Monday, 13 July 2015

What's next for Greece?

What next for Greece?
We have seen, many times over the last century, false dawns arising,those false dawns having been sponsored and orchestrated by the bankster controllers of this reality and their "royal" co-conspiritors.

Most innocent communists are completely oblivious to the false leadership of Marx, who never referred to the creation of money out of thin air by his bankster cousins the Rothschilds.

Nor are revolutionary communists for the most part aware of the bankster sponsorship of Lenin and his Bolsheviks

Most nationalists are unaware of the bankster sponsorship of Hitler and the involvement of the Bush family

Most fascists are unaware of the dark presence that "illumines" their leaders.
In Greece now there is a new "Golden Dawn":

Most Americans are unaware of the links between these dark satanic organisations and their very own NASA, the organisation that created the myth of the moon landings:

Today, in Greece, this beautiful country and its beautiful people, we see perhaps the beginnings of another dark conspiracy, a conspiracy involving false leaders, a conspiracy involving a duped and manipulated people, a conspiracy the purpose of which will become clear only as each careful step is made by the controllers of this reality.

It seems intricate in its planning and the theatre of its execution, involving as it does false hope, the charismatic leadership of a sociopath who betrays the will of his people and the voters in the recent referendum and by doing so forces Greece into perpetual debt servitude, almost surely in order to provoke a reaction.

Warning: The banksters and their governmental allies have been found guilty, time and time again, of initiating terrorism and then creating absolute chaos in the countries they target for this treatment.
Most citizens of "democratic" countries of the west are unaware of Operation Gladio:

The British government, agents of the bankster criminals, fear not involving themselves in regime change in Europe:

We all now know what happened to Libya:

The bankster controllers of this reality move relentlessly and ruthlessly towards their total dominance of the human species through national and personal debt, through torture, war, terrorism and false revolution, through assassination of leaders that dare to oppose them, and through the long planned and carefully constructed control of events that lead to disastrous consequences.

Witness the Ukraine, plunged into chaos and handed to fascists in the thrall of the banksters and now giving away the wealth of their country to their bankster controllers:

And so what's in store for Greece?
Perhaps the people's resentment of being sold out by Syriza will erupt on the streets, perhaps this was the plan all along.......
Perhaps among those protestors will be Agent Provocateurs who will instigate violent acts
Perhaps the police will shoot rioters that throw molotov cocktails at the instigation of these Agent Provocateurs
Perhaps somewhere a bomb will go off
Blood will boil
Vengeance will be sought
Irreconcilable differences will be forged
Brother will face brother across an artificially created divide
Perhaps people will be encouraged to take sides in the false drama that's created
Perhaps the fascists will ally themselves with the military and step into a power vacuum
Perhaps the Greek people are about to be sacrificed,and  as they have been reviled and mocked and cursed by the bankster controlled media for years no-one will care.

And behind all of this will be the string pullers, the nation destroyers, the murderous dark forces that gave us Stalinist Russia, Fascist Germany and a hundred more travesties that have cost countless millions of lives and have darkened humanity's spirit and drenched our wonderful planet in blood.


And this is a prayer

The Greek people, strong in family, strong in morality, having understood and suffered the kleptocracy of the fakelaki (little envelope) politics of the last decades, now growing wise to the manipulations of politicians and the media, will hold themselves steady and hold their heads high and take the next step for humanity, the evolutionary step that will be marked by an understanding of the need to rid the world of the bankster criminals and to do so by peaceful and quiet determination, by understanding the need for total change not aligned to any "ism" like communism or fascism, by deciding to work together as a people and a nation towards creating a new path into the future.

This Greece, the home I have adopted and which has adopted me, has given the world the direction it needed many times.

Now, the Greeks should step forward again.
With love, with forgiveness, with a strong will, with unity of purpose.

The world is waiting.
Others will follow.

Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

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