Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're all Sheeple now.

We're all Sheeple now.
It's just that there are new shepherds.
Is that, then, our perpetual destiny?
To need to be led?
Have we been brought to fear one another so much that we bend our knees to monsters rather than trust one another?
To seek out and pray for a kindly master whilst forever accepting an evil one, but better that than trust each other.
And never pause to ask: Who taught us to be this way?
And when we see light ahead, rush towards it without asking who is holding the torch?
When our history teaches us that the light bringer, the saviour, is always just another parasite, feeding on our misery.
With the odd, always murdered, exception.
This taught yearning for leadership divides us rather than uniting us. It splits us into camps.
So the new world we build should do without leadership, and replace it with trust.
And love.
In the coming months, beware anyone that offers the light of leadership.
This is not how things will be. It is the old way.
The last lesson of history through which we are living now will teach us that. Finally.

We're all Sheeple now.
You count yourself a maverick, a truth seeker. You stand out from the herd.
But you still cling to rocks in the great stream of life.
You defend these bastions, seek refuge and comfort in the certainty they offer, know that you are right to do so because you, at least, see the truth.
Some of these rocks are ancient, some are new, all of them require faith or belief in one form or another. Most are unprovable. The best lies are those which can neither be proved nor disproved but rely on you to sustain them. Often at the cost of your life or someone else's.
So the new world we should build should be without faith, without belief in the unprovable, but reliant upon the truth and mutual trust.
In the coming months, question everything. Even the rock to which you cling should be examined.
And if, as seems likely, you are offered new certainties, new opportunities to believe, resist them.
This is not how things will be. It is the old way.

We are all Sheeple now.
The mainspring of the machinery of domination is fear.
Fear is a symptom of the disease that grips your mind called “self” or “I” or “ego”, the thing that pretends to be you, the observer, and is just a fraction of you, the being, the soul.
Fear is the wellspring of callousness, of insecurity, of bullying, of greed. Fear gives birth to the “self”, and allows the self to be manipulated.
We fear pain. We fear loss of security. We fear the loss of a loved one. We fear death until we look it in the eye and see it as the fraud it is.
So the new world we build should be a world free of fear, for how can we live in trust and love if there is still fear?
And if we, as a species, decide to do away with fear, what is there to prevent us?
Whose planet is this, after all?
In the coming months, fear nothing. Not pain nor loss nor insecurity nor death itself but begin to open your hearts to the love that will be our future. Without fear, our spirit is indomitable and we cannot lose our future. To begin, examine that programmed fraud you think of as yourself.
Fear should not exist. It is the old way.

We are all Sheeple now.
We seek the truth and find a thousand, a million truths, a daily plateful of new and disturbing facts each in and of itself sufficient to cause the demise of the system of evil..... if only we could act together, all 6.6 billion of us.
Some are true, some are lies and we discuss and argue and defend what be believe and attack what we don't. We think each other wise people or fools. We ride our particular hobby-horses, flog them though dead.
Allow ourselves to be divided again.
The internet has given us this freedom to be manipulated whilst we think ourselves liberated.
Let those that have eyes to see, see.
Nowhere will you find focus. Nowhere cohesion. Nowhere is there a single issue platform where all can stand united.
The single issue is a world of love. It is that simple.
Nothing else matters.
It just requires critical mass.
In the coming months more true lies will be discovered. Some of Biblical proportions. And the divisions will become more palpable. Believe none of them except the idea of a unified humanity stepping into a future of its own making full of love.
Individuality is humanity's most beautiful flower. It blossoms on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the understanding of the single, unified consciousness that comes from love.
A divided humanity is a weak humanity that serves as prey for the predators.

It is the old way.

And if we can learn these lessons, the day will come when we can say:
We Are all People now.

Love to all,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Today we pruned some old and diseased olive trees, cutting back to the healthy wood. The new sprouts will come in just a few weeks and in a year or so the trees will be rejuvenated, their canker forgotten. Our labour brought us fuel for the stove which is our only source of heat. In our future we should not forget the beauty and peace that can be found in working hand in hand with nature, in producing for ourselves what we eat and share and use in our communities. Our technology should be there to give us the freedom to do just that, to take away the harshness and discomfort and need and leave us free to build on our love affair with our mother earth and our beautiful species.
We should never be slaves to technology, but ever the masters of the fruits of our ingenuity.
Which is, of course, denied to us at the moment. This will change.
May you sit one day under the olive tree, catching the rays of light that filter through its leaves.

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