Friday, 18 November 2016

Blood thieves and longevity

I often talk about the Satanic elite and child sacrifice and blood taking.
In case you don't know, here's the science:
"The key to youth appears to be in the blood plasma – the liquid part of blood. Several studies have found that injecting plasma from young mice into old mice can help rejuvenate the brain and other organs, including the liver, heart, and muscle.
Could blood plasma from young people have the same benefits? To find out, Minami and her colleagues took blood samples from 18-year-olds, and injected them into 12-month-old mice. At this age, the equivalent of around age 50 for people, the mice start to show signs of ageing – they move more slowly, and perform badly on memory tests.
The mice were given twice-weekly injections of the human plasma. After three weeks of injections, they were submitted to a range of tests. The treated mice’s performance was compared to young, 3-month-old mice, as well as old mice who had not received injections.

New neurons

They found that human plasma does have the power to rejuvenate. Treated mice ran around an open space like young mice. Their memories also seemed to improve, and they were much better at remembering their way around a maze than untreated mice.
“Young human plasma improves cognition,” says Minami, who presented her findings at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego, California, on Monday. “Their memory was preserved.”
“It’s more or less what we would expect,” says Victoria Bolotina, at Boston University in Massachusetts. “The blood of young people must have something in it that’s important for keeping them young,” she says.
The team then examined the brains of the treated and untreated mice. They looked for clues on the birth of new neurons in the hippocampus – a process called neurogenesis, which is thought to be important for memory and learning. Sure enough, the treated mice appeared to have created more new cells in their brain. “Young human plasma treatment can increase neurogenesis,” says Minami.".
 Now you know why the Queen Mother hit 104, why Prince Philip (96) and the Queen (90) still jog around, why so many other rulers of this reality live so long and keep working. Kissinger (93), Mugabe (92), Bush (92), Carter (92), Nathaniel Rothschild (80, a puppy!) and it goes on. Check out Wiki for any name you can think of.......

And why do the monsters crave the eating of the terrified sacrificed child's heart?
From Wiki:

"Several small-scale studies (involving 15 or fewer test subjects) conducted in the 1950s and 1960s reported that adrenochrome triggered psychotic reactions such as thought disorder, derealization, and euphoria.[2] Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxic, psychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.[3] In what they called the "adrenochrome hypothesis",[4] they speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome.[5][6] However, these hypotheses have never been scientifically accepted.

These are some of the secrets that substantiate the power cult. A long and healthy life, healthy body and mind, these are riches indeed and much to be craved. In his 70's, Berlusconi slept with eight women in one night.....Bill Clinton loves that Lolita Express, aged 70.....
Add it up.

Aktina Pempti
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  1. “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite!!!

  2. What Aktina thinks is this:
    The rulers are revealing this to us, normalising it, preparing us to accept it as we did in times gone by.....

  3. Did u say vampires..?



  6. You are exactly right here.

    Something in the blood lives forever. They fine it in Egyptian mummies.

    “Most do not know that as RHO-Neg individuals, they are tracked throughout their whole lives by world-wide governmental agencies interested in understanding the genesis of this group, and for other more complex societal purposes. (follow this line of thought in the new material to be posted as a continuation of Journey to the Absolute Elsewhere)

    “Here are a few tidbits about this blood thing. In ALL blood groups there exists a common microbe that in essence is THE LIFE FORCE ITSELF. During experiments that our team conducted we heated the blood to 700 degrees F and also put it in Liquid Nitrogen. This microbe which is visible only with a highly modified dark field microscope that was custom built for us was STILL ALIVE. We have also tested this on ´mummy dust´. This microbe is STILL alive after 5000 years plus when the mummy dust is placed in a ph perfect solution the same as the “live blood”, it returns back to ´life´.”

    And then we have the satanic vampire cult blood drinkers who seem to be convinced the “life is in the blood.”

  7. With the advent of teevee remember dracula was a dominant theme. They were telling us they like blood. He is related to the royals.

    Spirit cooking.


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    must watch movie

  9. Blood thieves and longevity


  10. just finishing a book where the authors' wording struck me, - (his concern in the book is the British countryside and it's wildlife) he said... "I have met Prince Philip on a number of occasions. The last time I was shocked. I had been asked to give an after dinner speech in his honour, for his 90th birthday.... and where did he go to sit down - gulp - next to me! What an evening and what a fantastic man - funny, perceptive and forthright. And after my piece of chat he leapt to his feet and proposed a toast to me - and although he was nearly ninety he did really leap to his feet.

  11. One of her medics described the queen as 'downright spry'. Watch her and Phil at one of the concentration camps, walking long distances, neatly bending and rising to lay a wreath evidently without a twinge or an ache or a weakness between them. Phil hasn't had the flu for forty years.
    Lot's of tennis?
    Or very healthy diet?