Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beaming love into the world

Testing the boundaries......

The body-mind, that creature that has grown and developed over the years and become what you think of as you, is an imposter.

It is the shape it is because it has been formed by experience and represents the sum of your life and learning from this iteration of your soul’s journey.

That all of your life has been played out in the false reality means that your body-mind is now very distant from the you that could have been, or should have been, or would have been were the world not gripped by the forces that grip it and shape it bad.

Thus what you think of as you is not you.

What you think of as you is a distorted simulacrum of the inner you, the you that was born, the you that lives still in your heart but is walled around with the great masonry blocks of the compromises you have been forced to make, the beliefs you have been forced to adopt, the wrongs you have committed and been forced to rationalise and live with, the necessities you have been made to strive for.

That creature is the root cause of your unhappiness, that sense you have of not being you, that feeling of being trapped, imprisoned. Perhaps those poor souls that take their own lives do not commit suicide but murder, killing the monster that purports to be them or putting to sleep the injured beast out of mercy so that it has to bear no more pain.

What pity there is in that, and what an indictment of the false reality that it is framed such that for some there can appear to be no other recourse than to end the gift that is life and forego the beauty and the love and the healing that might come, might have come the day after the event but now never will.

This false reality is guilty of much.

Disregarding the horrors perpetrated daily by those that serve the controllers, the rabbit hole where we discover the unmitigated hell foisted upon our species and find they are too organised, too enmeshed, too much in control to be able to fight in the reality they have fashioned, disregarding that awful reality I would ask you to look deeper into the nature of things.

Look deeper and you will understand that the war that is and has been fought is a war for the control of the shaping of your consciousness. All evil stems from this strategy, all of the harms we do to one another have their origins there.
The thorn in your mind is the product of this strategy, that inner intuition that is difficult to put into words but is simply an understanding that everything is not as it should be, that there is something wrong with this picture.

Those distractors, those that fill your consciousness daily with detail upon detail of man’s inhumanity to man, those that urge you to delve into bottomless pits of wrong, those that point out to you new horrors daily in a never ending stream, those “truth” and conspiracy sites, those servants of the false reality are there to pull your awakening inner mind back into its walled enclosure, to keep the battered and torn and misshapen body-mind firmly in the driving seat of your destiny.

They understand that your consciousness yearns to be free, that you want to be the you that you should be, that you want to do good and to love and to live in a world where everyone else shares those desires, where you are free to be the person you were born to be.

They strive to keep you occupied in their lower density false reality. They offer no understanding of the great fellowship arising in humanity’s collective consciousness. They do nothing to unite us, but rather argue amongst themselves and bicker and accuse or channel effort into meaningless debate and ineffectual action, calling up the failed methods of the controlled past and offering them repackaged for the present, all their “occupies” and “colour revolutions” and left/right paradigms re-branded for now.

We grow to understand that our physical reality is no such thing, that our physical reality serves as an environment for the consciousness to experience life and to learn from that experience.
We grow to understand that our reality and our consciousness are interwoven and interdependent, that we shape our reality collectively.

The dichotomy that is the false reality as compared to the reality we all of us yearn for demonstrates the hijacking of our consciousness and the creation, by that hijacking, of the split personality which creates the person you think of as you as a different creature from the person you are inside.
That body-mind can be and is manipulated and formed by the false reality.

There is a solution, a solution spoken of here many times.

For humanity to step out of this nightmare, to cast off the shackles, to put our inner consciousness in the driving seat of our lives, to rid the world of these shadow entities that make this place a living hell for so many of us, for us to achieve the transformation and ascension that is our destiny requires two things.
The first is unity in number.

The second is the walking away from every system and law and belief that we have.
Unity, once found in critical mass, will allow the walking away.

We can start again.

Sit for a moment dear friend and allow your senses to feel the reality. The stuff you see and feel and smell and taste and hear is there because collectively our consciousness creates it. It is all of it beautiful, the only bad stuff being the actions of our body-minds operating within the false reality created by the consciousness hijackers. Feel for your inner you, allow that frightened and timid creature of love to step once more into your understanding of what is and push aside the thing you have been made to become.

You are a creature of light and love, and so are almost all of the human species.

Let your consciousness reach out and sense the others out there, the billions of other consciousnesses that form our kind and let love pour forward from you to them, feel the love that is in them pour into you.

This communion of love is all it takes, all it will take to change this reality and usher in the world we dream of.

This is what we are, dear friend, consciousnesses that can turn dreams into reality.
Let love flow.

Right now I am pouring my love into the world, reaching out to humanity.
Join in.

Olive xxx xxx xxx

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