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Conscious collective will to good

Conscious Collective Will to Good

The evil that dominates this reality does so by dividing humanity.
We witness this every moment of every day in a million ways.
These constant divisive arguments are promulgated and sustained by our rulers.
There may be one single ruler, or there may be a group, vying for power.
Regardless, the power comes from the numbers of human beings held in their sway and willing to do their bidding.
So the Vatican has power.
So the US government has power.
So the banker controlled corporate fascism.

The power is expressed through a hierarchy, each monolithic structure pressing its adherents into the willing acceptance of the hierarchy and the desire to climb higher within its structure so as to gain benefits.
Whether one ruler or many vying for control the simple fact is that without the conscious compliance and acceptance of human beings there would be no power.
Ergo, human beings are the true power in this reality.
Most people don't see this because the power has systemised their hierarchies and has control over the levers that make our societies function: Law, Money, Decision Making, Work, Nation, Religion and so on.

It seems impossible to break our of the false, inhuman reality because these control systems and hierarchies have been embedded over centuries.
And because everyone else accepts them.
Because everyone is utterly convinced that there is no alternative.

Society, reality, has been designed by our rulers to force us to be argumentative, to fight for share and position, to make survival and prospering a matter of competition.
Yet the truth is that the world is composed of two major resources: Nature and Human Effort.
Combining Nature and Human Effort we manage to feed and house and provide comfort for most of our kind.

Consider that fact, and realise that humanity doesn't require money, doesn't need a super rich class that lives off the labour of others.
We do not need our rulers.
We have our labour and the bounty of the planet.
Why, when there are seven billion of us, do we meekly allow our rulers to divide us, to send us to war against each other, to cream from each and every one of us the benefit of our labour?
Simple: Because we fail to find unity.

Our rulers understand this, understand that wherever and whenever we seek to discover unity they simply need to arrange for one of their servants to lead that effort.
Hence communism, fascism, the left/right political divide and the parties that compose it, hence religion, hence corporations for profit, hence organised and hierarchical charities and NGOs. Hence the so-called 'alternative' media.
Our species is simple to deceive, easy to lead astray.

There is no doubt that if once humanity shared one single determination, a unified collective will, then we could as a species cast off that which most of us now recognise as evil and rebuild our reality based on that single determination.

By reduction, if you examine that which divides us, we will find no commonality in ideas of nation, race, religion and so on. Those concepts were established by our masters or adopted by them and controlled in order to suck us in to their control hierarchy. They are so strong still that many human beings adhere with violent vehemence to them.

Three simple understandings should dispel them immediately:
  1. We are, genetically, all from one source. Every human being is genetically related to every other. There are no 'pure' races, just predominant genes. In every white man there are ancestral black genes, in every black man ancestral white genes. This is a truth easily researched if you need to check. We are all of us human beings, one world tribe.
  2. There is no living person that has met God, no living person that has spoken with God, there is no proof that God exists, though plenty of proof that some great consciousness created this reality and there are countless human beings that have felt connected with some spiritual existence. It is demonstrable that each of the books that determine the nature of each religion have been interfered with by kings and rulers through time. It is demonstrable that though speaking of the unity of humanity in peace and love that every religion has blotted its copy book thousands of times and that every religion has a history, and a now, that involves inhuman terror, slaughter of innocents and genocide. As a single species, a single genetic family, we should learn how to put aside the beliefs we have been inculcated with and stand together in our search for the creator. Maybe, when we do, the creator will speak to us again.
  3. There are no Nations, only the arbitrary lines drawn by kings and the feeling, created by generations of living together, of a community of like-minded people we might call “English” or “German” or “Yemeni”. Those communities, those histories, those evolved cultures are amazing, expressing as they do the brilliant diversity of our species. But there is and has never been a reason for one such community to go to war against another. Without kings, without politicians, without the rulers of this reality demanding such horror there would have been no wars in our history. Few human beings will kill unless driven to it or mind-controlled to believe in some fake idea like fascism or communism or Islam or Christianity. The ideas that drive us to war enter our consciousness and we become believers in those ideas and, at a mental nudge from our rulers, a rousing speech, a conflation of lies, we will pick up our weapons and march to the killing fields. Always there is a hierarchy of war, a uniform, an organisation. Once we enter we become a part of the systemised killing machine, believing it is our duty to kill. This, above all else, demonstrates both the stupidity of the individual and the malleability of the collective consciousness. In war time, we turn against the peacemakers. Women urge their men to join up and kill. We become heartless and vengeful. Few stand back and see how we have been fooled, how our enemies have been likewise fooled, how humanity is the loser every time whilst our rulers get richer and extend their power over us.

We see, everywhere, that these ideas of race, religion and nation still endure, even among the community of people breaking free of the mind-control system. The so-called alternative media often align themselves with one or the other mindset, when each of them is so patently a divisive control mechanism implanted by our rulers.

How is it possible to be a truth seeker and yet cling to Christianity or Islam and pray for those belief systems to prevail? How is it possible to be a truth seeker and yet cling to the idea of national strength and preference or racial superiority?

In each case those individuals work on behalf of our masters to continue the status quo, to preserve the structures and hierarchies of difference that have assaulted humanity for so many centuries.

There is only one path humanity can follow if it is to avert the imminent horror and step, united, into a new future of peace and beauty.

We must find our common humanity.
We must put aside our differences and focus our seven billion consciousnesses on a single desire, expressed simply.
This single focus cannot be driven by a hierarchical political system, cannot be sustained if it goes into detail about which we will become once more divided. These are mistakes our rulers can take advantage of and exploit to foil our plan to set humanity free and take control of our reality and shape it good.

Our common desires, the desires of the meek in this world, those with no voice or power, are simply expressed.
You know them as well as we do.
They are the things that stem from good, from love, the things which are opposite to the evil we see dominating our reality.
They are indivisible, these things, and pure in essence.
They are justice, they are fairness, they are sharing, they are freedom from fear, they are harmonious, they are fun, a thousand good things that, reduced to their essence, stem from good, stem from love.

That we have known this, each of us, all our lives, that every human being that ever lived understood this, that our tribal societies once lived by this understanding shows us, more than anything, the strength of the grip on the human spirit held by the force of evil in this world.

Is now the time to unite?
We think so.
It is time for the collective conscious human will to assert itself, time for our species, our one world tribe, to step into a different future.
Are you in?

With Love,
Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti

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