Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something wicked this way comes...

Do you remember, friend, the childhood sport where two kids are tied together at the ankles and run a “three-legged-race”? One false step, and over they went. Life's like that. But it's not two kids tied at the ankles, it's the entire human race. One false step and we're over. We're stumbling along right now, some of us managing to stay upright but many of us already pitching headlong towards the ground, towards the end of the race. Already, wherever you are in the world, your feet are damp from the Tsunami, your pockets emptied by the leeches, your hands wet with the blood of innocents, your future stolen by the thieves, your security lost to uncertainty, your body poisoned, your mind controlled, the agenda of the debate you have with yourself misshaped and misbegotten by the lies you feed upon. You aren't you. You're a fiction. As you trudge the last few yards to work tomorrow, ask yourself why? Unless you feed or house or clothe or bring joy to or bring warmth to or care for others what is it that you do that's so important, so vital that you give your life to it? And for what? Another instalment on the fictional debt, created our of thin air at the tap of a key? To pay for food, which humanity grows to feed itself? To pay for government, as if a prisoner pays for his gaolers? Why do you trudge to work? Because you fear to miss a step. It has been engineered that way. It has been engineered so that the only way you would dare to cease complying with the rulers of the planet is if everyone else agreed to cease complying at the same time. If we all agreed to stand together and reshape reality to something more natural, something kinder, something fitter for our children to grow into and inherit. Of course, if that happened, you'd be a fool not to, wouldn't you? But of course it's you that stops it happening. You and 6.9 billion other yous. Our reality is shaped such that most cannot see the simplicity of the task. Most cannot see the enormous vitality and strength that comes from an easy unity, a concentration of will on the important stuff: happiness, freedom from fear, health, security, fun, companionship. Cannot see the enormous power humanity has to just say “No”. This "something wicked that this way comes", it's here already. This deadly parasite, worming its way into your consciousness, spewing its vomit, this vile and cancerous snake that eats into your soul and causes you to worry about yourself, not ourselves. Listen. The beauty of concern for others, of love for others, is this: You can give only one measure, that which is yours to give of yourself. You get back 6.9 billion measures. Start giving. That's how it will work. This tool that's misused against us, that seeks to prevent our unity, that seeks to turn us to violence and fear, this internet can carry a virus of love as quickly as a virus of hatred. Catch it, spread it. Maybe it's the only weapon we have? Love to you, Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx Please feel free to comment, spread, repost, donate, click to follow, whatever. Are you one of the people that has visited over 1,200 times? (Seattle etc) Do you just like what I write, or are you working for the other side? If the first, lovely, welcome again, hugs. If the second remember your first loyalty should be to the species we call humanity. Nothing else will do, for you are part of we, and We Are part of you. Love to you, Olive xxx.

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