Monday, November 14, 2016

Steve Pieczenick, those eyes, those lyin' eyes.....

So. Call me crazy, but you know those videos that show 'reptilian' eyes, the slit instead of the round pupil? Watch this in full screen and check out Pieczenick's lyin' eyes.

Does it look to you as though there a lighter area under the pupil, as if the reptilian slit has been coloured in?
Now look above the pupil.
Does the pupil look round, or does it seem to extend upwards?
This guy. Cointelpro to the core, of course. Mates of the freak Alex Jones. Part of the plot to colour America PURPLE. No wonder his eyes are strange, being windows to the soul........
What do you think?
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Noor al Haqiqa said...

I had never heard of this guy till last week. For maybe two days I was interested in his words then I realized he was simply dishonest. He admires a few people that I find to be rather questionable i.e. the Bushes and Chelsea Clinton. Also the timing... why is he suddenly out there allowed to give up so much information....

I asked around about him and was told he had a fairly high percentage of false info in his material. I don't listen to anyone who has a percentage of lies to facts....

He is part of the Purple Paint game with Soros... the timing is .... there....

Olive Farmer said...

He has been building something of a position.
He is a psych warfare expert with bags of government experience.
Now he is teamed up with Jones.
But we're supposed to trust him, right?
My guess is that Soros is stirring the "dem" cry babies, the SJW spoilt kids, the LGTBTQ or whatever they call themselves and anyone of colour, meanwhile this guy and Jones and most of the false alternative media is stirring the Trumpeters, the 2nd amendment people, the militias etc.
Opposing factions and the violent colour-me-purple insurrection.
All that's needed is a trigger.
The non-fatal bullet to Trump's head is my guess.
Then after three days he will rise again.....
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