Sunday, 17 May 2015

When will it come, the release of our consciousness?

Or: How to spot false alternative thinkers and leaders.

If you believe for an instant that the evil which is master of this reality does not control this internet and through it control the agenda, the mindset, the movements and the leadership of the rising tide of awareness we call awakening then please, wrap your mind in the purple blanket of slumber and sleep.

The real awakening hasn’t come to you yet.

You should beware of deceivers and deception if you are to be of any use to humanity.
This is not a game.
This is not a rehearsal.
This is no drill.

Begin, therefore, with the assumption that every site you visit, every article you read, every organisation or movement you are tempted by, every video you watch, every book you plough through is the product of an agent of the evil.

Begin by assuming that this writer is one, so rigorous should your questioning be.

That our masters, owners of the creation of money, masters of a vast army of lackeys and controllers of the minds of the vast majority of the human species (think of religion, of nationalism, of patriotism, of hierarchy as elements of this mind control) have both the financial and human resources to carry out such a vast deception is a given.

That they have the will and determination and evil intent to do so is also a given.

That they would never allow the control of knowledge to slip from their fingers is a given.

Ergo they control what you believe is the opposition, those sprinklers of truth that take leadership for “revealing” what we would have discovered anyway and whose intent is to dissipate our energy and blur our focus and by every means prevent our once getting together and realising our strength and understanding what needs to be done.

Once you have in mind that everything you look at, all the writers and thinkers and speakers you admire, all the sites you follow and especially, but by no means only, those you donate to and that sell lots of stuff, remember the words of Tolstoy that describe cognitive dissonance:

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

Which characters who populate this internet, which organizations, which movements, which beliefs have you “delighted in explaining to…and proudly taught to …and woven thread by thread into the fabric of your life”?
The intent of our masters was born of their long held understanding that humanity is undergoing a transformative evolution.

The road they tread is different from the road you and I tread, friend. Our road begins with our birth and is short and rocky. Much that we learn early in life is false, much that we weave thread by thread into the fabric of our lives is the product of millennial deception, deception orchestrated to shape our reality by those who ensnare us. Everything we believe and understand of the world and how it works is of their creation, and so the evil that human beings do is the product of a reality malformed and twisted into something which is not of the will of humanity, our species which yearns for love and amity and peace and caring and good times, but the product of a will which can only be defined as inhuman.

Unlike our short and disconnected existences, spent struggling for survival, their lives are part of a continuity, a carpet stained red with our blood stretches beneath their feet back in time to the beginnings of our known and controlled history and stretching forwards to the vile future they are shaping now.

Looking backwards they can see the dust kicked up by generation after generation of their bloodline, revel in the murder and mayhem that their line have perpetrated upon us for thousands of years, glory in the palaces and huge fortunes that such past satanic activity has gifted their now.

In similar fashion and with such clarity do they view the future, knowing that what they have is a result of the thoughtful and informed future-gazing of their forebears, understanding that they are a link in the chain of time..
You, on the other hand, are trained by this reality to think of just now and self, never a moment to consider what was, what has been stolen from your line over the millennia, never a moment to understand the horrors that your past actions and your current inaction are storing up for future generations.

This is a meme taught by the false alternative media. “There is only Now” they teach you, “Connect with your inner self and raise your individual consciousness” they cajole, as if the Buddha himself considered that the one-ness of collective consciousness could be achieved through separateness and individual karma.

This reality must be reshaped by all of humanity, our one tribe, or it will not be reshaped at all and this vile hell will continue, the red carpet will stretch ahead forever until that point, perhaps not too distant, when that which the creator made beautiful has been utterly fouled.

No doubt when you look at your circumstances you have almost nothing to show for the labour and building of the thousand generations that went before you in your family line. You may not even know the names of your great-grandparents, let alone benefit from the stored value of their life’s work. We common humans, we subjects, rarely if ever ask where is our share, where our accumulated property for a thousand generations of effort?

Once, all land was owned by the tribe, all of humanity stem from the original possessors of this reality.

