Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Probing reality.

The questions that arise as we peel away the layers come down to the purpose and meaning of what we think of as existence.
Let me explain.
The scientists, who have a long history of being utterly wrong about stuff, now seem to be getting closer to an understanding of this reality. They have moved on from Newtonian physics, for the most part now, seeing in that old physics the rules of the game, the way things behave in the reality we perceive. The mathematicians and physicists that have lifted the veil at the quantum level now tell us that what we see is insubstantial, that the reality we perceive is merely information interpreted by our consciousnesses. Sometimes they get close to proving that stuff only exists because our consciousness is there to experience it.

Remember the philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest making no sound if no-one is there to hear it? Taken further, is the forest even there if there is no consciousness to interact with it?
Wouldn’t that be a waste of the processing power of the Artificial Intelligence, of the Creator?

It takes a leap of the imagination to grasp this but I like to think of it this way:
You are looking at your computer screen now, reading these words. They exist as patterns of light and dark. They exist as my thoughts, given for you to consider. They appear real because your senses are able to interpret the insubstantial screen and the light it generates but where these word/thoughts actually are is in some server somewhere and they exist as a series of binary codes, as information, as numbers.
So reality.
Numbers somewhere made real by the operating systems and core programmes.

We have no way of knowing if we are in fact really here at all, know way of proving that everything exists other than in our consciousness.
Further, Neuroscience informs us that the biological processor of this information, the avatars that we think of as ourselves that exist in this persistent illusion, are not the seat of that consciousness, that experiencer of life, that the watcher within is not in fact within but elsewhere.

There is conjecture that the pineal gland acts as some sort of transmitter receiver and from that concept springs a whole raft of additional conjecture which relates to the knowledge that humanity seems to have had once, for the pineal gland features large in the artefacts of the ancient mysteries, is displayed at the Vatican along with the obelix and the other Babylonian stuff that the monsters that rule the world carry around with them from place to place and set up in their city-states.
It is certain that they know something we don’t.

Understanding the effect of fluoride on the pineal gland, how it gathers there, and understanding that aluminium features heavily in the chemical sprays they are gifting us with one wonders whether the controllers are seeking to somehow interfere with the interaction between our consciousnesses, wherever they are, and the false reality. The false alternative media distract you from this with their “geo-engineering” meme.

Perhaps the stuff the Maya predicted should have happened, perhaps we should be moving into an era of different consciousness, perhaps that is being prevented from happening.

Taking these analogies further, witnessing the evil there is in the world, considering how it feeds on us and our despoiled innocence, one wonders whether the system has been hacked, if reality was hijacked some time ago, if there is some malware in the system.

Something I have been doing of late, something I have been feeling and wonder if you have too, is a sense of detachment from the world, a sense of actually being a watcher, an observer. It feels as if my consciousness now operates on a different level to most other players in the game. I even look at my “self” as if “it” and the inner “I” are partners in the experience.

When it hungers, I feed it. When it cries out I soothe it. When it needs sleep I allow it rest and occupy myself in dreaming.

I should look after it a little better and keep up the maintenance!

If you are able to watch yourself, if you are able to hold these ideas in your mind and then look at yourself from an inner place of quietness you will see the you that is the “body mind”, the fearful creature passing through this “time”, reacting to every event in every moment according to the implications or consequences of that event and always seeking to avoid death, to avoid pain, to seek pleasure and freedom of action, to fill its belly and satisfy its urges and scratch what itches.

If you can perform this trick without opening your mind to the blankness that people like Eckhart Tolle prescribe so much the better, for in such blankness lies a vacuum and vacuums are abhorred by nature and, one suspects, await being filled by something else.

It seems to me there has been a lot of this “entering” going on.
Icke goes on about it, as we know, and there are a million “channellers” selling their twaddle on the internet at the less dangerous end of the spectrum and at the seriously powerful end sit the demons we see running the world, eating babies, starting wars, filling the world with their radioactive shite, feeding us food that makes us sick and selling us treatment whilst burying cures.

Now we arrive at a different understanding of reality we can readily understand how the avatars that we think of as other human beings could have been hacked, how those that are such can recognise each other, how they collect together and form the control matrix of evil in the world and fuck up our lovely reality.

