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How consciousness is controlled and other understandings.....

On Complexity.

If you are new to some of this stuff, just search on keywords and take the time to wrap your mind around these facts. As regulars know, I don’t do detail and I don’t give links, very often.

Truth is yours to discover and frame in your own consciousness and this is just a record of my journey through the process.

This post discusses further the nature of reality, new learnings, how data-mining controls you and I and the rest of our human tribe, how Wolfram’s work links these areas.

Wolfram is something of a genius. He comes at reality from outside the box, building on the understandings gained by and questions raised by quantum physicists, exploring complexity via an innovative approach based on the behaviour of simple programmes.

He is, I think, not too far from discovering how reality is being created from information, how this process gave birth to free will and from that discovery humanity will learn how to shape reality in conformity with our collective will.

This process is, as has been stated here many times, the answer to humanity’s nightmarish condition and the key to global transformation.

There is a downside to the work of Wolfram.

His new science and the software developed from his principles have enabled the data mining of humanity and have given the masters of this reality the tools to manipulate the collective human will.

The internet, all electronic communication, what we say in front of our smart gadgets, our buying and selling and viewing and experiential existence derived from the movement of the thing called money, all of these minute behavioural clues are absorbed by the supercomputers we can imagine fill the basements of GCHQ and similar spying operations.

No doubt these supercomputers use some form of Wolfram’s Mathematica or something inspired by it. It would enable the computers to analyse and deduce trends from data in a myriad of forms, from accented vernacular spoken language to trends in clothing fashion and colour themes in home decoration, from the impact of certain words and phrases spoken by politicians to the meta-consequences of the activities of the false opposition in the control of the agenda of the shift in consciousness.

Consider this in the light of the emerging understanding of how the creator is creating:
The universe is the product of simple programmes, perhaps even one simple line of programming that progresses into complexity through its iterative process that we experience as time.

There was no big bang, merely the pressing of an “Enter” key.

Sub-atomic particles are the “light on the screen”.

Reality is a 3-dimensional experience of a 2-dimensional projection. There is an as yet unrealised and undetected force which places each sub-atomic particle in-situ and orders its apparent solidity according to the dynamics of the operating programme and the programming we run by that tells us that what is not solid is.

Perhaps Tesla and Reich were onto this force.
Perhaps it is the Aether spoken of by the ancients.

Certainly, when one throws into this mind-mix the symbols carried by the ruling elite, the Kabbalistic and other ancient “sacred” geometrical considerations, the words found in ancient texts and the allusions made by them, the experiences of the mind enhanced by certain entheogens and the “legendary” control over reality by the ancient Magi and Kabbalists and by more recent Shamans (those the world was rid of by Christianity) it seems as if this understanding of reality was something once known and now lost to all but the controller of knowledge in the world.

Ultimately, there can be only one.

From this comes the conjecture that reality can be shaped, that we just need to learn how to hack the programme, that perhaps we learned that in a previous and now all but forgotten civilisation, that someone used that knowledge to take control, that they wiped the knowledge from the earth by wreaking havoc and bringing destruction, maybe by flood. That they have ever since hoarded that knowledge, destroying libraries and entire peoples in order to be its sole owner.

Now humanity is passing through its era of advance these disparate elements of understanding can be knit together and the sum of knowledge, rising as it does on the sum of preceding knowledge, accelerates our overcoming of bewilderment and presents to us the opportunity and the moment to end all suffering and to co-create a new, much improved reality.

The danger, of course, is that the masters of this reality would rather destroy almost all of us than end their millennial domination of their “subjects”.
This is the process underway now.

Bear in mind at all times that the masters of this reality are careful that they control all aspects of humanity’s collective consciousness. They have had century upon century to structure the world and to put in place their control systems. They have bought the finest minds and paid for the most cutting edge thought throughout our known history.

Therefore we must assume that there is an awakening consciousness of humanity, a great yearning for love and peace and sharing, that our masters have been aware of its coming and have inevitably taken the lead of this process, long foreseen.

Even the words used to frame these thoughts (share, co-create, love etc) have already been stolen and put to use by the dark force and its agents to such effect that they form a myriad of heads to the hydra that is false leadership.

