Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reading the Signs

Step by orchestrated step we are being led by the anonymous and clandestine forces of evil into the self-destruction they need for their grand plan. The chaos currently unfolding is built upon the shaky foundations of societies made bereft of their traditional cohesion.

After decades of insidious proselytising by academia, interest groups and the MSM we have come to accept as normal the idea of living far away from our families, of killing our unwanted children, of pornography, of a thousand other ideas our grandparents would have found abhorrent. In just about a generation the idea of a decent, cohesive, fear-free society has been trashed.

And we allowed them to sell us the idea it was for our own good, that it was right and just and fair, that it was PC, that it was the modern way. In that sense we are guilty.

Add to this the idea of the city, the deliberate plan to draw people away from rural life, from a direct link with the production of their own food, from a harmonic relationship with nature, from the ability to survive a crisis or even just say no to government, big business or the technology we have become dependent on by feeding and sustaining oneself.

And after the gradual theft through taxation and through the artificial home value farrago that causes us all to pay more than our forebears for a roof over our heads we have allowed them to steal our wealth, steal the benefits of a mechanised and computerised production system that should have given us ease and plenty.

All this debt financed progress we have seen is a myth. It has caused the destruction of the middle classes. In just a generation we have seen families with one parent working being able to clothe, house, feed and find money for leisure time and save 11% of their income for a rainy day transformed into a middle class that takes two parents working, ever one step ahead or behind the next bill.
Literally worried sick.

Just as in the more readily understood form of warfare where the chief objectives are to destroy the communications, the reserves, the supply lines and the morale of the enemy so has this war against humanity progressed.

For communication read the family, the neighbourhood, the union, a free press, friendship.
For reserves read savings, a space to grow food, the support of family and friends.
For supply lines read dependence upon the steady flow of money, read giant corporations providing things we cannot do without, read oil, read debt.
For morale, just look about you.

There are simply no remaining unifying factors binding one person to another from which can be crystallised a new way forward except for a dawning and agent provocateur ignited hatred of an elite that few can identify, many do not see beyond the fall-guys set up to take the anger when it comes.

But one unifying factor remains......
Faux religion.

Out of the vacuum that they have created, out of the chaos that has been ordained for us preparatory to the New World Order, the old fabricated superstitions called religion will become the unifying force in the camps ranged against one-another.
Ask any Muslim right now.
Ask any fundamental Christian waiting for the Rapture.

So religious differences will be cited as the cause of the coming Arab/Israeli war.
So it will be the hope of a God, the praying for a God, the desperate pleas for divine intervention that the impending and massive chaos and misery will foment even amongst the non-believers.

We, all of us that can see, can see the precipice we are poised upon the edge of right now.
Humanity, as ever, responds to the twitch of the whip and the bark of the dog and is allowing itself to be herded into another mass conflagration. More than this, disaster upon disaster are unfolding and will unfold such that, reeling from the unending catastrophes, we will supposedly all go down on our knees and pray for salvation.

Our elite masters will provide this salvation in the form of a new, unifying and irresistable “Christ”.

More than this, truth seekers beware, these new zealots will need no prompting to hunt down non-believers, to round up and slaughter those that do not bear the mark.
A quick look at history with its unbelievable wickedness and an eyes open look at how we are behaving today tells us we are yet capable of torture, genocide, mass injustice, baby slaughter, that on the flimsiest of lies we are willing and even eager to put the boot in, to create our own living hells.

I need not list the nations of the world where the edifice of civilisation has crumbled, nor add to those the list of those nations that are teetering on the edge, nor add to those the nations where life has become a crushing and near unbearable chore with shoulders bent to the wheel of debt slavery.
All together, no place is untainted. Nor will what we think of as normal life be sustainable in any place within the coming months.

Humanity, humanity, how have you allowed yourselves to have been brought so low?
Why is it that you can so easily be drawn away from what you know is a right way of living?
How is it than a species that can reach to an amazing and beautiful future with its genius and its innate goodness of heart can be so readily turned to evil?
Have we forgotten how to share?
Have we forgotten how to help one-another?
Have we forgotten how to forgive, to reconcile, to order ourselves in peace?
Have we forgotten how to be just and fair?
Have we forgotten how to love?

The coming “Christ” will offer these things.
He'll offer “help” to solve all of our problems.
And if we accept, as many will, we will fall into the trap that will cost us hope, cost us liberty, almost certainly cost us our humanity, will cost us our souls.

How can we prevent this slide into the abyss?
Only with unity.
Only with critical mass.
Only with love.
Only by spreading the word.

Maybe, at this late juncture, only with help.

At this moment I see little sign of humanity stepping into the light of a better future absent some revolution of the spirit, some massive and unbelievable surge of love, something wonderful that stays the hand raised in revenge and turns it into arms open wide to hug. In my way, I pray to my god....
See, it's started already!

All of humanity's problems can be reduced to very simple formulae. We need to eat. We need to have a roof that is suitable our our needs. We need to clothe ourselves. We need warmth in winter and shade in summer. We need a clean planet. We need the comfort and joy of family, the fellowship and fun of friendship, the security of belonging, the absence of fear. There is enough and more in this world for all of these things and our currently known, currently hidden and future science will sustain many more of us and for longer than we can dream of right now.
We need to trust one-another.
We need to love one-another.

These ideas aren't impossible. This is no pipe-dream. Humanity has lived this way before.
We just need to remember how.
The instruments of great unity are in our hands, gifted to us by the Luciferian elite, stolen by them from our genius, currently used by them to sow discord, to disseminate hatred, to be a platform for their new age religion, to fill our heads with a million nonsenses, to divide that which they fear into six billion fragments of individual beliefs each defended, each unmovable, each deadly in its strength, most when the time comes willing to kill.
It's happened before. It's happening now.

A united humanity is the only thing they fear.
Destroying that unity has been and is their battle strategy.
It is, truly, time to Start Again.
By holding hands.
No discussions, no “isms”, no detail, no platform, no policies, no leaders.
Just hold hands and do what is right.
Surely 6.9 billion of us can achieve that one simple thing?
It's called love.

Love to you,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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indrasmama said...

Thanks for your posts. I believe in ourselves, we will pull-through. Our divine blueprint will guide us to unconditional love for one another. Please, let's have faith in ourselves. Namaste