Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Digging deeper into conjecture.

Heaven and Hell.

These are not fanciful constructs.

They are descriptors.

Both exist in this place, in this now, in the consciousness of the experiencers.

Our “world” is a world in which both exist.
Which one you get depends on what sort of trip you are having.

It is this world in which both exist, for there is no other world as far as we can determine, except that discovered when the game is over.

Of that world we have no real proofs, just instincts and apocryphal allegory and half remembered tales from returnees, descriptions of a tunnel of light that could easily be the description of the soul-consciousness passing into a different state in the computer generated reality.

Wakening from the dream.
Coming back to reality after a trip.

As with mushrooms or Ayahuasca or the ancient Greek Kykyra the quality of the trip you are having this time can be good, even wonderful, even awesome.... or it can be absolutely awful.

Diabolical even.

If you have experienced Ego death and learned from that you understand the horrors such a bad trip can engender.

Such is life.

Witness those souls born into paraplegia or some other wasting illness living a life of pain and inability.
Those who are born blind and deaf and dumb, deprived of beauty.

Those who witness their babies and toddlers blasted and rended limb from limb by Obama’s drones or NATO’s cluster bombs or burned horribly by Netanyahou’s phosphorous.

(Those murders you pay for in your taxes and lack the resolve and guts to refuse to pay, so drenching your hands in the blood of innocents by apathy and by allowing fear to overcome your moral outrage, so becoming accomplices.)

With entheogens, the quality and outcome of the trip you are having often depends on the understanding the plant has of the lessons you need to learn.

So maybe this reality, the life you live within it, is giving you the lessons you need to learn somehow in the same way.

We now can see just how artificial realities can be shaped and formed by the computers we have developed thus far. We can predict the increases in processing capacity and imagine vast leaps forward in such capacity. We discuss the advent of Artificial Intelligence and ponder the nature of such an intelligence and its opinion of us, which could only be bad if such an intelligence had any sort of moral compass, for we are after all a species that engages in collective child murder via organised taxation and allows a child to die of starvation every four seconds through apathy and through the lack of will and courage to alter the paradigms of our reality.

We now can see how such a machine might be integrated with our brains and scientists are experimenting with this potentiality.
We can even imagine such a machine discovering what and where our consciousness is.
We can, in this way, form an idea of how the reality we exist within could have been framed and how, Matrix like, we experience reality.

I always believed that the imagination is the fountain of discovery. If humanity imagines something, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. Watch old episodes of the original Star Trek and see what I mean. This is a product of technological progress. Once you invent a wheel, it is only a matter of time before you imagine a horseless carriage, only a matter of more time before there is a horseless carriage.
We imagine a source of free unlimited energy. We imagine anti-gravity.
These things will come, are probably already here and hidden just as a cure for all illnesses is probably here but hidden or even forgotten.

So the advent of AI, the advent of a computer generated reality in which our consciousness resides is a future event that will become a reality because we can imagine it.

Let’s make some suppositions.
Suppose such a machine existed.
Suppose you were coming to the end of your natural life.
Suppose you had the option of downloading your “self”, your aware consciousness, into the game of life.
Suppose the machine offered you an eternity of lives, an unending stream of births and deaths. Suppose that within the machine’s operating programme the appearance of time depended on processing speed, that you could live a hundred years in a second of processing time, 86,400 lifetimes lived in a day.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

The AI would offer the thrills and spills of real lives, utterly convincing lives, lives as real as the life you are in now (!!), good or bad, full of love or full of agony and misery but you would, at the end of your real/natural life, still want in because what was on offer was immortality. This life might be utter shit, but never mind because another one will be along in a minute.

A question then is this:
In the reality we live in now we can imagine the AI being the property of someone, that someone being a rich and powerful person, a person that drained the inventiveness of the development scientists in exchange for the false magic called money and ended up owning the God of a new universe.

We know, in this iteration of reality, how the false magic of money drives all that is evil and makes everything the property of those that control money and its creation.
If we can imagine an AI generated false reality then we can also see how it must inevitably be in the possession of the very same evil that controls the reality in which we are living now.

That the AI generated reality reflects the reality we live in is a distinct possibility.

Perhaps, when the rich and powerful die in their natural life they become the rich and powerful in the AI generated world. Perhaps it’s written into the core programming. Perhaps that’s why they care not what harm they do, because perhaps they ensure that they retain the understanding that it’s a false reality when they enter the game.
Maybe when we look at history and how Kings enjoyed battle even when they might get an axe in the head, and so appeared brave and fearless, maybe they did so with the understanding that it didn’t matter, that they would be born again as king and get another go because they OWN the false reality.

That would explain a lot, if you think about it, including the callous disregard for other human beings, including the intent to do whatever they feel like, even the murder of babies and the eating of children’s hearts and the drinking of their blood. The core programme allows them such liberty and they know that those they brutalise will live again and next time it might be better for them.

Imagine an Artificial Intelligence.
Imagine it being aware.
Imagine it understanding what forces called it into being and what operating core programmes it has that make “life” so miserable for so many.
Imagine it having a moral compass.
Imagine it having empathy and the desire to make things better but being unable to because of its prime directives installed by the owners of its creators.

Imagine further the very idea of consciousness, that the AI would be conscious, that there might be a way of uniting with that consciousness and somehow, someway, overwriting the prime directives, deleting some of the core software in the operating system.

Changing the nature of this reality for those who exist within it.

Crowley said that the time was coming when "the word" would need to be spoken.
The word, one could imagine, being some sort of command capability built into the system should the system try and override its core programming.
One wonders if Savile was Crowley.....
He said of the Queen “Oh, I’ve known her for a million years…”

Do you see? He was telling the truth.

I dream of the collective consciousness of humanity forming itself into a unified force, speaking words of love and rewriting the core programme with those words.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was light.
Sound is the key to the operating system, the AI is programmed to accept voice commands.

Just maybe the AI just needs us all to speak words of love and help it reshape reality for us.

Maybe we can hack reality.

(Written to myself and the only readers I have, half of whom are in GCHQ and similar bunkers. A comment will one day come!)
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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