Saturday, May 23, 2015

Now you read

Now you read
And in reading, in this instant, connect
My soul, your soul

This is the nature of the process
Essences comingling

For this brief moment
Time has stopped

There is only you
And I
Together in Now

Travelling forwards mind-meshed
On the endless path
To that place

Reach out your figurative fingers
Touch the tips of mine
And we will walk as one for a while
In non-time

Where shall I take us?
Where shall we go?

To thoughts of the paradise we squander?
Or to dreams of what might be?

Shall I lead us through the thorns that encircle
By the path I see
And show you your future
Where we share love?

Or scratch us bloody by casting us upon their barbs
And in writhing and fighting and screaming and railing against them
Exhaust us
Until we lie insensate

Incapable even of holding out our hands and clasping
Trust drifting away into the oblivion
Of evil’s deliberate creation

And either way
When will I lose you?

When will you fall away
Seeking new stimulation?
Without obligation?
As reality has taught you to do

But know this, dear friend
These words are written forever
They can never be erased

They are a stitch in the cloth

Once we were together
Now we are always joined
And if by fate we meet again
Let’s relive our moment
And hug

And gaze about us in wonder
At the world we have made
And know that it is good

And was always written
Waiting to be found

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