Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ten stars that aged badly

Ten stars that aged badly
Twelve things you should love madly
Five conspiracy theories that turned out true

Cancer cure hidden
Hilary’s midden

Vocabulary that’s forgotten
Brain rotten

Sky not blue
What will you do

Watch and read and be distracted
By the sham-show enacted
And the players you trusted….

Casting aspersions
In elegant diversions
So what you think
Will stink

To high heaven

So the show progresses into the maelstrom of unanswered and unanswerable questions and, chips down, last chance saloon, last spin of the wheel, you dip your toes into potential oblivion made real by plutonium, americium, iodine and caesium, tritium in your tum and uranium from your bum these invisible slow killers that are sprinkled on your dinners and get sucked when you breathe and exhaled if your lucky…

and you care but are scared and lost amongst the host of we humans, trembling and shaking and refusing to contemplate the endgame.

Because you is all you have

And love is all you can give

(Read all this and weep, if you know not of what I speak: )

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