Thursday, 16 February 2012


Absent the dawn of a new species, the birth of a new consciousness we can barely understand, the interconnected oneness we should maybe expect from our unused brains and our unused DNA, that vast memory bank and incredible computing power that we barely access, absent that miracle of godlike ascension spoken of by those that follow the new age ramblings of luciferians like Icke and Spangler, absent the special events of united consciousness no doubt lined up for us maybe this year by the black science gangsters of the Maitreya fraud scam which will fool most....absent all of this......
what future lies before us?

How can we dream of a better world, a fairer world, a kinder world, a world free of war and violence and greed and Ego? A world where we work for each other and our home rather than a world where we scrabble and scratch and bite and claw for a bigger share than our neighbours?

How can we dream this dream when the evidence of “human nature” is all around us?

How can we dream this dream when the false reality in which we exist has its tentacles so tightly bound around us, its systems so ancient and all pervasive and so entrenched in everything we do that few can see it for what it is, that fewer can see that it must end, that even fewer can rationally conceive of its replacement with something which reflects the beauty of the souls we are born with, that shines with pure love, that is the only way our species can survive and prosper in the new future which we witness birthing and which our masters are seeking to strangle at birth, or rather to mutate into a foul simulacrum of what it should be?

We are at the point of having to navigate our species through the maelstrom of wickedness which we witness unfolding.
We know that this tribulation is intended to draw us into internecine strife spreading across the globe.
We know that it has already begun and that those that perpetrate these grand plans of evil intent are succeeding.
There are no “popular uprisings”, there are no movements of any size and import that do not bear their stamp. From the new age religion through the Arab Spring via the Occupy farrago, the Venus project, Zeitgeist, Thrive, Icke and Jones and a thousand others from all spectra of opinion in every nation their agents and fifth columnists lead and pervert the growing swell that is a shift in the tides of the affairs of our species.

Most of them, naturally, grow rich. They fly around the globe patting each other on the back making videos for the new world order herd that think they are awake but are just hypnotised, blinded by the light.

Each of these elements of deception carry a torch of truth. They speak of a world rid of money, of a commonality of spirit, of sharing, of an end to war, of a new consciousness (born usually of some form of godlike ascension). So clever is this arrangement that there are some out there who point out the same things I do but one from a “christian” bible quoting perspective, the other from a “muslim” koran quoting perspective lead the pack.
Their insight appears to give credence to the lies woven into their old books, books so well designed that any atrocity can be justified, any unfairness deemed right by selection from their “god given” words.

For some, it is difficult to accept the awful truth and incredibly intricate duplicity of this scheme.

Just, I guess, as the Russian peasant, sickle in hand, would have reacted with incredulity and guffaws of laughter if someone had told him or her that their communist leaders had been foisted upon them by the very capitalist bankers they were being taught to despise.
The Nazi would have reached for his pistol if you had suggested that Zionist bankers had funded their Fuhrer. The Londoners would have scoffed if you told them that American luciferians had put in place the monster that was behind the planes that were wrecking their homes, killing their children.
So it goes, this business of truth.
In the end it becomes self evident, but the journey is long.

And so, though most see it not, the turmoil prepared for us and in progress now will give birth to a world revolution born of the “truth” movements.

Like all revolutions there is and will further be violence.
Like all revolutions those involved will believe they do good, only to discover too late that they have been the tool of further, deeper evil.

And the New World Order will be born, with “truth” as its midwife.

And a new “god” and a new “religion” and new “money” and new, “ascended” masters and all manner of weird and wonderful science and gadgets to make people believe they have stepped into a new future when they have in fact been herded into the perfection of a prison that has been two thousand years in the making, designed to milk humanity of its fear and misery for all time.

At least that's the plan.

And the understanding that this plan exists will be the chief cause of its undoing.
And spreading this knowledge becomes crucial.
Against the tide of disbelief.

And know: In a world that at some point will lose its connectivity......
When our masters see fit to dispossess us of the instruments of communication they have placed in our hands and which they currently use to stoke the fires of this coming revolution they've planned for us the world will be plunged into a darkness, a void, a vacuum.
They plan to dispossess us of communication, as any military commander would plan to do, when the time suits them.

So how and why will this knowledge spread?

Deep seated in all of us, even those most afflicted, those most embedded in the false reality there lies the nagging and persistent understanding that there is something deeply wrong with this picture we call reality. Like a small pebble in the shoe, like a splinter in the finger it cannot be ignored much longer. Its capacity to irritate grows every day.

We are born with it, this feeling, this deep seated understanding that something is wrong.
It causes a baby, that sees only truth, to cry.
For millennia we have been schooled to disbelieve it, to ignore it.
For millennia we have been distracted from it by the Magickians and their sleight of hand.
But it just won't go away.

Now it grows ever more persistent.
This pebble in the shoe is truth.
This splinter in our fingers is love.
It is our destiny, waiting patiently in the wings and folds of what we think of as time.
And its time has come.

Nothing will stop it, not even the best laid plans and the grand new deceptions planned for us.

And when it comes it will sweep across us like a tsunami of understanding and it will be like a flood in its power.

When that day comes our future will begin.
We need not plan. We need not design.
Everything will make sense.
Reality will be shaped by love.
And humanity will take its place in the universe, having come of age.

And if you don't believe it, search for the pebble in your shoe.
It's name is love.
Share it.

With love to you,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

(There is no detail in my dream. I prune away the old wood from our trees, leaving the bare scaffold of branches that are hundreds of years old. In joy, the trees send forth a brilliant profundity of new growth, fresh and green and fruitful, bathed in the light of the sun which shines upon them.
Sometimes, if the tree has become too decrepit, we cut everything away and the roots, which are the tree, start again. In a few short years a vigorous new tree is formed. They seem to smile:)


  1. Dear Olive Farmer, I am one of your readers and supporters and have been for over a year now. I want to share something with you which I hope you will find as interesting, and encouraging as I do - - What do you think? I will come back to your site (as always) to see. Thank you for doing what you do. - Lee.

  2. I've been watching Fulford for a while and wonder when some of his predictions will come to pass. None yet, though he sets exact dates which pass.
    I also believe that almost anyone that gets into the limelight, becomes "famous", makes big money and gets lots of followers is a product of our master's mind controlling influence and is in its service.
    Remember, none of this is real.
    Olive xxx