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Syriza's strangely connected finance minister and Greek people's voice ignored

In my last post I spoke at some length regarding the opportunity for the Greek people, in voting "NO" (OXI) to further austerity, to stand proud amongst the world's peoples in defiance of the illegal Ponzi scheme that is world banking.

It's the next post down, and worth reading before this post.

Having given the world Democracy, they could give the world another lesson, a lesson on how to be courageous against a vast and well organised force of dominance.

They had done this before, saying "OXI" to the vast force of Nazis crowded at their border, and had paid in blood for their pride and never regretted it.

"OXI" Day is a national holiday here, when a people remember their stubborn opposition to a vastly superior and aggressive force, when they remember the people they lost, when they remember the cost in blood and grief, when they remember that their courage and their honour was unsullied, that they didn't give in, that they weren't cowards, that they stared into the eyes of and fought the monster that sought to dominate the world.

Of this they are justly proud.

Immediately after the Nazis left Greece, Winston Churchill realised that the anti-Nazi resistance movement in Greece, largely left wing, was a threat to the British and bankers' plans for the future of this beautiful country and its brave people. He and his banker cronies thought little of the decision to kill whoever stood in their way, however courageous and honourable, whatever the debt owed to them for their stalwart resistance to Nazism.

Few people understand or know of this revolting and murderous episode in history. Update your understanding by reading this article in the UK's Guardian newspaper. It has great relevance:

What followed was a civil war, during which the Greek army, backed by the hegemony of Britain and the US, fought and eventually defeated the partisans that had for years struggled against the Nazis and sought a free, fair, just country fit for the children of the heroes they were.

A commanding General of the UK/US-supported Greek Army which put down its own people was one Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos.

The incumbent Minister of Finance for Syriza, the one that, along with Tsipras, completely and utterly ignored the democratic voice of the Greek people as expressed in the referendum, is Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos' grand-nephew, one Euclid Tsakalotos!

What a privileged life Euclid has lead, no doubt somehow benefiting from the connections and money handed down through his family. with its history of cuddling up to and taking benefits from one political leader after another in the history of the Greek kleptocracy. He was educated in Britain at the privileged St Pauls School, London, the same school at which George Osborne the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer was educated!

He continued to benefit from the elite's education system at Oxford University where he obtained his Doctorate.

Interestingly his doctoral supervisor was one  Włodzimierz Brus (Born Beniamin Zylberberg....).

What an interesting life this influence on Euclid has lead, particularly in reference to Mr Zylerberg/Brus's good wife, who it is said was a prosecuting counsel  "fired from her job as a military prosecutor accused of violating the rule of law in staged trials of Polish officers which <b>frequently resulted in executions</b>"

Nice girl.

Old Euclid has been getting around the circuit a little bit. On 7 March 2015, Tsakalotos spoke at the Sinn Féin ardfheis, saying that both Sinn Féin and Syriza are "part of a great realignment in European politics". He also met with Gerry Adams, the President of Sinn Féin.

We know some things about Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein:
And about the IRA:
Some more on this subject:

Not that Sinn Fein and the IRA are one and the same, of course.

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, by the hands he shakes, by the smiles he gives to the people he greets.

Euclid's wife is Heather Denise Gibson an expert in exchange rate mechanisms.
This may well become an interesting speciality if Greece exits the EU and launches a "New Drachma" linked in value to the Euro "to avoid confusion". See what I mean here:

She has published in the Journal of Macroeconimics, owned by Elsevier.
Most people don't know who Elsevier are. They are a global "knowledge" gatekeeper, controlling scientific publishing and legal and accountancy publishing almost everywhere. They are huge, and form a part of the false, mind controlling mechanism of our reality.
Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions — among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligenceand ClinicalKey  — and publishes over 2,500 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and more than 33,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works. Elsevier is part of RELX Group plc, a world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries.

Elsevier is part of Relx, who most have never heard of.
Here we see Relx's puff about the need for UN enforced "Rule of Law". Read between these lines...

The UN is, of course, nothing to do with the Luciferain elite....

Heather, of course, works for the Bank of Greece as a "Director/Advisor" and so has almost no influence, I feel sure, on the "left wing" politics of her husband. In each of their three houses, as they discuss perhaps investments they may have in JP Morgan and Black Rock ( ) one wonders if they discuss the role of the banks in the humiliation and impoverishment of the people of Greece, and if they discuss such things as
FIAT money
Fractional Reserve Lending

One wonders also if they discuss who owns the Bank of Greece,which by law the Greek government cannot own more than 35% of and which is, of course, like all central banks, controlled by the banker rulers of this reality via their agent companies and anonymous funds.

This man, this Euclid Tsakalotos, was chosen by Tsipras....

And the Greek people's voice in the referendum has been ignored....

And the bankers triumph...

There will be more debt...

More assets, including the ports, will be given away....

Next, one would assume, there will be chaos.
Chaos, after all, is what the bankers desire.

All across Europe its peoples suffer the pain of debt slavery.

Most are blind to its root causes, most blind to the complicity of their elected politicians.

In a country once plunged into Civil War by the British and US governments on behalf of their banker masters there arose a great resentment and a great desire to say OXI, to say NO, once more.

And perhaps those bankers saw it coming years ago.

And perhaps they placed their own people to lead such an uprising.

And perhaps Syriza will sell out the Greeks...........or have already done so.

(After all, all of the previous governments have sold out their people and become rich doing so it is commonly believed).

And by such a sell out they will dampen the rising spirit of anger across Europe and the world against the global usury system.

By example, demonstrating that nothing can be done.

We have not heard a single Syriza politician speak about how this "debt" was made out of thin air, how it does not represent the savings of other Europeans, just as the German, the French, the Italian, the Spanish, the American, just as all the world's so called national debts are created.

They are created on a computer screen, where a number is typed and enter is pressed and an entire nation's people and its children's future are mortgaged to the usurious private banks that are national banks, the IMF, the European Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements.

These banks are not owned by nations and their peoples but by private corporations:
Who owns the Bank of Greece

Love,and please hold Greece in your hearts.
Olive Farmer


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