Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did you see my dive?

I'll never forget that day.
I'll never forget the instant certainty that the event was a charade, a big lie, a travesty.
I'll never forget Bush's expression, nor his gloating grin when he realised that it was working, this enormous fraud.
I knew then that it would become an excuse for more horror.
It has been.
This is in memoriam for everyone that passed on that day, and those that have been murdered since - with that day as an excuse, a justification for infanticide and genocide, for torture and rape.
It's another one for the Sheeple......

"Did you see my dive?"

"Did you see my dive?
Though I say so myself
It was a thing of beauty.
Behind me, certain finality,
In front
A few moments more.
Moments to savour breath.
It was, my friend, an easy choice.

Did you see my dive?
I like to think it was audacious
Full of bravado

You know
When things go really bad
How Time goes so slowly?
It was, for me, an eternity.
I had time for a quadruple somersault
In the Pike position!
Never seen before.

But the "board" was so very high.
I had time.

Time to consider my life's mistakes,
Suddenly clarified for me
By the circumstances.
Time to apologise,
Time to wish,
Even time to hope beyond hope.

Unfortunately, no camera caught my excellent dive.
No lens was turned my way
Which is a pity,
It was such a great dive.
I let out no scream,
I was too busy thinking.

I think I cried,
But not for myself.
I cried for the truth.

In the clarity that comes,
I assure you, my friend,
In such a great moment,
In the eternity of those few seconds,
What is revealed is the truth.

You discover what really matters.
You find what you really wanted all this time.
Right at the end you find
What really matters is love.
What really counts is the truth.

So if you can hear me now,
Even if you didn't see my beautiful dive,
Find the time to find love in your hearts,
For all of creation,
In everything you do.

And for me
And for all the others on that day,
Know it is your duty,
Know it is your obligation,
Not to simply believe
But to find the truth.

Insist on it.
Demand it.

Because of all the truths hidden in this world of lies,
This one truth can set mankind free.

And, because it's unlikely you saw it,
It was,
Dear friend,
A beautiful dive."


Morocco Bama said...

I assume this is an ode to the individuals who lept to their death on 911. If that assumption is correct, I'm afraid I can't share your sympathy. Many of the individuals working in those towers were the Little Eichmans, the enablers of Empire, that you have spoken of in earlier posts. Not that I wish death on anyone, but when it comes to sympathy, I reserve it for those who deserve it....i.e. the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Serbia, etc, etc. atc. All the nameless millions upon millions of overlooked victims of the Industrial Military Complex since World War II. Those workers who jumped to their death that day, and the others who didn't but instead fell with the towers, helped provide the fuel of Empire. They were the very heart of Empire....its Financial Machinery. Without their assistance, Empire cannot exist.

Let's have a poem about Eichman, and all those who follow in his ignominious footsteps.

I don't intend to excuse the Elites, but neither am I going to overlook the Enablers. Afterall, I myself was one (an Enabler) at one time, and still am, to a certain extent, so long as I pay taxes. Same holds true for all the rest of us. There are degrees of Enabling, and in order to survive in this nasty, brutish system, you are required to Enable, but it doesn't preclude us from Enabling to the least degree possible. It requires great personal sacrifice...painful sacrifice, but I'd rather suffer the pain of sacrifice for a noble cause than Enable the horrific pain and suffering inflicted by Empire.

Concomitantly, whilst minimizing our Enabling behaviors, we should be clamoring at all times, as you are doing here, that the system is diabolical, and we need a new system, one based on a renewed and mutually agreed upon set of universal, yet flexible, principles.

Von Curtis said...

Beautiful Olive - I'm very dissappointed that so many women in the last 20 years have forgotten that and still now don't wish to remember what is really important. Many of them have become worse then men playing the power and control money game.

I could never look at the film the lowlife ABC showed after 9/11 ' The Falling Man'

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Great Piece Olive-

I have published an Open Letter to Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, asking him to either properly investigate the 9/11 Attacks or charge me with libel for accusing Dick Cheney of murdering at least 175 innocent American citizens that fateful September morning. Please read the letter, and show your support by asking that the charges be filed against me if the government will not conduct an open investigation to find the true criminals responsible for murdering nearly 3,000 Americans that morning, and millions around the world since.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Morocco Bama said...


What's the point in that? Seriously, you can't be naive enough to believe Holder's staff will do anyhting more than throw your case in the ash can and maybe put you on a long list of people to watch, if you're not already. You're but a speck of dust to "them." Olive has laid it all out rather nicely....the parts about how the game is rigged, and always has been. Considering what Olive has written in that regard, most of which I agree with, you can't believe that such an act will have any meaningful impact beyond a piece of mind for yourself and a few others.

What Olive has described is a System.....a dibolical System, which must be fully understood to have any chance of rendering it irrelevant and obsolete. We cannot expect the System to provide its own sword to fall upon. The System will not provide a solution to this Crisis of Humanity, at least not willingly or wittingly, and its impact on this will only hasten the outcome. We must focus our efforts on dissolving this ruthless System. We've already begun by sharing our thoughts about how the System functions. We seem to agree in a general sense, but when we get specific, there are considerable differences. For example, Von's theories on the Jesuits. Surely we all must realize that it is much more complex than blaming the Jesuits. Right?

