Thursday, July 23, 2015

Greeks are now Slaves to Usury. What can they do?

Having suffered occupations before, by the Turks and the Nazis to mention just two, the Greeks know how to recognise such creatures and, eventually, shrug them off.

They recognise their autocratic demeanour, their riding roughshod over the desires and wishes of their subjects, their punishment of dissenters, their rapine theft of everything of value.

Occupiers loot everything, break down every door, seek and find every hiding place and discover every hoard. They do all of these things with scant regard to the human suffering so engendered and with an arrogant belief in their own superiority.

The Greeks now understand what has been done to them.

For decades they have suffered under a Kleptocracy, brigands and fraudsters masquerading as men and women of honour and calling themselves politicians and Ministers of state whilst cramming the wealth of a nation into their overseas bank accounts buried in tax havens.
For decades the Greeks, seeing what side their bread was buttered, sought favour from these thieves and brigands, making accommodations with them in the hope that a few morsels might fall from the table in their direction.

People of honour, people of dignity, people with self respect became powerless to fight this organised malaise, drifted to the extremes of the theatre called politics to find kindred spirits with whom to air and share their sense of disgust and their loathing of the status quo.

The saga of national indebtedness, beginning with the entry into the European Union made possible by the connivance of crooked politicians, crooked employees in the office of national statistics and crooked "advisers" from Goldman Sachs, is the story of the slow but irresistible theft of the sovereignty of a nation and its peoples and the steady cross-border creep of a new, hardly disguised, army of financial occupation.

They say that a Vampire cannot cross the threshold without invitation. Greek politicians, Greek so-called "Civil Servant"s opened wide the doors and let the blood-suckers in, like a mother inviting  rapists to have their choice of her children for a dollar.

It was this sense of utter betrayal, along with the increasing inroads made by the government on behalf of the Bankster Mafia now in charge of the country into the private lives and private financial matters of the people, that gave rise to the great yearning for freedom and the upsurge of hope that created the miracle of a win for Syriza in the election and, for Greeks, the glimmer of light through the prison walls that let them believe there was a different world out there, a world they could find if only they pushed hard enough.

It was, of course, a naive hope.

History is littered with examples of the masters of this reality providing false leaders who tap the upswell of hope and turn it into a force of evil retribution. We have referred many times here to the history of banker involvement with revolutionary forces, from Lenin to Hitler and in many other instances, how people have squandered their power by gifting it to a false leader who, once the reins of power and the instruments of state are in their hands, completely disregard the very electors or barricade fighters that gifted them their authority.

Those who fought for this leader, those who spoke well of him to their friends, those who thread by thread wove him into the fabric of their lives are rendered numb by the betrayal yet cannot, because of cognitive dissonance, believe that the situation has taken such a turn. They will, such people, continue their support and their disbelief that they can have been fooled until, in the last days, the gates of the concentration camps and Gulags are opened and they witness the harvest of their foolishness.

Often, still, they refuse to relinquish their belief, as the Christian fails to recognise the faith's history of organised genocide and institutionalised Satanic paedophilia.

Such is the history of humankind.

We are easily fooled, and are so foolish as to believe that to admit we have been fooled is to somehow accept that we are less than the image of "self" our consciousness has created for us as we pass through the programming experience we persist in referring to as life.

The actions of Tsipras are no less than we would expect of one of the number of modern Dictators hiding behind the electoral systems and authorities of Government that have been slowly but surely implanted into a system we have been taught is beyond reproach but which is in fact now past its sell by date and does not any longer serve its stated purpose. I speak, of course, of Democracy, that great hope of liberty and equality of opportunity and rule of just law that has been undermined and co-opted by the criminal powers and is now no more than an illusion, a piece of increasingly unconvincing theatre.

Tsipras ignored the voice of the disgruntled people and bowed down and stuck his head so firmly up the dark place of the Banksters that it will take a miracle to remove it, or at least a major operation. To most of his own people he now stinks.

Typical of a modern "Democratic" dictator he skillfully and ruthlessly removed anyone in Syriza that had the dignity and honour to say no to his actions. The rest, typical of the political class and by now getting used to the pleasantry of a good income, the exercise of power, the deference of the public and no doubt the grateful hand-outs in small envelopes from the Banksters, stuck their heads up there too.

May they enjoy the company up there, and the perpetual and noisesome aroma that will surround them forever, for make no mistake and like many before them a stigma is attached to their family name and they have joined the ranks of those who might fairly be called "traitor".

So the hopes and ambitions of a people, so the dreams of a nation for freedom from the shackles of enslaving usury, so the dreams of a future for their children that is free from the burden of unrepayable debt has been smashed and ground underfoot by a talented deceiver.

So, in this fair nation from whence the very idea of democracy found its well spring, this place that gave the thought its name, this place where democracy began we are now provided with  clear and unequivocal proof that, in the West, democracy has died.

It is obvious now that the Syriza project was a false flag operation. Our Bankster masters, having enchained and enslaved the Europeans, having wrapped them in Euro legislation and Euro diktat, having stolen their freedom of thought and action, having reduced the Europeans to a mere shadow of their former selves saw that the final nail needed to be put in the coffin, the final link in the shackles forged and put in place.

Around Europe there were voices of dissent being raised, alliances made between people, a growing surge of humanity brave enough to stand and say "NO". These mavericks, these worms that dare to turn, these sheep that heed not the bark of the dog needed to be deprived of hope, to be given an example that cried "Resistance is Useless, Resistence is Useless" and forced, once more, back into dumb and uncomplaining obedience to the masters of money, those wizards that Magick money from thin air and use it to enslave an entire species.

So Syriza was created, so Syriza was set up as an example, so the hopes of Europe were staked out and put to the torch.

More sinister a strategy may be that the Greeks, aware of the duplicity of their politicians, aware that they have been made utter fools of, aware that they are now occupied and that the rape of their country will continue and even accelerate will surge into disorganised and violent unrest.

The Banksters created this monster in the Ukraine, and before that in Libya. They play with people's consciousness as virtuosos play their instruments, with subtlety and with such skill as to make it all seem effortless. They may have in place agents who stir unrest, agents who throw Molotov cocktails, agents who will choose and kill just the right person to stir a nation to internecine bloodshed.

They would be stupid not to, for they are no strangers to the levers of control of humanity's mind and understand well, from their experience of centuries, how war and chaos lead to opportunities for power and wealth.

So, be steady, my Greek neighbours and friends,  those with such big hearts and such a love of life, those who value family and children and fun and the pleasure of company.  Let none divide you into differing camps of left and right, let none trick you into seeking revenge for some arranged murder. Now, in this time of greatest trial,  understand that only unity will win back your country, only wisdom and a steady hand and above all the grace of love and peace will wrest this beautiful place from the hands of the occupiers and begin again the story of this great nation.

Follow the example of Gandhi. In your millions fill the squares and avenues in quiet but unmovable protest. Call your brothers and cousins and children in the army and the police to stand by your side, for this is their country too and there is no dispute between you. Banish from your company those who see gold in this betrayal, for they are not worthy and will act as serpents.

It is time, though you are weary of trying, for one final effort.

The Turks had to leave.
You never bent to the Nazis.
It's time to throw the occupiers once more from your country.
It will take all of you, for this is a battle that cannot be left to the few, cannot be done by a faction, requires an entire people.

And when you are successful, so the world will follow, and once more the world will owe a debt to the Greek people.

Fill your squares.
Do so in peace.
Take back your nation.
Do it NOW!

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

REPORT: Tsipras and Syriza acted illegally in refusing to abide by the referendum decision:

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