Friday, July 17, 2015

Gold Currency anyone?

There are many in the "alternative" media that push the idea of a gold based currency.
There are many that carry ads for bullion sales.
Some are indeed bullion traders themselves.
There are many that boost the BRICS, as if they were the answer to anything and not just more of the same.
This article shows the link between the Chinese and Gold and the Rothschilds.
I may be mistaken, but a crash of the Euro, followed by a crash of the Dollar, rendering the savings and pensions and property equity of the West valueless and the impertinent and demanding Westerners penurious beggars would be desirable to the freaks that run the chicken house we call home.
Then an electronic, "Gold" backed in name only, new BRICS currency will become world wide.
Issued by the Rothschilds, of course.
I can think of 666 reasons why this might be a bad thing for humanity.
I like this, the link sent by a deeply thoughtful friend in Canada:
"In 1964 the comic strip “Wizard of Id” was launched with Johnny Hart as the primary writer and Brant Parker as the primary illustrator. On May 3, 1965 a four-panel strip presenting the satirical golden rule was published in “The Dallas Morning News” and many other newspapers. 1
In the first panel the diminutive tyrannical King character addressed his subjects from the balcony of his castle and emphasized the need for “peace and harmony”. In the second panel the King continued by stating “We must all live by The Golden Rule”. This caused some confusion in the third panel because his listeners were uncertain about the nature of The Golden Rule. In the fourth panel the troubadour character delivered the explanatory punchline."

As ever, Love to all
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
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