Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thoughts on Hampstead

Now here's an interesting development.

I write often about the false opposition. How their highly professional websites dominate the alternative media and so the agenda and the mindset of the mavericks in the herd. How they feed you haystacks of truth and bury the needle of a lie therein. How they send you down rabbit holes, defusing your anger, diluting collective effort. How not one of them asks for a head count of we human beings that want an end to this false reality and an earth reborn in love, free of the sickness that is evil, for if we counted our number we would find we are many and once discovered we would find we had power. Unity is therefore what they fear. Unity cannot be found in debate, in detail, in protest marches about issues led by mantra shouting disinformation infiltrators.

The only unity that can be discovered is through drilling down to the very core of our being as a species, to ask our billions what we desire at the very heart of our being, then building our new world on that foundation.

There, within us all in our countless millions, rests the desire for peace, for justice, for an end to suffering, for a clean world free of murderous pollutants, for freedom, for an end to debt and a rebirth of obligation, for an end to war and those that foist it upon us and create division amongst us. There, within us all, is the desire for love. We are one world tribe, united in this desire, we are the human race.

And so to the development:
We have seen with mantra chanting false opposition movements how the placemen and infiltrators simply assume control.
It seems that the masters of reality have sent one of their key agents to get involved with the Hampstead thing.
Interestingly, "she" was also right up there with "occupy" and assumed some control of the "million mask march" (and had a very expensive wagon all signwritten for the purpose. She most likely is a great pal of Russel Brand! (See earlier posts)).

Here's where "she" is outed:

And other pages therein. I am amazed at the video outside the Hampstead church when she appears how anyone could even give her a minute of time or listen to a word she says she is evidently such a false creature. But then, they are good at winning over our hearts and minds, these creatures.

And here's the typically well made and exhaustive website she has miraculously created....(approach with caution, for no doubt it is full of nasty tracking and sneaking stuff.....)

In the header she says "Weekly Demonstrations to End Royal Court Paedophilia Cover Ups" as if SHE is the organiser and instigator, when she isn't. Clever, ain't it? She leads in with the video of the ex copper that I featured, thus adding his dignity to her glory.

SO here we see the process of controlling opposition AT BIRTH and can witness it in action and watch it grow.

Or not, if we choose to ignore, for choosing to ignore is one of the most powerful weapons we have.
Imagine. for example, if the human race decided to ignore debt.......

WHAT THIS DOES TELL US IS THIS: That they are afraid of this Hampstead affair. They are afraid it will highlight their baby murdering promiscuity. They are afraid the human race, the herd, might get off their collective arses and actually do something, so they are sending in their agents to control what's happening.

And their agents sites mine the data which reads the minds and collective consciousness of the herd.

It is by the process of data mining that the masters of this reality have their fingers on the pulse of humanity, have their burrowing feelers into our consciousness en masse. For example, at present they are using their own main stream newspapers to steadily allow "historic" paedophilia to be covered and thus take some steam out of the true alternative media. Then they are measuring what people say on facebook, in texts, in phone conversations, in their living rooms in front of the samsung eavesdropping TV etc. They determine their next action based on this datamining.
Another reassuring statement that they will pursue paedos with vigour! (How did that go down? Did they swallow it?)
Their shills go on websites and say "How dare people stick up for the mother when the judge clearly states it is the mother who is the abuser" (Measure the response, feel the temper of the herd).

You get the picture.
They have built the internet and own it and use it to control the awakening consciousness of humanity. It is a weapon. Every move they make is predetermined, every chaos they create planned and at every stage they know EXACTLY how human beings will react, exactly when they will be stirred to action, exactly who to kill and when.

They saw us coming before we even realised there was a problem here in this "reality", and made ready.

It will take all of us.
Love Olive xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

So---How do we start a head count and have it go viral?

Olive Farmer said...

That is the question. I have been having some thoughts. See the next post.

Anonymous said...

OK---I have some thoughts as well--Anybody else out there? Please speak up!!!