Saturday, November 19, 2016


More than a hundred years ago the elite understood that humanity was entering a new phase.
They calculated that humanity would, as a product of increased numbers, stupid though we generally are, finally work out how this reality works.
Their plans, since then, have been to deprive us of the future we should have.
A future of love, of peace, of ease, of balance, of freedom, all those things born of the basic human desires common to our species.
As they understand us better than we understand ourselves they recognised that our natural condition, as a tribe or group rather than as individuals, was one of 'Christ consciousness'.

We use that phrase as a convenience, rather than out of belief in the Christ, knowing that the New Age religion has stolen those words and is using them to build its Luciferian edifice. We use them because in brief they summarise the true nature of humanity as it was and will be again. Perhaps we should, as a species, adopt a neologism, appropriate to the new era we are growing into, some shortened version of “collective human consciousness” that fits what we as a species desire and so, by deduction, describes what we shall have?

Mencius, one of the followers of Confucius, told us that the temple of Heaven in the human heart is founded upon divinely implanted compassion, that which he termed 'benevolence' or Humanheartedness. We always steer away from ideas of the divine, of a God, preferring the term Creator because we see that science and accumulated human knowledge is leaning ever closer to the understanding that we exist within an artificial reality made of information and that this reality was fabricated by a consciousness and mind far greater than we are as individuals, though ultimately no greater than we will be once our science has advanced and our collective learning approaches the summit.

Do you see? If we find our path to the reality we should exist within and on the threshold of which we stand today our ability to create alternative realities will arrive perhaps within a century, less if biological quantum computers and artificial intelligences take some leaps. Certainly by then we will be able to download our 'selves' into the programme.

One human being could never achieve such a marvel, but seven billion over millennia of learning will reach the point of being able to create realities as convincing and real as this one. In this way humanity, individually weak and less than perfect, may collectively become ineffable.

This accumulation we describe elsewhere as the 'Hive Mind', ignoring the definition that alludes to uncritical conformity but preferring that which describes the brilliance of humanity's collective intelligence. It is at the point of realisation of the hive mind that we now stand and which our masters seek to deprive us of through their infernal machinations, machinations too legion for one human to comprehend but easily understood by our collective whole.

So it is that our community of free souls are experts in a thousand areas of wrong. Some know all about the paedophile blood rites, some about Monsanto, some about big pharma, some about usury, some about warfare, some about religious extremism and on and on. It's too much for you or we as individuals, but not too much for our collective effort.

You are not alone, for we are legion and when finally we understand our common desires, our humanheartedness, when we finally stand together then, at that moment, the world will change.

We always remind ourselves when we consider this that the 'Bible' describes such a tower of learning, such a time when we shared a language, such a time when we stood together and knew that we could build something that approached “God” and that we were scattered and the tower destroyed.
This could well be the tale written again for our future generations should our rulers knock us down again and plunge us into a dark age of unreason once more. We feel that humanity has trodden this path before, that the 'Bible' is full of metaphor, that above all we should be wary of that which Itamar Yaoz Kest, the Israeli poet, described when he wrote:
"If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to the depths of the Earth — let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness."

His words describe the so-called Samson Option, in which the 'Jews' threaten to annihilate the world should they feel the Goy threaten to destroy them, but this power to destroy lies in reality in the hands of those that rule this reality, who are by no means 'Jewish'.

That we are in danger as a species we all of us recognise.
That we must find each other, we that understand this, and reach out our hands to link together and find our strength and power to change the world in that uniting is crucial.

It's time to congregate.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

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