Saturday, July 18, 2015

Slaves evolution.

It is the well spring of hope that our masters employ to gather and direct the spirit of a nation's people, and feeding in to that powerful stream are the tributaries, tributaries such as anger at what has happened before, distrust of those that went before, the instinctive understanding that change must come, that the world cannot continue in this way, that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way humanity is organised.

Such hope, left to its own devices and allowed to flourish un-managed would lead to the long overdue shrugging off of the systemic malaise which humanity has, for millenniums now, been afflicted by.

Clearly, then, those that hold the reins of power in this reality must, through their hierarchies and implanted belief systems and laws and regulations, through their less palatable willingness and ability to kill and to create circumstances in which we kill each other, prevent at all costs the rising up of a mass movement over which they do not hold sway.

In this way it becomes clear that it is control over the hearts and minds of their subjects, control over their subjects' understanding of this reality, control over the consciousness of the species which is the ruling force's primary field of operations.

Those who have mentally encompassed what is available to be encompassed, bearing in mind the utter and complete control over information which the ruling power has ever wielded, now understand that there is a shift approaching in the consciousness of the species.

Our ancestors foresaw this birthing of a new consciousness of the species, information about which may be found in the Rainbow Warriors link on this site. We ignore at our peril the words passed down by those wise human beings that preceded our own iteration of the game called life.

This shift in consciousness is simple to explain. Its understanding does not stem from the "New Age" religion promulgated by our masters from their "United Nations", but instead is born of simple statistics.

12,000 years ago our species numbered between 1 and 10 million. We were scattered, we were divided by distance and by language, we had few ways in which to record information, few ways in which to effectively communicate.

At the time of Christ there were no more than 400 million of us, probably more like 300 million.
One thousand years later, as a result of plague and famine, we had not grown in number at all.

By the year 1750 we had moved forward, we were somewhere between 629 million and 961 million in number.

Something changed around this time as a direct consequence of this number and the small advances we had made, as a species, in the ways of communicating with each other and recording that information.

Since then, which interestingly coincides with the founding, on May 1st 1776 of the  Illuminati, the human race has grown almost exponentially in number and, because of our ability to share and communicate information, exponentially in terms of technology.

That this progress has been hampered by the control of knowledge, the placing of monetary value on information,the control of scientific research and the removal of human beings who invented things that would upset the flow of money to the ruling power is well understood by the thinking human being.

If we assume that we give birth to one genius in every ten million of our family, then 12,000 years ago we had no more than 1 genius. Now, as our family numbers 7,200 million so we must have among us 720 geniuses. The number may be greater, but the effect on our rate of progress is instantly and readily appreciated.

That most of these clever souls work in foundations and universities for grant money funded by those that control the issuing of money in our current reality should be a great sadness to our species. Many of them develop nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction out there at the edges of science for a pay check.

It might be postulated that the foundation of the Illuminati coincided with the understanding in the ruling power that the ways in which their power was maintained needed to be modernised to face a new reality. This power, previously relying on fear, hierarchy, symbols and myths needed to become less obvious, less visible, more secretive as the population of their subjects grew.

Imagine, if you will, a slave owner and his gang of 10 overseers, having just 40 slaves to control. The whip, the odd hanging, some casual brutality and the job is done.

Imagine, though, the slaves breeding and there being no market in which to sell them.

Imagine they grew to 400 in number.
Now they could readily and easily overpower the owner and his lackeys.
What stops them?
Those among their number that by habit and learning cannot overcome their fear, those that believe that the master is good for them despite the obvious contrary evidence and those that, for an increase in rations and a room that leaks less when it rain,s have put themselves into the service of the master and reinforce the control system.

This is an oversimplification, but yet it describes the human condition accurately. Throw in to the control mix the master's provision of education, the teachers teaching what the master instructs them to teach from books the master has printed for the purpose, the provision of religious leadership and the apparent connection of the master with God and the control of birth, marriage and death and also behavioural norms and memes, throw in the provision of a weekly newsletter full of licentious gossip and some puzzles and entertainments and you begin to see how it might be done,

Add to this mix the master "freeing" his slaves and paying them with notes he prints himself, spendable in the store he owns, and allowing them to choose leaders from candidates he has selected to give the further illusion of freedom and the picture becomes clearer.

Imagine, though, comfortable and easy as this system is for the master to retain control, he foresees that at some point there are going to be 4,000 slaves, then shortly afterwards 40,000, and he begins to be concerned.

If once they began to see through the phony stuff they were taught, if once they began to distrust what they read in the newspaper,if once they began to question the religion he had provided and the authority over the stages of life that the religion had, if once they began to question the value of the money he printed and even the system of exchange itself, if once they began to see how their supposedly free elections were fixed and that those they elected were the servants of the master rather than the slaves elected representatives then, by sheer numbers they could cast him aside, throw his systems and beliefs away and set themselves free.

This would be a slaves revolution.
The world awaits such an event, and our masters understand it is coming, try as they might to control it.

And if you seek an understanding of world events right now, of why we are being plunged into orchestrated chaos, then this is the simplest way to conceive of things.
The devil is in detail, the truth is always simple.  

The Greeks, the Ukrainians, the human race as a whole needs to gain this understanding, for in this understanding lies the key to a new world order, ours, not theirs, and a species free of the malaise which makes it sick and is destroying life itself in all its wonder on this wonderful earth.

MARCH IN PEACE and in our millions.

With love in our hearts,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

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