By right of inheritance we are due an equal share.

Once the whole planet was owned by the few that are in your line, for from those first few we all stem.
That inheritance was stolen and those that took by force and fear the “crown”, the head of the collective species, invented their laws to make what was stolen theirs by “right”.

Consider this:
For thousands of years the vast majority of humans were completely uneducated and ALL formal learning was in the hands of the controlled religions and the bloodline funded universities. That learning which was human, born of our understandings of the nature of reality and our relationship with the creator and its creation, was looked down upon by those drawn into the thrall of the masters of illusion. That human learning that came from our shamanic understanding of reality’s true illusion was eradicated by the inquisition and by tribal genocides perpetrated by the bloodlines who sent their mind-controlled lackeys out into the world to kill in the name of god or nation or race.
Loyalty and fealty to this grand and most horrible concatenation of lives was rewarded.

It is still now.

As a species we continued, for thousands of years during which the sum of our inventiveness was the wheel, held in such simplicity as we were.

Then, around 1700 AD, things began to change.

There grew a desire and thirst for education amongst ordinary peoples. There grew a desire and thirst for change, for equality, for brotherhood. Our species began to invent. These were early symptoms of the evolutionary surge of our species, the first steps along the path to a new world civilization of human shaping, steps which were recognized as such by our masters yet not understood by humanity at large.

They saw us rising centuries ago and have fought a rearguard action ever since.

To explore the fundamentals of reality, the rules of the game both of how reality acts through physics and chemistry and biology and how society is shaped and formed by power is a difficult task for a species so enshrouded with deception and for whom knowledge and so “truth” was and remains in the hands of those that subjugate us, yet generation after generation our understandings have grown.

There are a lot of us and we grow clever, step by step on the accumulation of our understanding, powered by an as yet unrecognized evolutionary surge, a great tidal wave of collective understanding that our masters are now struggling to stem. The danger, of course, is their malevolence and the weaponised products of inventiveness that we have foolishly placed in their hands.

These processes, this surge, gave us modern “democracy” (our master’s device for fooling us into believing we are free) and machine after machine to make our existence easier and more pleasant.

Those machines were of course cleverly turned against us by virtue of their ownership being part of the capitalist wage slavery that goes hand in hand with debt slavery. Instead of bringing us leisure time, they brought us unemployment, hardship and want where there should have been ease and plenty.

Our masters recognized the signs then of this shift brought about by our increase in number and the collective rise in intelligence that accompanies such increase and understood that their rule over us was threatened by these changes, this evolutionary process.

They understood way back then that a new kind of slavery must be engineered. Its form and structure are recognizable now to those who are truly awake. It is a refined and diabolically clever control of the consciousness of the species.

Ever having control of the Magick called money, our masters have for thousands of years bought and so directed the efforts of the finest minds our species can produce. As an example, they used such fine minds to develop the horror that is nuclear weaponry which they have dangled over our heads for the last 50 years. That any human being would design and build such a horror is testament not only to the power of money, the root of all evil, but also to the mind-control that enables one human being to be persuaded that another human being is not their brother but their enemy because they worship a different god or wave a different flag.

They have bought and used such devious and clever minds to design the internet and its content, the latest and most powerful weapon in the war for the consciousness of the species. The internet, mobile telephones, the new generation TVs, smart meters, these coupled with the data-mining capabilities of the master’s servants in MI5 and the CIA and other “intelligence agencies” from all the other nations under their thrall collectively give them an unprecedented and absolute control over our specie’s inner thoughts and desires.

How they are using these things to disconnect our children from family and submerge their consciousness in unreality whilst bombarding their DNA with microwaves is known to us. They are reshaping reality as we speak, conjuring into existence a new model of dominance, creating a new form of human being bereft of true connection with others and drowning in a vast ocean of meaningless “friendship” from where no-one will heed their cries for help when that time comes.

