Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just one day to change the world.

Truth is a mystery.

Its absence from our lives shrouds our existence and veils our perception, creating the creatures we have become, causing us to hide from each other the beings we are.

Our understanding of our world, and born of that our understanding of ourselves, is the product of our history. Everything that we think we know or believe in stems from what has gone before, on an individual level and at the societal and then the global level.

And all of it is an artifice.
Reality is a lie, built upon a foundation of deception, girded and walled by secrecy, capped by the greatest untruth of them all.

Our every thought, our every action is a construct of this great edifice of untruth, is born of the false reality we exist within. From the basest crime to the most compassionate act everything we do is done within the parameters of this vast and aged deception and is made of it. Every aspect of our lives is governed by it. Every system we have built works within its walls.

What we think of as human nature is its mutant child.

Our science is created by it. Our philosophies and religions built from within its enclosures. Our thoughts and waking dreams shaped by it. Our imaginations constrained by it. Our achievements held back by it.

We are as caged birds, born of a thousand generations of caged birds for whom the world and everything in it exists within the bars of the cage.
That there is nothing else.

But maybe now its time to break free from the cage and see what we can do.

We are grateful for our food and our water, and die if it is forgotten.
We know of no other reality.
And that must change.

As a species, living within this false reality, our short lives are spent repeating in a seemingly endless cycle the mistakes of those that went before us. And so we scratch and tear at each other still as if our survival depended upon it.

It no longer does.
We can do this thing called looking out for each other.

Our ingenuity, slow in its early development, held back by the false reality, is rising now in a crescendo of brilliance as we escape the confining strictures that have worked to limit the speed of our advance. We have the ability and the knowledge to feed, clothe, house and care for all of our burgeoning family. We need no longer fight for survival, for a share.
All we need do is share what we have.

And yet we don't.

Old taught differences divide us still.
Age old enmity fuels today's strife.
Our reality causes us to distrust each other, to despise each other, to fear each other, to bully and torture and kill each other,

This squalid state of affairs prevents our species from living in harmonious and plentiful wonder, denies us the world which should be the harvest of our million years of effort. It is a travesty. It is an injustice.

We have, somehow, allowed ourselves to arrive at the position where our collective lunacy threatens our very survival as a species. We have amassed a vast arsenal of nuclear and chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. We poison our air and our land and our seas. We poison our bodies. We poison our minds. Nuclear power stations ring the globe like a ticking time bomb. We are, at any moment, only moments away from annihilation.

Any sane and reasonable human being can see the idiocy of this situation, and yet collectively we have watched, with a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, the prospect of our mutual self-destruction grow daily more likely.

Is this really all that we are capable of?
Is this truly the best that we can do?

Look about you.
LOOK about you.

Every moment of every day is a moment full of a million possibilities.
Will you live, or will that moment be the moment when you die?
You cannot know.

So we live in hope of a further moment.
All of us, save those that have given up.

And for each of us those moments are full of hope.

We hope for our fair share of this experience we call life.
We hope for a life that never knows need.
We hope for a life full of health and vigour.
We hope for love.

And all of us, at some level, understand that love should be what we do.
And that's the truth.
And the way.
And at the end we will find light.
Our light.
Whatever the test.

And there are and will be more great tests, tests we all of us sense approaching.

And it already seems overwhelming and irreconcilable in the world, like we are too far gone down this path to stop.
And its getting worse.
The current flows swifter.
And the way ahead has rocks and eddies and currents in the stream laid before us by the owners of this stretch of water we think of as our planet, where they hope we will capsize. .

And can we see them for what they are, our owners?

And can we ever share one dream, and make that dream what we live, and change what is real?
Shrug them off?

It's a group thing.
We all have to do it.
A flash-mob for the whole of our family.
The first thing we ever do together.
So we better get it right.

For if we can do this, it will mark an end.
And begin the beginning.
And we are lucky to be here for this, for we are the generation that gives birth to this.

We know, all of us know we are committing biosphericide.
We teeter on its edge.
And we are inflicting it upon ourselves, as we are prodded and herded by the fools gold we have been sold as reality.
And we are snarling and biting at each other like dogs in the pit, ready to be released upon one another for their enjoyment.
Those that own us.
Yet again.
And to settle some bets those gentlemen and ladies are having at the table.
After dinner.

We are the true 99%, we that want this change, that yearn for this opportunity that presents itself to us.
And yet, as evidence that all is not as it should be in the world, something prevents us from looking into each others eyes and saying: “Is this what we want, this reality?”

And if the answer is “No!” then ask yourself why it is so, and what needs to be done to change it,
for shouldn't WE be in charge?

And can we shake on that, and make that pact?
One chosen day.

And that, of course, would be an act of love.
And an act of faith.
In each other.
The first step on a long journey.
For the first time all together.
A small step for one human. a giant leap for humanity.

It just takes the understanding that this is all that we need to do, this simple thing.
Look each other in the eye and ask the question.
One day.

Maybe somehow all of us know that we are going to try this crazy experiment one day soon.
All of us doing a particular thing together at an appointed hour.

Whatever happens to distract us, this could still be done..
Whatever fights or squabbles or jealousies or wars we are involved in.

On that day we declare ourselves and our desires for this world.

We need to see if we can do this.
Probably the future depends on it.

A world of trust, where things are as they should be.
As we are capable of making them.
And if we can all conceive of that moment when we can together express our free will then the world is ours.
The past, and the malignancy it has infected us with, can be forgotten.
All of it can be forgiven.
For we knew not what we did.

And when we all see this.
And when understood how powerful we are.
That full of wrong as each of us are, we all know we can do better.
That will be the day that the world changes.
Maybe forever.

Can't we agree on that one thing, and flash-mob the world, and end this ridiculous dark fantasy?

And that moment in time?
Some day, some date, some time?

Possibly that date is already written, for our masters know some great test is coming for them, and have prepared hard for this battle for the future.

You see the results across the globe as they tighten the belt of fear and spread their mayhem.
And all along, maybe, they have known the date....?

For things are building to a head everywhere, in every sphere of life, the threat of chaos broods like a dark cloud of the gathering storm that approaches.
Its murderous wings have swept across the desert countries, and its strong eddies threaten Greece then Italy and Spain and who knows where as the invented dream called money that we are all taught to believe in is exposed for the conjurer's trick it is.

And it is in our controllers plans to suddenly leave us bereft of this fantasy they have created called money.
When they do, they will rob us all of what we have, and ruin our systems such that collapse into chaos must ensue.

They assume that we will tear at each others throats.
And at the moment it seems they're right.
For we are tearing already.

So will we do what they expect and conveniently kill each other, self-cull for their amusement and benefit?
As we have so often been cajoled to do in the past?

Whatever issues you debate know that the very quarry we have in our sights understands how to control communication.
They understand how to frame the reality we are allowed to believe in, to shape the way we think.
It's a kind of Magick.
To make this work, we have to ignore everything and focus on this one thing.
All together.
One day.

And we could debate about justice and peace and liberty and a thousand other wrongs we can set right with a collective will once we agree on one thing.
One word to symbolise the standard we raise in the struggle to take back what is ours.
And to make this place what it should be.
And there can be only one word.

It really is all we need.

Can we see it in time?
I believe so.
I believe in love.
I think I can see it coming.


Choose a date.
It could be that simple......

Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

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cyclecooler said...

Great post Olive.

Seems so simple and easy but there is a great fight ahead. Awake the masses first then....well, then we have won.

You're doing your bit Olive.
Thanks and love to you.