Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beware the deceivers

If I may speak bluntly, and I mean no offence.
You're a fool if you believe, as I did when I started on this path, that the internet is the new bastion of freedom of information, of truth.

It has been designed so that you do.

Ask yourself if you might, perhaps, have fallen for yet another big lie?

In the information war, the one Hilary Clinton pretends to be afraid of losing, there are now many millions of voices.
So how could it be that you could have been led astray?


Imagine you were in at the birth of the internet, saw its potentiality from its early scientific data sharing and military use, were able from your vast resources to fund think tanks staffed by brilliant people to look into this new weapon (for that is what it is).

Were able thereby to envision the threats and opportunities it presented.

Measured those against your game plan.

Saw that it could be of use in forwarding your agenda.
Perhaps was vital to your plans.

So you put your considerable financial weight behind it.
Made the computer cheap to buy via companies you own.
Made them easy to access via companies you own.
Made the internet accessible via companies you own.
Bought up the clever new entrants and the operating systems.
Put your muscle behind new ideas like Twatter where dumb people could chat to other dumb people and stir up all sorts of shit like “popular” revolutions.
(Some of those people are real. As we witnessed in the Iran Twitter business, some are not).

Imagine you were one of the cabal of evil that orchestrates this false reality.....
You're sitting comfortably on your Main Stream Media Mind Control Machine when this new, potentially very devious information weapon makes its appearance.

What do you do?

Let it be?


You use it.

Thousands of leading sites.
Thousands spouting new ideas.
Thousands discovering the “truth”.

All following your agenda.

They even squabble with each other, pretend enmity and present differing views. Like, er for instance, er, the Republicans and Democrats (substitute the two parties of your particular nation).

But you'll get to the truth, won't you?

It goes as deep as the pockets of these plutocratic luciferians.

They managed to sell you “democracy”.
They managed to sell you imaginary fiat money.
They managed to sell you patriotism.
They managed to sell you religion........
and are selling you the next religion right now.
They've sold you debt and deference and class and war and sickness and death and fear and consumerism and pollution and any number of other lies.

For all time.

Many still believe that the main stream media tells the truth. Ho ho.
Many still believe that the truth can be found on the internet. Ditto.
But the latter is the more dangerous.
Because those seeking the answer look there.
So there the spider spins its web.

We dream of change. We dream of love. We dream of peace. We dream of living without fear. We dream of security. We dream of longevity. We dream of free will. We dream of good health and clean waters and bountiful and unsullied nature. We dream of raised consciousness, of growing a future built on the certainty of these things.

They know these dreams.
They have always stolen and misdirected them into avenues of evil because it is these dreams they fear.

As they, right now, are stealing everything they have previously set upon the table called reality and inventing their new paradigm of truth, ask yourself:


Why would they change systems that have worked for thousands of years?

And where are the new paradigms being seeded?

It is because they see our future and fear it.
Because they understand that the game has changed even if we don't, yet.

And they are rigging the game.
And the internet is the seed bed for their lies.

Well, of course they would and of course it is.

Believe nothing but love.
Beware the myriad deceivers that are giving you new beliefs, new religions, new promises of heaven, new promises of power. These things will come, for it is within the power of humanity to achieve these things.

Don't let them steal this future with their subtle wiles.

Love is the only reality we need.

As millions have discovered over the past few years, war, revolution and death aren't things that happen to other people.
Allow yourself to be incited to hatred and the result will be....?

In your back yard.

May you rest beneath the olive tree and feel the ray of sunlight gift you health and warmth and love and peace.

Love to you from Crete,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

A bit of kismet here me thinks. I have been reading and reading and searching and searching through the myriad of stuff out on the net and realizing that, beyond the msm fluff and entertainment fluff that most of what is out there is fear... Pole shifts, the coming or the anti-Christ, planet x, solar storms, global warming, over population, the illuminati, revolutions, terrorism, war on terror, domestic terror, jihad, and on and on. So I began wondering what's real and what's fantasy, what's at least sincere (even if delusional) and what is planted. Then I got to thinking almost exactly what you wrote... That these power elites could easily have manuvered and orchestrated the net to spew so much crap people wouldn't know what to believe. People would then pick up a thread that seemed to suit them, but, for the most part, the idea is fear, worry and anxiety... Keep the sheep in fear... Give them more than they can digest so that they are confused. What better combination - fear and confusion... The proverbial deer in the headlights is the result. Then, when you need to insight a riot or revolution, you guide that confusion and fear accordingly in the direction that benefits your overall plan.

I'm glad I found this today. I was thinking maybe I was a little crazy for such an idea. It's nice to know I'm not alone.