Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hampstead, its importance.

Let’s begin with some basic understandings:
1. It is now widely understood that for all of our recent past the practice of paedophilia has been widespread amongst the political elite, the entertainment industry and many other elements of the consciousness control structure that sits so heavily upon us. It has been and is tolerated and encouraged by the manipulators who promise to their useful slaves the indulgence of any and all base desires without fear of retribution (the carrot) and, holding the evidence, the ultimate in blackmail tools to ensure compliance with orders (the stick). Throw in the ability to murder at will and without fear of legal consequence, having forces of most expert assassins trained and supplied and funded by the very taxpayers they are employed to dispatch and called the “intelligence agencies” and the control grid is absolute.
2. There are psychological games at play here, of course. The engineered consciousness of humanity, indeed the very core understanding of what it is to be human, means that the majority of the herd cannot frame such evil in their minds and so cannot believe it exists and scoff at those that insist it does. They will maintain this position even when presented with massive and compelling evidence that it does exist, that it exists right now as well as “historically’, that this is no “conspiracy theory” but an evident fact. The public has been trained and schooled to believe Satanism is a myth despite the overwhelming exposure to satanic symbology that floods the consciousness engineering weapons of the masters of this reality, their film industry, their music industry, their mass media, the internet. Further, even when the evident collusion of the police in covering up and protecting and practicing paedophilia and child murder is presented to them daily in that controlled media they treat such evidence as “news” and don’t respond as they should as human beings, which is to capture these foul elements that exist amongst them and feed upon them and execute justice upon them.
3. How they must mock us! They are stealing, raping and murdering our children, using our fit and strong young men to invade countries they wish to steal and to indiscriminately murder in doing so AND making us pay for it! It’s no wonder George Bush the younger always had that expression of mocking disbelief. He couldn’t believe we are so stupid and could barely contain his contempt. We now know that the legal system and other elements of the control grid are complicit in this awful calumny. In the UK there have been now so many revelations of this that the justice system is in severe doubt as a whole. There have been now numerous examples of high-level paedophiles and child murderers being protected by the police, the BBC and other media, social services and the judges and Crown Prosecution Service that we rely upon to make sure that justice is served and that the guilty are punished. There have been so many examples disclosed over so many years and so widespread across the UK that the entire structure of these publicly funded bodies is now in serious doubt. When discovered, these cheeky bastards announce that they will set up an “enquiry”, staff that enquiry with their own appointments, let them deliberate for year after year whilst the public learns to forget, then produce the expected whitewash and manipulate their media to produce the “well, that’s all right then” state of consciousness and that’s it, game over, nothing to see here, nothing to get excited about, go back to sleep in front of your TV or submerge your self in Facebook or Twitter and forget, forget, forget because everything is somebody else’s problem and there’s nothing you can do.
4. That this is not a problem restricted to the UK is now understood clearly. The worldwide Catholic church has been fiddling with our kids for ages. In Ireland they have discovered hundreds of bodies of children at a Catholic children’s home and nothing has been done. Nothing! This in itself speaks to the serious problem we face as a species, that our very humanity has been somehow made subliminal, that our righteous indignation has been stolen from us, that we have been in some way engineered to be complacent. In Ireland the stalls of the churches still fill with the devout, the priests continue to act as if they are the preservers of that which is godly, there are still millions of believers in this foully discredited religion. The Irish dip into their pockets and fill the collection plates and PAY for these evil bastards to abuse their children year after year. Oh brave new world order, that has such creatures in it. Across the globe, wherever the power of the global mafia holds sway, humanity’s young are taken from us and abused and murdered. There is not a nation that doesn’t have its examples, not a place on earth where these demons in human form are not feeding their perverse pleasures. Our children are being sexualised by the hugely powerful film and music industries and the fashion business that has a supporting role, their innocence destroyed. The internet makes porn freely available to children. Sexting is a worldwide phenomenon. The minds of our infants have been stolen from under our noses and we have done nothing, having forgotten as a species what standards of decency we should hold dear, lost our moral compass, being made base.
5. And so, in Hampstead:
I have no way of knowing if the allegations made by the children are true or false. That is a matter for investigation. What I do know, though, is that like 9/11 there has been no proper and rigorous criminal investigation. There has been no attempt to substantiate the children’s accusations, no physical examination of the body parts of the alleged offenders to see if the descriptions made by the children are in fact true, no forensic examination of the premises concerned, no searches made, no investigation of the alleged trafficking of snuff movies, no investigation of the alleged human trafficking despite the connections the accused adults have with the countries they have been accused of trafficking from. The “Judge” ruled out and dismissed the evidence of the doctor that said the kids had been abused. The police video of the kids being coached and manipulated to alter their statements, which clearly demonstrates that the police proceeded with the underlying assumption and pre-conceived opinion that the kids were lying, is for some reason in the public domain as if the powers that be believe that such “evidence” will be believed by the public at large. I know that the press are twisting the story with a vengeance, that they are spinning for all they are worth. I know there has been a failure in due process. I know, therefore, that there is a rat to be smelt here.