The internet is therefore a weapon.
But humanity can use it too.

There is an inevitability to the birth of a new, human civilisation.

As a species we understand what we are led to do wrong. As a species we can readily understand what is right and good. We now see how the world is shaped to create the circumstances that cause evil to be done and know the controlling hands behind that creation.

Whilst most are still lost in the false reality, increasingly and inevitably we are, as a species, awakening. We approach a tipping point, that point being the moment when all those who are awake realise that unity in single purpose is what must be found, that moment when we stand together and raise our banner on the field of history and count our number and realise that we are strong.

Love, of course, is the single focus.
Everything that grows from that single root the structure we will raise in our new civilisation.

What acts as a dam to this inevitability is the control of thought, the control of knowledge, the control of information, the control of education, the control of world events and so, ultimately, the control of human consciousness.

It is this control system that data mining makes utterly effective.

To be comical for a moment imagine a popular cookery programme gives out a recipe for a dish made of beans. Simple to calculate how many packs of beans would be bought, by what demographic over what time period and through what retail outlets and by what system of payment. Simple to determine when those beans would be cooked, or if they would be cooked at all or end up in a cupboard. Simple to cross check the whole lot via social media, telephone usage etc.

Txt from MOM “Come home, the beans are cooked”.

Simple to determine the effect on overall Methane production. Even how many people will leave a lift before they reach their floor. What the effect will be on the sale of antacids. How many family rows will be had, how many wives leave the marital bed to escape the miasma, how many are put off beans for life, how sales of biological stain removers will increase, and air fresheners, and the microscopic effect on the environment of all those things. And on and on and on.

This is data-mining.
It enables the masters of this reality to flap the wing of a butterfly and know the hurricane will come on the other side of the world.

Imagine, if you will, the devious minds of the uber-class and the sold-their-souls-to-the-devil super minds of the educated elite that work for the money system and sell their goodness for a handful of silver.

Imagine just what data could be available at the touch of a button. They know when you open your fridge. They know what we say to each other. They know everything about us in real time. They have the weapons at their disposal to micro-manage human consciousness via a myriad of different input feeds and to micro-manage the outcomes.

An example is their attempt to manage the outbreak of understanding about the paedophile murderers within the elite and descending downwards through their control grid.

If you examine the Hampstead case, for example, you can see how they managed the consciousness of the herd with their rapid court hearing and the unprecedented release of the contrived police interviews of the children and the unbelievable outpourings of the judge that oversaw the legal fiasco.
Then the media control that reinforced the “nothing to see here” message, the careful humming and ha-ing of the controlled alternative “leaders”, the injection of agents into the fray (eg “Christine Sands” so called) and so on.

The entire process is underpinned by data-mining, each step taken then measured for consequence, the process having the goal of dissipating and watering down the issue until what will be left are a few activists with ever dropping numbers of active supporters, as Icke and similar present other issues, other things to get mad about….

And the memory fades…..

As Icke himself tells us, “Don’t think about that. Look over here instead.”
Magicians call it distraction.

Look how few human beings are aware of the continuing cancerous outpourings of Fukushima and the consequent death of the Pacific ocean and the world disaster this imminently presents to the human food supply chain.

They are silently and slowly murdering us in such a way that we do not even get angry, except in isolated bubbles.

This, of course, is what they most fear and why they act so surreptitiously.
If seven billion of us understood what they were up to and got mad, they’d be finished and the world would change.

And to bring that understanding to the world and get the attention of those billions, the millions of us that are awake have to stand together.
One World Tribe.

Every world event now is staged, every step taken designed to control consciousness, every tiny detail measured and assessed, the state of mind of humanity known and predictable and so as easy to shape as wet clay.

Only the unity of we mavericks under the banner of love can win this eternal conflict…..
All there is.

With Love to All,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(When we cut the olive trees we understand that the root is the plant, not what grows into the light. Cut the tree at the base and, within a few short years, a new tree will have grown. To kill the tree, one must dig out the root and scour it from the ground, every bit of it. This is what we must do with the world systems built by the masters. Money, hierarchy, false law, false authority, false knowledge, false beliefs, deference, debt and so on, all of these things are the roots of evil and must be scoured from our consciousness utterly. It is time to start again.)

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