Thursday, 23 February 2012

Do you see it like this?

Serpent. Egg.

We should thank our masters....
They are becoming the instruments of their own demise.

Hatching the phoenix which will devour them.

They have encouraged and designed and lead their own opposition, hoping to capture once more the souls of humanity.
In their new. improved prison.

They are like a drug, many of the leading conspiracy sites, deliberately so.
Their dominant position in the market (for that is what it is) is no accident.
It is by design.
They are the inevitable and well prepared landing place for millions that set out on the journey for truth, taking that first step into the void when the pebble in the shoe becomes too insistent, when the itch just must be scratched, when its time to wake up.

Our masters knew it would come, this dawn of an epoch, and have prepared because they fear it, risking all on these last casts of the dice.

Their “agents of truth”, their “thousand points of light” bombard the innocent with their tales of horror, their mountains of information, their daily instalments of wrong, repeating the tactics of the main stream media, pouring data into the hearts and minds of the truth seeker, obfuscating the single truth with a thousand different things to get angry about, mixing their careful lies in with the blend, shaping the minds, preparing the seedbed for the growth of the new world order that they pretend to despise but represent.

Thank you Tavistock.
It's a clever ruse, worthy of Crowley himself.

But, for the first time, you underestimate the creatures you seek to control.
Because we are evolving.
And the old tricks just won't work.
Though even now it seems that they do.

You have opened Pandora's box and seek to pit your strength against the great tide of history, thinking you can guide humanity into another of your prisons with your deceptions.

And we understand that the next phase of this deception is well under way.
And we know that the game is about to get very much more interesting.
That you are about to add another twist to the rack and increase the torture, driving the herd in the direction you want.

It will work for a while.

We will stampede when you show us your latest magick, when you dazzle us with your hidden science, when you panic us with your blind fury and your mass destruction, when you give us global SHOCK and planetary AWE.

Just about now, most probably.
For our time approaches fast, and the endgame is here.

The collapse of money, therefore trade and exchange, will lead to the mass starvation you plan.
The Iran farrago will spill into the nightmare of violence you plan.
Your pet hate, the jews you despise, will face the next instalment of the holocaust you began centuries ago.
Millions will march.
Billions will cower.
And then your special magick will begin, and your wonders will unfold, and humanity will feel it is waking from the nightmare you are gifting us into a new dawn, the dawn of the time when God will walk amongst us.
A God that you will give us, as you have done so many times before.

And your internet stars will have readied us for this deception.
And we will believe that the nightmare is over, for a while.

You know, “problem, reaction, solution” again.
You even tell us, through your agents, that this is how you control our free will, believing we are so stupid that even in knowledge we are incapable of seeing deception.

But you have erred.

The force which you hope to deceive will prove too strong.
The bad dream you are crafting will not be enough.
The awakening of humanity is above and beyond your schemes and artifice.
It is a force of love with a strength you cannot reckon with.
And, unlikely even to our species as it seems right now, it will overpower you.

We will understand that we can overcome the evil that dwells within us.
We will understand that all we have to do is STOP what we are doing.
We will see our future.
We will know that our future will be built with love.
We will see our destiny.
We will see how easy it is for us to cast you out, that it is only a matter of free will.

And we will see where the answer lives.
That it is within each of us, and always has been.
So near.
So simple.

And this will happen at a moment in time.
Some day soon.
Some day soon we will understand that the evil is not the banksters, not the masons, not the bloodlines of power, not lucifer, none of these enemies you expose to us.

That the answer is not some saviour you prepare for us.

We will see that the evil sits in our own hearts.
And we simply need to cast it out, this parasite.

And this realisation is inevitable.
And nothing you do will prevent it.
The great tide in the affairs of humanity is turning.
Humanity is about to Start Again.
With love.

And so, in anticipation of that moment, can I say farewell to you, dear masters?
You have taken pains to teach us evil.
And now we have knowledge of it we understand how to live without it.
The lesson has been learnt.

You are dismissed.

With love,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

And if you do see it like this, please let others share this simple truth.

And this is dedicated to David from Canada, with love, who has sustained us at those times when without sustenance we could not have continued. And who trusts.

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