If we want people to open their eyes and "see the light" we need to focus our efforts on removing the blinders that have been placed before them....namely, the MSM and Mass Entertainment. The Bread and Circuses, if you will. The airwaves must be returned to the people, much like what Chavez has done in Venezuela. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting we throw our weight behind one man, i.e. a Chavez, in our struggle, but let's take and incorporate the tactics that work.

Remove corporate personhood and annihilate Mass Entertainment and the Maon Stream Media. That will go a long way in gathering momentum.

KathyM said...

Thanks for the great post Olive. I feel sorry for the people who were killed in the towers. If they had been part of the evil that did the act they wouldn't have been at work that day. They too were victims of the military industrial complex.

Morroco yes we are all enablers to a certain extent as we have all participated in this system of government and "civilization". I for one still accept federal reserve notes any time I get paid. I hate that because instead of 9/11being the piece of the puzzle that helped me start to wake up, it was a study of the federal reserve that did it.

After that it was a study of the elite and 9/11 and the Aaron Russo film called 'freedom to fascism'. All good pieces of puzzle to try to put the world together.

I rented a DVD called 'why we fight' (DUH, I didn't know I could have found it online and downloaded it!) But anyway that's where I learned the most about the military industrial complex.

Morocco I'm frustrated too. As I look at the crowd of zombies I feel sorry for them and at the same time I wonder how much of a zombie I still am. We have to keep trying to get through to people. And some can only stand one bit of belief system shattering information at a time. Maybe they can start to wake up from studying the Jesuits, or 9/11 or the banking cartel or the Military industrial complex....and then learn more from there.

Blandy's idea is a good one. He may never have his letter read by Holder...or he might! But someone else will read his post and it will wake them up. I say good work Blandy and good luck with it!

Have sympathy for enablers too. It's a very strange arrangement to be an enabler. My first knowledge of the term 'enabler' came from a class I took called 'adult children of alcoholics' I learned my part of enabling my father to be an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a complex disease and especially for the family and friends of the alcoholic. As complex as alcoholism is, it doesn't compare to the evil empire with it's tentacles wrapped around all aspects of our lives. Until enablers take a class...they are victims!

Please Morocco, you sound so intelligent but please don't forget that we all need each other's help, sympathy and love. Those people in the towers weren't little Eichmans. (you made me go look up who Eichman was.) <-- Thanks for that.. they may have been enablers like we all are but they didn't know it so they WERE victims!

Von Curtis said...

Yep Kathy we are enablers and victims until we realize and then do as much as we can to stop being a part of it.
The Israel factor has got a lot to do with it coming to a head right now as the jesuits/ catholics/ anglicans don't want to lose control of Jerusalem and allow the Palestinians to get their homes, property and farms back again.

Von Curtis said...

compassion or softness are not to be confused with weakness

The system likes dependent people and it wants to make more and more of us dependent and the way they do it is very subtle as many people do naturally want to help others.

Chavez is the other side of the same coin. All the leaders of the world are in on the game.

The elite do not like independent living and thinking people here and around the world and they will be after young men in western countries to control their thoughts and actions when the downturn happens. They will promote more and more socialism , dependence and subservience to some leader.

Anonymous said...

Morocco Bama said...

Yes, of course, there we have it, let's blame it all on some unseen, unknown, nefarious group, or groups, and label said group(s) the Elite, and excuse the rest. No love or sympathy for those dirty, inhuman Elites, you hear me now. Off with their heads....or better yet, to the Crematorium with them. The world will be a better place once we're rid of the likes of them, I can tell you that much. But wait my good man wimpers a voice from the gathering mob, how are we to tell who's one of these Elite? The gathering mob, or better yet, its quickly coalescing leadership, sharply retorts, don't you worry your pretty little head about who is, and who isn't an Elite....we'll determine that as we go along according to a aubjective and perpetually changing set of ludicrous criteria. For starters, the Elite is anyone who isn't an Enabler and/or Victim robustly announces one of the newly christened leaders of the mob. But my dear sir says a reluctant nameless voice from the now burgeoning mob, how can we tell an Enabler/Victim from and Elite merely by physical imspection? Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick, one of the recently annointed leaders of the rather prodigious mob repudiatingly replies, don't be such an ignoramous, a Victim/Enabler is someone who didn't die on that fateful day in September some years back, and, I can say most assuredly, a Victim/Enabler is not a Jesuit. Thank you, your emminence, comes the satisfied voice from the crowd, and almost immediately thereafter shots ring out from a bewildered and stunned mob. The leaders lay riddled with bullets, and now the bullets are laying waste to the rest of the mob. The mob's numbers are as quickly diminishing as they were commenced. It's a pathetic, ghastly scene of brutal self-annihilation. Their hastily concluded illogic predicated their necessary extinction. They mistakenly determined that according to their insane Us vs Them categorizations, they themselves, starting with the leaders of the mob from which emmanated the twisted definition, were all the Elite, and therefore must be categorically removed from the face of the earth. Once they had accomplished wiping each other out, then the Victims/Enablers could get on with the business of truly loving one another, once and for all time. Unfortunately, there was no one left, and so another opportunity lost. Such is life.

