Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grand Deception

What is nationhood? Born from the land grabbing war machines of the ancient bloodlines, ideas of nation were born to give reason for war, reason for enmity, reason for walls and borders and ideas of difference and separation. Truth is, we've been taught to like it. The idea is an outgrowth of the natural human instinct to form communities and to defend those communities against outside threats. Those outside threats have ever come from the same source. The leadership of other communities. Go far enough back and look deep enough and you'll see the birth of these threats, see the manipulation.
On the other hand, find isolated communities still (where they haven't yet been wiped out) and you'll see a different model. A model of co-operation, of mutual assistance. Where I live, there are still people who lived, just 60 years ago, a subsistence life, growing their own food, cashless, untouched by the hands of civilisation. A foreigner was welcomed for the interest and difference and colour they brought, as the Pilgrim Fathers were welcomed by the aboriginal tribes. They were fed, offered a roof, gave cause for parties. Some came carrying the sickness of war. Nazis, following the creed of Blavatsky drawn from Hitler's learning at the Thule society brought the evil into the heart of these communities. Yet you hear stories. Stories of villagers feeding and assisting the Italian fascists when the Italians gave up on the idea of world domination and the Nazis came hunting for them. Villagers risking the most awful retribution to assist soldiers who had been occupiers just weeks before.
Ideas of nation are false. Ideas of community on the other hand are born of shared heritage, of shared understanding, of family ties, of history and tradition, of dialect, of commonality of outlook. This should be the model for the future, a world of a myriad of communities, a scintillating effervescence of difference, a world without lines drawn arbitrarily on a map that divide us, a world where like minded people can congregate where they will and live how they wish and build their homes in the understanding that, though amazingly and brilliantly different, we are all one.
Brothers and Sisters in the same family of humanity.
The idea of global unity is presented by the fifth columnist new-agers and “truthers” as something to be despised. True, the global government they discern as the ultimate goal of the Luciferian world manipulators is awful in its conception. Layer upon layer of regulation, strata upon strata of crushingly inhuman enforcement. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Global one-ness just makes sense.
Consider this for a moment: The Russian Revolution, sponsored by the Schiff banking family, turned the ideas of sharing and community inter-reliance, of communal ownership of production into the monster that we now see communism as. The germ of the ideas were genetically modified to produce the mutant slaughterhouse of Stalinism. Ditto in China. A neatly sponsored discrediting of some nice ideas.
Paint a picture of global government that's repellent and you can manipulate humanity into hating what inevitably lies in their future, fighting what is as certain as the sun rising rather than working collectively to shape that reality into something of beauty.
The human body is a collection of trillions of cells, each a living entity in its own right, each unique, and yet each forming a part of the whole that is so amazing. True there is a brain, but neuroscience at the quantum level tells us that this is not the controlling government of the body in the way we previously thought. The body we imagine is a community of entities, working as one being, leaderless. Just try to order a red blood cell what to do, or to make your hair change colour or your nails grow faster or your bowels to behave as you tell them and see how far you get. It works, this community, because it is. And we are.
Take an idle moment and ponder a single example of the mind manipulation that forms part of the current false reality......
Blavatsky and Pike and Bailey and Crowley Manly Hall and all the rest of them gave birth to the idea of a new ascendant consciousness for humanity. This new-age vision has been picked up and carried by the vast army of hopers, people disenchanted with organised religion but seeking something more, seeking God. The internet has spawned an incredible array of strange new philosophies, odd beliefs, together forming a spiders web of deception awaiting the unwary and the gullible. Masters of Wisdom, channelled voices from superior aliens, you name it. Some lead the cavalcade, unwittingly others repeat the stuff. I used to be a Christian myself. Taught Sunday School, was confirmed in my faith in late life. As I got deeper I discovered the historical facts about how the Bible was manufactured, how religion was manipulated, how the Gospels were edited, what was left out. I learned of the Gnostic texts, learned of the deliberate shaping of the faith I had acquired and wondered why God would allow such a thing, why God would let his word be shaped into a weapon of mass destruction, began to doubt.
The problem, I guess, was that I had been looking outside when all the time it's been here with me. I think they left the bit in where Jesus told us that.
So here's the convoluted deception:
These Luciferians have spawned a new religion, given it a history, given it a form and a shape and a philosophy, given it mysticism, given it a unifying concept that can serve all believers, drawn from eastern and Judaic and other traditions to create this monstrous amalgum of babble worthy of the name Babylonian. The next step they'll take is to prove it's “true” once they have softened us up enough with the plan you witness unfolding in your life-time and on your watch. They'll prove it's true with miracles and signs..Soon.
When we have reached the nadir of misery they are gifting us right now.
And yet...
Remembering how they sullied the ideas of working together and sharing and created the monster Stalin and the demon Mao, remembering how many millions in Russia and China fell for the lies, became upholders of the regimes, slaughtered their fellows, destroyed their commonality, remembering this lesson we can see how they take a truth that is dangerous to them and lead those that hope for a better world into a catastrophe of fear and death and hatred....
Which leads me to conclude that what I have come to sense is true, that what a great surge of humanity is coming to sense is true is indeed true. Our Luciferian masters foresaw this dawning understanding and have grasped its leadership, shaped it to their own ends and will destroy it utterly in the minds of humanity.
If we let them.
That truth is this.
We can love one another.
We can care for one another.
We can trust one another.
We can multiply and yet do so in harmony with our earth.
We can be amazing.
We can live long and prosper.
We can live free of fear.
We can evolve.
No-one can stop us if We Are one.
These truths are in and of themselves a new consciousness. Not some miracle, just understanding. But imagine for a moment a hundred years of living that way. What we could do in that time. What wonders we could unfold. What wonders we have already that are hidden from us.

There's something else.
We cannot be alone in this multi-dimensional vastness that we conceive as creation.
In the dimension we think of as time there must be others that have advanced far further than we have. (This is not difficult, considering a species that kills and abuses its own kind as we do, that builds bombs and designs viruses specifically for the purpose of destroying itself, that lets its children starve....)
You would imagine they'd be keeping an eye on us, in case we spread......
And so it's important, when we open the doors that lead to the future, that we choose well.
Some lead to a very short corridor indeed.
This much logic dictates.
We have opened a good many doors to the future which, right now, we can see lead nowhere, no-time.
But when we come to the point where we understand we are not alone, beware again the convoluted deception, those that will steal the truth and make us hate it.

There is only one way forward, to Start Again in love.
It is this realisation they will try to steal, have planned to steal and utterly discredit.
That's the game they play.
They think we can't organise. They think they can manipulate us. They think We Are stupid.
So far, they're right. They think it's all over......
It's not.
We haven't even started.
In the meantime, be careful of deceivers, believe there is good out there, fear nothing, evolve.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

The six nations rarely go public but tried to bring this to the attention of the world in 1976. You can look around and see how much effect it had.

Grace said...

Thank you, Olive. Your words are personal to me. Half of my family are The Deceivers and have kept me away from the other half, whom I truly love. This is profound. Thank you again. Love.