Saturday, May 9, 2015



You know enough now, we know enough now, enough of us know enough.
Yet nothing happens.

We know that with deliberate intent they have filled our world with ionising radiation from their 2,000+ “test” explosions of their foul bombs. We know they passed the technology between their vassal nations such that a “race” could be staged. We know they have further intent to use these most awful creations. We know the threat of them hangs eternally over humanity’s head like some great sword of Damocles, threatening our very extinction. We know they have conspired to do nothing about Fukushima, we know that “sage” voices like “James the Liar” Corbett reassure us that there is no danger, we know that Fukushima pours torrents of death into the Pacific every day and that all life in that ocean is dying and that it spells tragedy for our world and our species. We know that Fukushima poured enough perpetually lethal ionised atoms into the atmosphere to spell a slow and lingering death for millions upon millions of us far into what future we currently have. We know that the worldwide epidemic of cancers have their origins in these vile intents. We see that none of our masters seem, miraculously, to suffer from them, and so we know they have a cure and fear it not and that they hide that cure from the rest of us.
This knowledge, alone, is enough.
We know that they have for centuries pitched human beings against each other in their wars. We know how they manufactured these wars and benefited from them. We know they were behind the great revolutions in France and Russia and elsewhere. We know they created the terrorists and that they have used this created monster to tighten the bonds around us and restrict our liberty. We know they have ruined by these strategies countless millions of lives, rendered hundreds of millions of us homeless or otherwise damaged, hundreds of millions of us have died, hundreds of millions of us have been permanently psychologically destroyed. Dreams of happiness have been permanently shattered, time and time again. We know they are doing these same things right now around the globe. We know they are planning more and worse.
This knowledge, alone, is enough.
We know they have engineered the entire planet into debt slavery. We know they have tightened their grip around the necks of all seven billion of us. We know they are with slow deliberation strangling the joy of life out of all of us. We know they have weakened all those things that gave us strength. Family, friendship, loyalty, union, cooperation, a sense of community and of place, decency, morality, hope, trust, faith, understanding, sharing, caring, honour, fairness, all those things that were the best in us have been systematically and with great cleverness attacked in a million ways. We know they create their “money” out of thin air as debt that can never be repaid. We know that nearly every government on the planet connives with them to perpetuate this false debt, that these governments strangle humanity with tax to “repay” the “interest” on this “debt” and we know that these politicians are rewarded with cushy jobs and positions of power over others and heaps and heaps of “money” for being the boot that stamps endlessly on the face of humanity with no end in sight. We know that countries that try and step outside of this global bankster mafia are labelled as terrorists or dictatorships. That their countries are invaded or wrecked by armed insurgency. That the leaders who dared to oppose the masters have their heads taken from their bodies as a lesson to the rest. That those countries are plunged into perpetual armed conflict as a lesson to their peoples and because our masters like nothing better and find nothing simpler than contriving hatreds between us and watching us kill and brutalise each other.
This knowledge, alone, is enough.
We know that through their control of money, its creation as debt and its issuance, that they control every aspect of life that is essential for humanity. They control food, its growing and packaging and distribution and sale, and fill our bodies with vile chemicals and our planet with their destructive plastics as they do so. They control the energy we need to keep warm or to move from place to place and price it such that some die of cold. They control the manufacture of the things we need or want and make them to become obsolete so that we have to buy them again and again and our precious resources are squandered and our future generations will not have them because of this profligacy. They control and own our water and fill it with poisons. They tax us, through their carbon taxes, for the very air we breathe. They control land and property prices such that we are saddled perpetually with debt, generation after generation. Mortgaging their future for a roof that should be theirs by birthright sitting on land that should be theirs by birthright by virtue of being human.
We know that they have built around the globe a vast system of electronic spying that intrudes into our homes, that listens to our private conversations, that reads our private correspondence, that watches every step we take and tracks where we are and with whom we meet and interact. They count every penny of their money we spend and where and on what, such that we can neither buy nor sell without their tax being paid. They imprison millions of us for smoking weed, (yet own the patents for medical uses ready for when they desire to use them), and own and profit from the prisons they put people in.

These things, alone, are enough.

Yet you read them, know them and a million more facts that alone are enough, and are doing nothing.

You understand there are many of us that know these things, and you see that there is absolutely NO UNITY amongst us, that we are considered crazies by the sheeple, that as a result our masters can continue with their clamping down on the evolution of our species and treading into the dust what should be the birth of a new world civilisation.

You know these things.
You know that if we crazies stood together we would find that we number in our millions, our tens of millions.
You know that amongst are all manner of human beings, from all walks of life, that amongst us there are great minds and greater hearts, that if once we stood together the world would have to take notice.

Yet you seek no place to collect, seek no single cause, no single unifying understanding, no banner of love under which to make your stand side by side with your human brothers and sisters and begin the march into the future that can save humanity, save life on this planet, give people around the world HOPE and the glimmer of light that tells them that this nightmare can end, that this nightmare must end, that this nightmare WILL END and that we, the human race, will build a world of LOVE.

Lift your finger and click to follow.

And if you won’t, ask yourself in all seriousness what worm has been placed in your soul that is stopping you, what thoughts your masters are manipulating, and, lastly, what chance have we got if you don’t stand and be counted and form a part of something bigger.

Let me guess: You need to watch a flashy video embedded with all sorts of symbols you barely recognise are speaking to your subconscious and you barely register must have cost a lot to make. You need to read a hundred headlines more. You need some flashy marketing. You need a “leader” to do your thinking and lead your chanting. You need another rabbit hole of stuff to become interested in. You need to get to work. You need…..

You need…..

You need to not get involved…..

What you think, dear reader, is a product of a million inputs to your consciousness.
Almost all of those inputs are contrived by your masters.
Especially those you believe are not.
Your impulse not to lift your finger and join us here is a product of those inputs.

Simple for our masters, who have spent a century engineering this matrix.

Click to follow.
For by doing so you lead.

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