Saturday, March 21, 2015


Of course the only history that is real is that history you personally can attest to. All other history must be treated with circumspection, for the story it relates may not be true.
Of course, the only culture you can speak of with any fluency is the culture you were raised in and learned note by note from the lullabies of your mother, tasted from your plate, shared the mutual imbibing of with your peers. That culture will be riddled with inconsistency, pock-marked by the acne of nationalism, twisted and turned by the competing energies of religion and politics and class and social nuance.
The you that is emerges from this bathing stripped of its original good will, clothed now in the suit of conformity. You had no control over the events that shaped you, no choice in the operating systems that moulded your sense of identity. What you have become is the work of another. You were born malleable as clay, bore the buffets and squeezes that are the process of growing and, as you have aged so you have hardened in the heat of many moments and become fixed in a reality that may be false.
Born under a different star the you that you are would be a different you, and that you would call the you that you are now a fool for believing what you believe.

These things are true of all of us.
If we met ourselves, there would be much we disliked.

It is this entanglement with history and culture that is ordering reality and driving our species to the very edge of extinction. This process has begun and progresses at a most satisfactory rate as far as the planet is concerned, for in our current state of consciousness we must be irritating the hell out of our earth and one could imagine it dreams of being rid of us just as we might dream of being rid of acne or athlete's foot or a toothache.

This entanglement with the past and the beliefs the past moulds into our psyches perpetuates an outmoded and destructive behaviour set and yet this same entanglement is the very life-blood of the power systems that govern this reality. Those power systems are all of them built on lies, but they are lies that have been baked hard into our psyches and are now the reason we seem incapable of change, incapable of avoiding the descent into the abyss of mutual annihilation, because we believe in them and pass them amongst ourselves as if they are true.

Some time in our past our human consciousness was hijacked. Terrorists assumed control of the minds of we peace loving apes and made us slaves to lies, lies reinforced with fear, lies we have been forced to believe in and now think of as true, as reality.

Lies such as the idea that one person is worth more than another, such lies building pyramidal hierarchies of power that mean we all get to order each other to do things, that mean we all get to be ordered to do things, that mean that there can only be one person at the very pinnacle of this pyramid and that person is king, that mean not one of us except the king of the world is free. All of the systems and laws we have subscribe to this principle, because such systems and laws would not exist without the approval of the ruling force. They have been millennia in the crafting and enchain humanity, have entered our global consciousness and manacle our minds to the oars of this vast slave galley.

Lies such as those spawned by the competing world religions, taking the human desire for connection with good and twisting it with dogma and hierarchy into a force for evil in the world. Lies such as the fictional money we are forced to scrabble and claw for, the conjured debt that enslaves all nations and drives all wars and revolutions.

Then the biggest lie of all, the lie being seeded into our consciousness daily and relentlessly, the lie that we are no good, the lie that we are destructive, the lie that we are too many, the lie that we deserve to die, the lie that we are worthless.

Above all of these lies, bedded in the rational understanding of reality as they are, there is further tier of deceptions, deceptions that blanket humanity's minds, that cloak the truth about the nature of the experience we are passing through and think of as life. These deceptions stand between humanity and our survival and ascension, our great step into a different future. They keep from us the understanding of the true nature of reality and the true nature of consciousness and so keep from us the bounty and beauty of a world shaped by a global human consciousness of love.

This future is our destiny, should we be able to shake off the history, the lies, the beliefs and naked of the past start again reborn into a world of love.

It is, dear friends, this or nothing.
The time was yesterday, and so we are behind schedule.

With Love,
Olive Farmer.

We tried to see the eclipse today, but there were too many clouds.

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