Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Collective Soul.

The Collective Soul.
The world, this reality is an expression of the collective consciousness of humanity. Together we co-create this place.
WE can easily and readily point the finger of blame for all that is evil at the masters of this reality, the ancient bloodlines and their money magicians and the systems and beliefs they have programmed us with over the ages.
BUT this is no excuse.

That we as a species allow ourselves to be formed so twisted and inhuman is not a testament to the skill of the masters and the power of their magick but rather bears stark witness to the malleability and weakness of our collective and individual spirit.

It is WE who allow ourselves to be made afraid.
It is WE who allow ourselves to be tempted by that which we understand is evil.
It is WE who justify our actions and swallow the false reasoning of our masters as they shape our minds and subdue our spirits.

We each have allowed ourselves to be rendered so alone, so self-focused that the suffering of our fellow humans can be walked past unremarked.
It is we who have been shaped to distrust other brothers and sisters of our human tribe.

We are dumb, we are weak, we are as clay in the hands of the evil.
Worse, we are cowards.
This cowardice sits at the very heart of our sickness.
Ultimately this cowardice, this urge to self-preserve drives a stake deep into the heart of our species.

If we have not courage we are truly worthless, for without courage the expression of the collective entirety of our species is a reflection of those who are most evil amongst us, those who will harm and kill without remorse and without pity.

There is no collective excuse, there can be no pointing of fingers at others.
It is your personal lack of courage that is in question here.
Otherwise, why are you not putting down the things of daily life, arming yourself with righteousness and the sword of peace and the bow and its arrows of love and caring and peace and understanding and stepping out of the false reality to stand with your fellow humans on the battlements and face, wholly and with all that you have, the enemy that is amongst us and is destroying our species.

Out into the void of space and into the records and annals of our species go the transmissions and signals and communications that form the traffic of knowledge and information between us all.

Taken together they paint a picture of our species. There is a digital photograph of our ugliness floating out there for all to see. For the creator to see if you understand there must be such, for aliens to see if you are so minded, for our future to gaze upon with horror just as now we gaze upon the memory of the Nazi death camps or the atomising of Hiroshima or the carpet incendiary bombing of Hamburg and Dresden so delighted in by the “hero” Churchill.

This is your fault.

What this picture shows for all to see, for our future to delve into and recoil from with horror, is as ugly an expression of the soul of an entire species as is capable of imagining.

That is, of course, if we have a future.
This seems increasingly unlikely unless, by some miracle, you find your courage and accept your purpose.

Our ingenuity as a species stands us at the gateway to the understanding of how reality is made, how the creator created, how matter is shaped real from information.

This knowledge should launch us into a new civilisation.
There is a new dawn for humanity approaching, perhaps even overdue and held back by the force of evil.


This same ingenuity has placed in the hands of the force of evil the tools of our destruction.
We have, in our weakness and stupidity, licked the very devil’s arse and handed it, on a plate in exchange for a pat on the head and some toys and beads, vast arsenals of destructive weapons and millions of perverted souls willing to make and maintain and direct them at other human beings.

This is readily seen in the digital picture we have made of ourselves and broadcast into eternity.

Gaze into the picture now and witness what your cowardice has created.
A species that has taken perfection and rendered it foul.
A species that has taken beauty and made it ugly.

A species without ethics, without morals, that has inverted what should be good and made it evil. A species that through cowardice has allowed itself to become the mass murderers of its children, born and unborn, sacrificing them in their millions on the altar of the right to choose our selfish convenience over the right to life of the child or letting them starve or become drone-kill on the altar of apathy.

A species that, through the systems and rewards we have allowed to shape our reality, sets as its policemen and judiciary and lawmakers those who are party to the ritual abuse and murder of our babies, those who are willing for a uniform and a salary and the promise of a pension to be the boot that stamps relentlessly on the face of our kind and is the wielder of the enslaving fear.

This is your fault.
And mine.

Together we are in the digital picture of our species, each a pixel in the whole, a part of the very heart of darkness.

I try to be a spark of light but am weak, flicker, am sometimes afraid.
I pay tax on what I buy and so contribute to the machinery of death that is the expression of evil.
My hands, like yours, drip with the blood of innocence that pours unremittingly from the capstone of the soul eating system and the evil that has made it be and shapes our reality.

This thing we experience called a life, dear reader, is a test.
Not a personal test, not an individual test.
We Are One species, one kind, one tribe, a collective whole not a few billion separate pieces.

One collective, connected consciousness.
One soul.

There is only one picture of us.
It needs all of us to make it good.

Hold my hand.
Let’s find the battlement and stand on it.
Fearing nothing.


Do you see, there is something else that the discerning eye may detect lurking behind the blackness that we have been made.

It is the truth.

The truth that we are creatures of love made evil.

The truth that this love is born within and exists within each and every one of us, even those made most deformed by the reality.
The desire for it is boundless and lives within us all.
The expression of it we see every moment that ticks by, countless times, everywhere.
Love is what we are.

Those with prescience feel something in the air, feel the righteous rage and indignation of the collective soul of our species reaching a critical mass.

We do not all of us see it yet, but our masters do and they fear it.
It is the coming of The Moment.

The moment when we wake up as a species.
The moment we change the picture, because the picture is not what we are.

The unstoppable urge for species Evolution is upon us.
Our future calls.

Our masters have placed many deceivers in our path, false flags wave incessantly, distractions and lures and the sowing of the seeds of desire for revenge are everywhere, false causes for war are created and false leaders lead us into internecine bloodshed, fear strides the globe and yet, and yet through all of this the truth is clear and our path as a species is easy to see.

It is for you to take.
And me.
And all those that join the march of humanity’s irresistible ascension into our new future.

If you will hold our hand, click to follow.
Don’t send money.
Send Love.
And join us on the battlements.

The Evolution has to start somewhere………

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

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