abandon the systems our masters have given us and that divide us and we will find new systems, new ways to feed and clothe and house and love one another and we will thrive.

As night follows day this moment will come. The actions of our masters and their poor, lost servants tell us it will be soon. They fear it above all else, as every slave master throughout history has feared it, and have readied their vast deceptions for that day.

It will be a most interesting year, my friends. Its start has been somewhat quiet, but we are passing through the eye of the storm.
Follow no leaders, wave no flag. The answer is in you, as it is in all of us.
Beware of deceivers. There is good in the universe.
The moment will come.

It is inevitable.
Its name is love.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer
Xxx xxx xxx


ckpc said...

"From that moment we will act in love, because that is the only route to our survival.

It is the moment we find our free will.

Nothing can prevent it."

A beautiful truth. It makes me ache.

Thank you once again for these soul-replenishing words of encouragement, so desperately needed
at this time.

Sierra said...

Olive Farmer,

Thank you for your radiant and loving work. May it be that we wake up! There is enough in the World for all of us, but not for living selfishly.

With love,

Sierra grace