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USA: Insight to the impending chaos.

USA: Impending Chaos in the Apathocracy.

Offered the choice between two utterly corrupt representatives of the ruling cabal, Americans still voted in their millions, though in their millions they also didn't vote.

This is division one: Between those still so lost in the deception that they believe they live in a 'Democracy” and those who know its all a con and stay at home. It looks like 57% voted and 43% stayed home. This is something of a trend in the world's 'greatest democracy', as evidenced in Wiki which shows that Americans just can't be bothered, . America is, then, an Apathocracy (a word I thought I'd made up until I Googled it).
To quote Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Well, the good American is firmly established in that habit, probably after fifty years of reading “My Son's a Marine” bumper stickers and knowing that resistance to such evident stupidity is useless and might earn the resister the thick end of a baseball bat.
How they feel, within themselves, these sofa crushing good men, God only knows.
Utterly ashamed of themselves?

(Of course these days there are no good 'men', because it would be politically incorrect to label a human being by such an archaic and insulting sexist pronoun....or so they tell me.)

Then there are the accusations of vote rigging in God's chosen land.
Before the election most accusations were levelled at the vile Hillary, who almost certainly used questionable tactics to remove the Bernie Sanders threat. (You remember him? The old guy that grovelled afterwards in his support of Hillary whilst looking ashamed of himself and just a little bit scared...).
Of course she was also accused of ordaining her own election as the first 'woman' president by fixing the machines and other tactics:
Now that the vile Trump has won, the accusations have swung the other way: is a typical example of the current Trump vote rigging hysteria.

The false alternative media is having a field day with all these accusations and counter accusations. What they are doing, of course, is following their remit and undermining faith in the very institution of 'democracy'.
Herein lies the second divide: Those who believe Amerika's democracy is corruption proof and those who know that only a fool would believe that, considering the enormous heap of evidence that America is a banana republic.

There is another divide evident. It is the same divide exposed in the UK's 'Brexit' election. It is the divide between the young, techno-fluent city dwellers and the older rural populations. The youngsters, spoilt brats that they mostly are, reach for a certain category of insulting adjectives when describing both the pro-Brexit voters and the Trump voters. On both sides of the Atlantic we hear “Dumb Fuckers”, “Racists”, “Misogynists”, “Stupid ignorant retards” and so on.
What these kids are really expressing is a jealousy founded upon their knowledge that they are truly fucked by a debt loaded world. They have graduated with a degree in student loans, find a workplace that is managed by grey haired bastards that think the kids are stupid because the system never taught them how to spell and live in half-million dollar houses they bought in 1972 for a dollar fifty....and so on. The Millennials, having been through an education system that rewarded them even when they did crap work, resent entering a real world where they are judged and rewarded by their performance.
Don't get me wrong.
The older generation were on watch when house prices were artificially inflated to boost the debt stranglehold over humanity held by the usurers. The older generation let their education system be overtaken by the controlling influence of the same bankster criminals and their dumbing-down strategy. The older generation did nothing about fluoride in the water. The older generation allowed their kids to get vaccinated. The older generation are responsible for the mess the kids are in.
No wonder they're pissed off with us.....we've fucked up the world and them too.

Don't know if you know the poem...?

This be the verse” by Philip Larkin.

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.

These divisions are aided and abetted in the coming debacle by the divisions between the 'races'.
Those who come here often will know there are no races, that humanity is mongrelised, that every single DNA test shows that we are all of us a mix of races sharing a common stem. We are one tribe, your skin colour and the shape of your eyes is simply a matter of dominance. There are no African Americans that don't have white blood somewhere, no Europeans that aren't devoid of Asian blood etc etc. The divisions between us, nurtured through the millennia, are cultural, are of place rather than of race. The kids of Jamaican immigrants to the UK are called English by their relatives when they go back to Jamaica for a visit. They don't fit in and can't wait to go home to England.
So it goes.
Imagine for a moment if everyone's DNA was shown as a graph on their skin. That they are 65% Black African, 15% Native American, 15% white European, 5% East Asian or whatever.
How would racism go then?
Hey, I see you are 3% blacker than me, you fucker.”
Yeah, but I see y'all are 6% Asian. Fuck off back to India.”
Oh, but I see you're 2% Kike!”
And you, you're 1% towel head. Terrorist Muslim fucker!”
You want a piece of this, you 48% Irish bastard?”
Think you can handle 51% Tribal Group from East Africa, mother-fucker?”

