Saturday, July 18, 2015

How in "debt" are the Greeks, really? Less than most.
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A useful graphic, demonstrating how every man woman and child has been increasingly indebted by the global bankster criminals with their "Magick" money, conjured from thin air and "borrowed", on our behalf, by sleazy politicians the world over.

Go to the Bloomberg link above to view better, as I can't seem to resize it to fit!
Of course this is only "national" debt, and doesn't include the vast mountain of personal, student and mortgage debt that has also been made out of thin air to saddle the poor mule that is humanity with this usurious nightmare.

Magick is the shaping of reality in accordance with will.
Whose will?
Our rulers, of course.

Tsipras has just boosted this false "debt" for the Greeks, instead of doing as his people/employers/electors instructed him to do in the ignored "referendum".

Notice: If Tsipras gets booted out, Varoufakis is waiting in the wings. Has Varoufakis stated that this debt is imaginary, created at the touch of a button in the bunkers of the Bankster mafia? Not likely!
Nothing happens by accident in "politics", the theatre people are entertained by in this illusion of democracy.


Anonymous said...

And who invented the debt?

Interesting article in The Automatic Earth:

Maybe you are more familiar with the subject?

From Spain
where anything is possible

Olive Farmer said...

Hi luis,
I believe there is more to all of this than meets the eye and that the Banksters are intending to create chaos here in Greece and for that chaos to have a domino effect across Europe. I believe the euro was created to ultimately fail, alongside the dollar, thus utterly destroying Western advances in social equality and other areas over the past century and rendering the West impoverished.
The new world order's new currency will emerge from the Brics fraud being engineered, seemingly, by the main Bankster dynastic families. Electronic, gold backed in name only, it will be the final nail in the coffin for a free humanity.
Olive xxx