The press in the UK harps on about “historic” child abuse, never reporting on the emerging story of organised and officially sanctioned abuse of our children without prefacing each and every headline with the word “historic”. They expect us to believe that all of this happened ages ago, that things are different now, that these stories are so old that they don’t really matter now, that everything has changed. THIS is why it is fundamentally important to them to squash utterly the Hampstead case, to steal the children and bury them in the system, to arrest and imprison the mother (which is their intent) and to do all of this as quickly as they can.

What has and is happening in Hampstead is an example of the system running scared.
They are barely able now to disguise their crimes.

There have been times in the history of the enslavement of the human race when the slaves have come close to dealing with their owners as they should be dealt with, but those instances are few and the most notable of them, the French and Russian and Chinese revolutions were in fact no such thing but were only the extension of the global mafia utilising the masses to further the ambitions of the ruling elite.

We are each of us lost in our own worlds of difficulty, buried beneath our own individual burdens of debt, saddled by our own false beliefs, subject to our own individual masters contributing to the global pyramid. We are ordered, each of us, and we obey. If you buy you pay tax and so contribute to the coffers of those that murder children. If you sell you pay tax and so likewise have blood on your hands. If you worship in a church or temple you aid the system. If you watch TV or read a newspaper or follow the excitements and false teachings of the contrived alternative media you are similarly herded and driven to powerlessness.

Our minds are not our own.
Our image of our species has been besmirched.
We cannot believe in ourselves, in our ability to be decent, to be righteous, to act in accordance with our spirits.
We have been stolen by the slavers. Our minds belong to them, our consciousness engineered by them. The cohorts of the satanic hordes ride roughshod across the world, pleasuring themselves at our expense, fucking and killing our children in organised sacrifice.

There have been few times that we have acted according to our instincts, when we have understood that our sheer number gives us the power to bring true justice to our world and to seize it back from the usurping usurers and ancient bloodlines that act as if God gave them the right to own us.

We never finished the job.
Now we must.
Love, that core spirit of every human being, that which we are by nature and intent before the false reality grips us, love is the weapon at our disposal, love the answer, love the foundation of the new world order that WE must build before our existence is terminated.
We have to measure and choose our leaders for their wisdom and their justice and their humility and the love they have and show. We have to choose from those we know to have these qualities and grant power to them, ignoring the false control system and its hierarchies and its rank and its imagined authority derived from bent and controlled law.

We have to organise.
We have to count our number.
We have to collectively act.
We need to find the critical mass of human beings still awake enough to drive this change.

Years ago we knew when these bastards were upon us.
They came in ships, carrying their sigils and signs, they invaded and raped and stole and subjugated. They forced us to build their fortresses and from these strongholds rode out and enjoyed the fruits of their violence and the outcome of their vileness whilst taxing us for the privilege.
We knew them then for what they were.
Now they disguise themselves and their activities because we have grown in such numbers that they understand that they need to enslave us by stealth and by trickery or their rule over us, millennia in the making, will end.

How we deal with the miscarriage of justice as evidenced by the failure to properly investigate the Hampstead satanic child murder allegations and the many, many other similar cases is fundamental to the survival of our species and our liberation from the yoke of consciousness slavery.
WE must NOT let it lie.

They rape and murder our children still.
What shall we do about it?
Olive xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

If you want love you have to think-breath and live in love. One cannot reach the level of love while living in the opposite.

Eric Dubay said...

Great article Olive Farmer! Here's another along the same lines:

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