Sunday, February 12, 2012

You are not You.

And so to this:
You are not you.

You was the near empty canvas painted with the instinctive, genetically encoded programming that was your fresh, new mind a moment after birth.
Your new eyes reached for those of your mother and, if you were lucky, the first strokes of new colour on the canvas of your mind were the colour we call love.

And the picture we perceive as reality, and the person we think of as I, and the judgements we make and the things that we do from that point onwards are a result of what happens to us.
And what happens to us is no accident but a result of the accumulation of learned lessons that dictate other people's behaviour towards us.

And their behaviour is similarly a creation of our actions towards them.

And we assume that all of these things, collectively, represent human nature and the world that we live in.
That this is reality.

It's not.
It's just a version of reality that has been created by history, by the hands and minds that have shaped the way human beings interact with one another and that have built, layer upon layer, a pyramid of control over the human mind.

And it has been so long in the making, so intricately designed, so cleverly wrought that even though we understand the beauty of love, even though we understand that we are created of love, even though we understand that humanity has come so far because of love, that we could not exist without it, despite all of this understanding we still allow ourselves to be tricked into the condition we find ourselves in.
Bereft of universal love.

How might we have flourished without this shaping of our minds, without this virus in our programming?
How will we flourish when we understand what has and is being imposed upon us and consign it to the dustbin of history where it belongs?

We humans are seven billion strong now.
Our collective ingenuity, our hive mind, is accelerating, as is our understanding of the false reality.
We are coming to understand that how we are is a product of the moulding and shaping of our reality by those who consider themselves our masters.
That our masters have their hands on levers of control over our minds that have successfully re-engineered our species into the mess we see before us.
And as we come to understand what has been done, so we can conceive of its undoing.

And so this knowledge is key.

And with it, the knowledge that our masters seek to control this emergence of a new, cognisant humanity, or destroy it.

What else do you think all of these faux crises and tribulations are for?

And with that understanding comes the knowledge of the peril we have placed ourselves in, the instruments of destruction we have crafted at their behest and the control of which we have placed in their hands.

And we understand, too, that many of us are so lost in the false reality that they will act as servants to the continuance of all that is evil.
And so things will get difficult, as we witness now, before they get better.

Understand this:
One generation raised in our new world will serve to eradicate a thousand generations of learned behaviour.
Human nature, in a world of love, will reveal itself in its true colours.
Then, see what we can do.

Time to Start Again.

With love,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

The message in this post is profound.
This is the second time today that I have come across the analogy of "like layers of an onion" in describing the compounding of illusion we have come to interpret as reality. Serendipitous, I think.

I read your words every week for the solace they bring. Please don't stop. I'm sure there are many who read and do not comment.

Blessings to you and your beautiful olive trees.