RATHER MORE THAN GENETICALLY 50% BLACK LIVES MATTER” lacks a certain ring, doesn't it?
But there it is. The blacks and hispanics etc are, apparently, angry that the vile Hillary lost to the vile Trump and are prepared to be stirred to anger by the hidden hands and allow themselves to be convinced that people with slightly more than 50% white European genes are out to lynch them.

All this, when what we all of us are is dumb monkeys, one species of dumb primates dominated by something other, something inhuman, something that feeds off our children. This species and their bastard offspring that we call 'psychopaths' and that fill the ranks of our police, corporate boardrooms and governments.
It is this species, whatever its true nature and origin, that is plunging America into the chaos. It is this species that has educated our one tribe to believe we are disparate, different, share no common ground. They are stirring us to hatred right now in the West, have sown the seeds of discord across our nations, have destroyed our faith in democracy, are plunging us into chaos as they have plunged the middle east into chaos. They practised in the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia, honed and polished the technique in the “colour revolutions”, spread themselves in the Arab Spring and now, dear western world, they are fucking you.
It's the turn of the west to be rendered chaotic.
And, as we see, we stupid apes are falling for it.

So, America will be first to fall, and right soon.
In fact, the civil war there has already begun.
Only you can prevent it, you young Millennials, you old Trumpers, you largely white and you mostly black, you 'jew' and you 'hindu', you (a little bit) rich and you poor.
Your enemy is amongst you, but NOT where you are encouraged to see them. They are the corrupt government and political operatives, the psycho police but not the good cop, the sell-out media both mainstream and alternative, the paedophiles, the scumbag super rich pastors, organised hierarchical religions but not believers in a god, they are the usurers but not the bank tellers, they are the boards of corporations but not the workers, they are the bullies, they are the big dealers but not the users.

Do you get the picture?
The war is not between Americans, no matter how you feel.
It is between good and evil.
Few Trump voters are evil.
Few Democrats are evil.
Few white people are evil.
Few blacks are evil.
We are all of us human and share the frailty and imperfections of our species.
Our opinions differ.
We argue.
But almost none of us are willing to kill.
Whilst among us there are those that are willing. That do kill.
We are afraid of them.
This fear is instinctive, our bodies telling us that we are dealing with something other.
We feel it.
We see it in their eyes.
We are uncomfortable when they enter the room.
They dominate us.
They are killing our children.

Listen: All these people killed each other, when the year before they shared food and drank together:
The state of Yugoslavia was formed after World War I when it was officially called the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. The name "Yugoslavia" essentially means "Southern Slavs" and contained a staggeringly diverse collection of ethnicities, namely Albanians, Bosnian Muslims (also referred to as Bosniaks), Macedonians, Croats, Hungarians, Montenegrins, Serbs, and Slovenes. While all were Slavic peoples (with the exception of Albanians and Hungarians being Illyrian and Magyar, respectively), they each had a reasonably distinct language, history, and culture.

Look: These people shared a place and worshipped and partied in peace in Syria until recently:
Most Syrians speak Arabic, most are Sunni Muslims, but there are no accurate numbers or percentages of the various "majority" and "minority" groups. Sunni Arab Syrians could be anywhere between 60% and 69% as non-Arabic-speaking groups (mostly Kurds) are usually estimated at about 4%, non-Sunni Muslim groups (mostly Alawis) at more than 20% and Arabic-speaking Christians are 10%, but these are only indicative percentages.

The same story can be found in the former Czechoslovakia, in the former Ukraine.

With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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