They make heroines for our girl children of fairy tale princesses that morph into pre-teen vixens and the super-sluts of the pop business. They draw our boy children onto the killing fields of war games and inure them to blood and gore and teach them to be separate from the reality and horror of war such that they will grow into drone pilots and kill children without a thought and enjoy such killing.

Those few maverick humans that think that they have escaped somehow the mind control matrix are likewise fooled into a false reality engineered and designed especially for them.

A special world of our master’s making has been crafted for such as you and I because, raise your head and take note, we are humanity’s last hope and the thing most feared by the multi-generational evil that shapes our reality.
We mavericks are the seed from which the new future will grow. Of course, they seek to and are currently succeeding in modifying the seed to suit their purpose and fit their long worked strategy. Just as the serfs of Russia were readied by the ideas of Marx promulgated by the agents of deception led by Lenin, just as the battered and defeated Germanic peoples raised their heads in pride at the weasel words of the agent Hitler, so your place in history is being stolen by false leaders and your crown lifted on to the heads of liars.

It is for this reason that we must collectively, as one, take the next step.

There is another veil to be lifted, and another beyond that and by raising these obscuring curtains we will see the astonishing simplicity with which the world could be shaped good and how that moment is close at hand and how a new civilization can be born rising like a phoenix from the ashes of our dead past as we learn to forget and forgive what was.

And Start Again.

The next veil to be lifted is this:

That we see we are deceived, that we see we are divided, that we see we are dissipated and our efforts directed down a myriad of rabbit holes, that we see the simplicity of single focus, that we see that unity can only be found in the simplest of concepts, that this concept is symbolized by a single word, that that word is LOVE and from it stems all that is good and that it gives us the roadmap to the evolution of our species built upon what we know to be common to all of us.

Once lifted, this veil reveals the next simple truth:

That there are millions of us, that if we stood together and raised our voices in unison then billions of our tribe would hear that call, be wrenched from their unreality and see the great torch of hope and the light of a new dawn for our species.

There lies your duty.
Find somewhere to stand and be unified with others under that single banner.

The future depends upon you doing so.

And so who can you trust, and how can you spot the legions of deceivers or those innocent repeaters of deception?

Firstly they feed you a constant stream of information, a cacophony so blaring that you fail to notice that there is only one voice you need to hear and that lies deep within you and speaks only one word.

Secondly, they point accusatory fingers at a race (eg the “jews”), a nation (Israel or America or Britain or Russia), at a religion (Judaism or Catholicism or Islam) or at an unending stream of fictions (aliens, reptiles, creatures from hell) or at any number of esoteric societies (“Knights” of Malta, masons, Satanists, frankists, sabbateans, rosicurians, etc ad infinitum). They confuse, they divide, they dissipate.

Thirdly they build a cult of personality. Rense and Icke and Brand and Jones and Corbett and Fulford and a thousand more some greater, some lesser demons of attraction.

Fourthly they are cross referenced between themselves and by the mainstream media.

Fifthly they have money, evidenced by their travels and lifestyles and created by selling stuff and wheedling for donations and, to judge by their websites and the flashy videos they create, funding from much deeper pockets. (Sure, we have a donate button! We have received around 300 euros over the 7 years, every penny of which came at just the right time, thanks.)

Sixthly they speak words of love and unity that upon examination reveal themselves to be part of the New Age religion being created and foisted upon our consciousness by the likes of Barbara Marx Hubbard and Eckhart Tolle and a thousand others. They sell retreats, seek donations to aid indigenous people (but especially the children….), their websites are always fronted by pictures of happy and smiling faces from many “races”.

This last.
They none of them stake a flag in the ground and say “let’s stand here, united, and count our number”.

That, you see, is the single thing the masters of this reality fear the most.

So: If they do not call for this single, most significant purpose, doubt them.

We know almost no-one reads this blog, that the internet is designed to render this voice weak and ineffectual, but we know we are merely a part of the stream of consciousness that flows towards the future and that tide in the affairs of humanity is surging and will prove irresistible.

We, at least, can see it.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

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