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Ricky Dearman Interview Hampstead Case. Angels and Demons...

Angels and Demons.
Sometimes as reality unfolds one is forced to make judgements based on instinct.
These instincts, these gut feelings, are often warnings.

It is the sense that one is in the company of something that is inhuman occupying a human body.

We are taught that such conjecture is the stuff of fantasy, of old legend and myth or of science fiction.

Such ideas are scoffed at by the indentured slaves of the mind control matrix, taught from an early age that such things do not really exist, that they are just stories, that their instincts are not to be relied upon.

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep.
Nothing to see here.
Move along.

I look back upon this iteration of the experience called my life and I recall the moments when I encountered these instincts and trusted in them and knew that I was in the presence of something other than human, something evil masquerading as human.

The bullies and hard men of my youth, the drowners of kittens and the stampers of heads.

The power hungry mis-promoted liars and manipulators and greed motivated corporate ladder climbers I met before I escaped the matrix.

I see them on Youtube as uniformed police officers demanding obedience and enforcing it with savage beatings, relishing and losing themselves in the red mist once their victim is rendered incapable of defence, tazing and punching again and again and again.

I saw them in youth gangs, delighting in kicking the heads of the fallen, glorying in it.

That they are amongst us, these monsters, is beyond question.

The problem is most people think they are just bad humans.

There are so many of them now that they colour our vision of our species.
We think ourselves bad for the evil that is done. 

Here, in this video, I sense two of them at work.
The interviewer gives it off in waves.
My hair stands on end.
My instincts scream “Danger, Danger”.

I looked at Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC podcast page.
Sarah’s story, October 2nd 2014 deals with a girl raped by her father, returned by social services, raped again and impregnated.
Jageer Kaur’s story, 03 September 2014. Beaten and partially blinded by her father in front of her children in an “honour” beating.
Prisoners children, 22nd July 2014, deals with kids in care because their parents are in jail.
False rape accusation, 27th June 2014, deals with the story of a man falsely accused of rape. The accuser is now in prison.
Large families, 11th June 2014 deals with multiple children in care coming from a small number of mothers.
Forced adoption, 27th March 2014 deals with the state seizure of children, focusing on a woman whose kids were stolen because her ex raped her.
Doctor Ault, 5th March 2014. Georgia State Executioner is interviewed about his bad feelings over all the people whose lives he terminated.
NHS Abuse, 13th January 2014. Deals with the rape of a patient by a “carer”, 50 or 60 times, in a psychiatric hospital.
Life on the Line, 25th November 2013. Deals with suicides on the railways.
Troubles Families 29th October 2013 deals with problem families labelled as “Troubled” by the government. No doubt many of their kids are in care…
The Abusers Tale 7th October 2013 deals with wife beaters.
Rotherham, 28th August 2013 deals with a child in care groomed and abused and the police and social services allowed it to happen….(this over a year before the big Rotherham story broke about the organised rape of kids with police connivance).
Stuart Hall 26th July 2013, a victim of the sex offender is interviewed.
Sally Marston 14th May 2013, girl raped as a child interviewed about her attacker’s release.
Bridget Harris, 6th March 2013, interviewed about inappropriate advances by the Lib-Dem Chief Executive Lord Rennard.
SAVILE abuse, 14th November 2012, interviews one of the chief Kiddy Fiddler’s victims.
Abuse, 26th September  2012, Amy, aged 13 at the time, tells our Vicky how she was groomed and raped in Rotherham.
Tina Nash 22nd June 2012 tells how her partner gouged her eyes out and speaks top other victims of horrific domestic violence.
Abortion Clinic 23rd May 2012 interviews women about their abortions….
Teenagers and Porn , 20th April 2012, Vicky speaks to kids about the porn they watch….
Jessica Sayers, 15th March 2012, Vicky interviews Jessica who was sexually abused by a girl who pretended to be a boy.
In a “mini series”, in March 2012 our Vicky interviews PC David Rathband, shot and blinded by Raoul Moat a few times, then interviews his brother after David committed suicide……
Kate and Gerry McCann, 12th May 2011 are interviewed…….

Do you see a pattern here?
Abuse, sexual abuse, rape and murder of children, suicide, executions, paedophilia.     

The interviewee, he accused by his children of being a paedophile, a satanist, part of a group that murders children and then exonerated by judge Pauffley (absent a thorough police investigation of the accusations.)

Judge Pauffley who presided over part of the Hollie Grieg farrago.

The matrix, as we know, is desperate to hide from us their predation.

There is veal. There is sucking pig.

Then there is the sweet and tender flesh of young human beings.
Cooked rare, with plenty of red blood oozing.  

They are amongst us, but not of us.

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Angela Power-Disney said...

Superb re posting although I recommend prayer before viewing the I'm diabolical 'interview'
Facebook, youtube comments, twitter etc your article definitely worth sharing as Jacqui Farmer did. Bravo!