Monday, 6 February 2012

Just a small shift

We each of us have a vision of the future.

For most, that vision is a product of the false reality, a vision framed and referenced by what we know, what we know being a product of the false reality.

It is a vision that normally requires money, for the fiction that is money, we have been taught. is the only way we can attain our dream, a dream of security and certainty about the future in comfortable surroundings and the presence of those whose company we value and enjoy.
The dream requires money.

And then again, it doesn't.

It only requires the resource, the muscle and the will.

It can be achieved without a system of exchange, for humanity has resources at its disposal and muscle aplenty when focused on what is important.

What is important is for us to make the dream a reality. To decide how that reality should be and to create that reality.

Isn't that what we're supposed to have anyway?
Doesn't “democracy” say that's how things are?
Isn't that what democracy promises?
And do you believe “democracy” is delivering the reality we all dream of?

Or that any of the political solutions on offer could deliver that thing for us all?
Or that any of the “occupy” or “zeitgeist” or “thrive” or “revolution” or “ism” or “ist” or demonstrations or rallies or confrontations or civil wars or religious jihads or anything we've ever thought of or done before can deliver?

This is no time for a rehash, a remix of the current reality.
It is, I believe, a time of some urgency. A tipping point.
A time of choice.
A time for understanding the point of evolution our species has arrived at.

A critical mass of people realising they share the same visions, have the same rights as inheritors of this planet, have the opportunity of realising the freedoms they dream of, can do this thing by the effort of will.

And know that by so doing they will have ended a cycle, and ushered in at its appointed time a new epoch for our species. A coming of age.

And some will follow slowly.
And some will fail to grasp the change that has come over us.
But our will is what will make this new reality.
And it needs to be united.

Our collective consciousness and understanding of our power requires just the smallest shift in our mutual awareness of the false reality and our right to shape a new reality.

And when this shift in awareness becomes a critical mass then the door to a very different future swings open for us.

We are about to waken from this troubled dream, dear friend.
Spread this good news, because that is all it will take.

And the exercise of our will.

Love to all,
Olive Farmer.
This post is dedicated to Connie P.
Thank you for sharing. xxx xxx xxx


  1. This validates much of what you say, Olive Farmer. It's brazen....and deeply disturbing. I don't watch the Superbowl, so I didn't see it...thankfully.

    I do believe the time is upon us. Everyone steel yourself for the psychical tsunami that's about to wash over our soulful shores.

  2. Dear Olive Farmer
    I read some of your post and find them very spiritual and educational. Your words are so kind and should reach a wider audience. Thank you for this Blog and the wonderful message it brings.

    Peace, Love and Blessings

  3. Just a small shift...i'm hip to that, O.F.