Monday, March 9, 2015

Cornered Rats

Beware: Cornered Rats.

The human species exists in the false reality where it undergoes the tests and temptations that are the purpose of the exercise.

There is no knowledge of passing or failing the test, for such knowledge lies beyond the barrier we call death.

There is no understanding of the rules of the game other than those we can conjecture from our connection with the spirit of love and that which flows from love. So selflessness, sharing, justice, caring, humility, honesty and so on lie at the heart of our consciousness, not only do no harm but also do that which is good.

The reality is framed such that such characteristics, such ways of being carry nothing in the way of tangible reward.

In this way is the reality the anti-thesis of that which it should be, bestowing freedoms and luxuries on those that are the utter opposite of what they should be, gifting them power and apparent authority over others and a hand in the shaping of misery.

From this we understand the nature of the spirit which rules this reality.

We see that those that murder children, that spread destruction, that relish slavery, that feed their perverted sexual appetites on our innocent children, that sink into the very hell facilitated and greased for their progress, that those that have abandoned their humanity in pursuance of their selfish desire for power, for the exercise of their will, for the satisfaction of their horrid natures, that these beasts rise above us and become the bastards that are destroying this world’s good things and raging perpetual war against the spirit of love.

In every iteration of this reality entire generations are subject to the temptations of the vile mind which orders it, or asked to throw away that which they think of as their life or any hope for security or comfort in fighting or merely refusing to take part in that which is evil.

It is a piece by piece exercise, beginning from the moment we enter the game.

Slowly, brick by brick, the harsh realities press us into the service of the artificial reality.
We all of us become sinners.
Few grow into adulthood untainted by the world.

Step by step and in the interests of survival or money or social acceptability we each of us abandon that which we know to be absolutely right and fit in.

We become a part of the whole, sacrifice our souls on the altar of exigence and become an integral cog in the great machine that rolls on, century after century, eating up souls and poisoning hearts.

The question has always been “How can we live true to the spirit of love in a world such as this?” The test is to live that way, to sacrifice security, comfort, selfishness, even your existence in pursuit of that which carries no reward here. To set yourself apart from the great machine and, if possible, work with love to cause its demise, to bring it to a creaking and grinding halt and so set humanity free.

Those that determine your life and mine understand that we who are existing in this reality are prisoners.

As we struggle towards an understanding of the very nature of the construct we are discovering that reality is not all it seems to be, that atoms have no substance, that parts of atoms are sometimes there and sometimes not, that these energy forms react differently when we observe them to when we don’t, that our consciousness has something to do with our perceived reality and yet the seat of our consciousness seems not to exist within our biological entities. Now science steps towards confirming that the reality is false, that which is science steps closer to that which is philosophy, that which is philosophy examines the very roots of the question.

So it is that everything converges to the singular point and its complete simplicity.
The knowledge of good and evil, and the understanding of what to do with that knowledge.

As we progress towards this singular point those whose duty it is to draw us to the attractive dark light are accelerating their efforts. The competition is for our souls and the dark side is winning. They act like cornered rats, saving their very worst excesses for this moment in the game. They will have us all perverted by the desire to satisfy self, for the desire to stay personally safe regardless of the suffering of others, for the desire for revenge against created enemies and the consequent murder of children that spins out from that, saturating every hand with the blood of innocents.

We see how they have manufactured their web of evil, how their acolytes rape and murder our children while they strut the world spreading mayhem, and now we see them and know what they are their time is short unless they can in some way avert this rising tide of understanding.

This is where we stand. The majority of humanity is lost in the lies of the reality shapers and feels powerless. The great machine grinds on, spreading hatred and war, inciting violence, dripping evil day by day into the hearts and minds of humanity.

It understands that to win humanity must, in vast numbers, abandon everything that we believe in and everything that forms the bones and sinews of this false reality and search inside for the spirit of love that we are each of us born with and, on finding our true selves, reach out and touch those around us.

Love going viral at the end of the world.

That’s the prize, that’s the only way the species can go, the alternative is close and unthinkable.

The meek must inherit the earth, or it’s game over.

With love in our hearts,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

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