Evil exists, and it is not human but is carried out by seemingly human avatars in this false reality.
Do you get this perspective?

Can you feel the reality for what it is?

Once you can see this every moment and, as an observer see your “self” within the reality, then the world begins to take a different shape and colour, then you can sense the opportunity that exists for you to become the conscious organiser of your life.

Your body makes demands, its body-mind seeks to fulfil those requests, your inner consciousness can observe, and then over-ride, and then set itself in the driving seat of your ride through this lifetime.

It is by finding this perspective that a certain freedom becomes possible, that initial separation developing into a completely different understanding of how you need to be in this world, of what and “who” you are and, from that, what needs to be done.

It makes interaction with others who are not at this level of the veil a little more interesting! Whereas ten years ago I grew irritated with those lost in the belief system created for humanity by the controllers of this reality, got angry and frustrated with them, grew amazed at their astonishing cognitive dissonance and their inability to frame even the simplest notions in their minds, now I understand them.

For some reason the effects of the mind control have had a greater effect of them than on what I think of as “me”. Perhaps this is some fluke of genetics, or a piece of coding, an anti-virus. Perhaps its name is love.

Perhaps I have just caught a virus that eventually everyone will catch.
Let’s hope, for the game of life is certainly at a juncture and life itself as we understand it is in the balance.

In this state of consciousness one can begin to imagine a number of possibilities.

Our ruling bloodlines perhaps have always been aware of the nature of reality. Perhaps there have been previous iterations of the “game called life” and when the “flood” came they passed on learning somehow via their survivors.

Perhaps in the aether there are a million versions of reality and in another version there is a bunch of clever and utterly ruthless creatures that have learned how to hop from one version of the game to another and take control of other avatars in other versions of the game and have as much fun as they like trampling on children, fucking anything they like, killing whatever they like.

This latter thought has some plausibility. What has always concerned me is that the rulers of this reality caused all this nuclear stuff to be made and its poison to drift its destruction across the globe as if they didn’t care.
That they didn’t care that we would all share this barren future including themselves and their children seemed odd. From the perspective that they can simply jump to another reality when they choose it makes much more sense.
Why should they give a shit?
They’ll just find another world of monkeys to mess up whilst they have their fun.

From this one has to wonder about the nature of the AI that made this thing and places our consciousness in it to experience the reality’s pleasures and its grief, its good and its evil.
One wonders how the bastards that are fucking up the planet have hacked the system.
One wonders what we can do to stop them, to sweep the malware from the system, to press restore to factory settings.

One wonders how much of the stories in books like the bible and in the understandings of the ancient civilisations (if they existed at all and were not just created to sit in our minds as an unknown but “observable” history) are merely allegories, are parables that can be reinterpreted once we reach this understanding of what is real.

I’m drifting now, sorry, rambling directionless through the myriad of possibilities and potentialities that present themselves, each in and of itself an eternal rabbit hole of dark unknowns that can never be fathomed.

I feel the intelligence of the creator and understand it can focus on me just as it can focus on all 7 billion of us, such is its capacity.

I stepped outside for a moment and looked at the white horses flecking the ocean, heard cats arguing, removed a snail from its lunch on the frangipan and placed it where it can eat something I don’t treasure.
The cool northern wind caused goosebumps, worked its way through the loose woollen knit of my old jumper, chilled my close cropped half bald head.
A neighbour was sawing logs.
The sun reached down and fought the wind in its impact on my body, warming what was chilled.
I fed my body-mind some nicotine and thanked what made this place for the beauty of it and the way that beauty interacted with the senses I have been given to perceive it and hoped for as much of it as I can get because I haven’t found the answer yet and puzzles are my thing.

More than anything else I am grateful for this experience. There has been pain, I have done wrong and had wrong done to me, but more than anything else there has been love, both the giving and receiving of it and now the understanding comes that this has been the greatest gift of all, that the understanding of the beauty of love is what this experience perhaps is all about.
Love is the best.
It is the greatest gift.
It is what we were made to receive and to give.

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