Morocco Bama said...

For those not familiar with the term, I assumed most of you were, I'll provide a couple of links. As you may have noticed, I misspelled Eichmann, using only one "n." Serendipitous irreverence, it must have been.

A Psychologist's Defense of Ward Churchill

Little Eichmans

Von Curtis said...

There sure is a war going on - out in real life and on the internet - I just got banned from outlawjournaliam - it seems you don't have to do much to get banned these days - quite often people have said I am not what I say I am that is a middle aged woman on a farm in Australia fighting for our rights and freedom against all the massive lies put on us.
Anyway such is life.
LOVE, GOD and NATURE are the only way I believe.

The Seeker said...

I'm an American living in Singapore and, the other day while riding home from work in a taxi, I was having a chat with the driver (who happens to be a Muslim chap originally from Malaysia). We were discussing the many changes taking place in Singapore (and the world) and how rapidly things that changes is taking place and how the change keeps accelerating. We then talked of how important it is to have peace and love among all people. Like all of my Muslim friends, he was extremely nice and genuine - a very simple fellow who just wanted a peaceful, harmonious life for himself, his family, his friends, his community and all the world (something we whole heartedly agreed upon). As we were nearing the end of the 'journey', I asked him how he envisioned Singapore 10 years from now. His reply was "...if the world survives another 10 years, and I don't think it will! I feel that this world cannot go on like this, that something is going to happen and the world will no longer exist as we know it today, so I can't even imagine 10 years from now..."

This statement coming from a fellow who is in his mid-50's; a person who doesn't spend time on the internet or watch much TV because he is driving all day (12 hours + per day), 7 days a week

The ride ended then... i got out and we said goodbye and good luck to each other with an exchange of warm, loving smiles.

This conversation is one that seems to be a recurring theme lately. The taxi driver was just one in a number of similar conversations I've had with people here in Asia.

It gives one pause...

Why are so many feeling this sense of something big coming soon? What is it in the air that gives off this energy that so many seem to be feeling, especially those of simple means and open hearts and minds?

One has to wonder.

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting...

Von Curtis said...

'Why are so many feeling this sense of something big coming soon? What is it in the air that gives off this energy that so many seem to be feeling, especially those of simple means and open hearts and minds?

One has to wonder.'

Great piece their Seeker and you're right and the taxi driver is right - it is indeed very strange but what you say is what is happening. I have no answer other then we are very privileged to be alive at this time no matter what happens as Olive says LOVE will win.
I often remember that bit from Desiderata when I was young - for all its sham , drudgery and broken dreams , the world is still a wonderful place - Strive to be happy.

Interesting comments on an Australia agricultural site this morning
Von, Scott Stevens is a very well known weather expert in the USA. His record for accurate predictions rocketed, just as every one else's plummeted. The reason is that he began to recognise the reality of a statement made by USA secretary of defense (1997) Bill Cohen about the fact that the means to control weather globally was in existence and being used.

Scott traces the evolution of this science to its very advanced degree, more than a decade after this statement was made. Another very exhaustive researcher Cliff Carnicom explains how a kind of "reverse cloud seeding" is also being used to create drought conditions over vast areas of planet earth. Cliff has a very good documentary on this subject here. I watch this occuring about 3 days per week over Maroochydore. Activity is usually very strong immediately preceeding a supposed wet weather event.

So these hypnotists are right to some extent in that humans are influencing the weather. But the problem is not quite the same as what we are being told! The cure is not taxing people into poverty nor is it to insist on some sort of world government. The cure is for people to make a careful examination of these things for themselves and discuss what must be done to restore sanity.

Anonymous said...

For those of you not familiar with Tao Wow's blog, I thought you might be interested in a sampling. I like this particular entry because it says a lot about us as human beings. Always searching and wanting that which we don't have.

As Castaneda's quote of the somewhat questionable character don Juan once said (if memory serves)... " what makes us unhappy is to want... yet, if we can cut our wants to nothing, then the smallest thing we get will be a true gift..."

Now, a piece from Tao Wow...

A. A person sitting by the lake alone.

B. A young teen in a mall.

A. Has few thoughts in their mind and at peace.

B. Has many thoughts on their mind that flit and change frequently.

A. A bird passes by and attention is held briefly.

B. High frequency of flashing, bright lights, loud music, commotion, many people vie for attention.

Put A. in situation B. and they are very out of place. The same for B.

In fact if B. Showed up to the mall and no one was there they would be unhappy. If A. went to the park to find it full thriving with people they would be unhappy. Both A. and B. chose locations related to their mindset. Oh, Oh, Oh, you're unimpressed with this finding? Sounds obvious does it? Sure.

Yet how often people crave one thing and live daily in another. Crave the ocean and live in the city, crave a walk by the lake as they drive on the motorway. A simple point when made but so few live by it. Always an excuse.


Those who live alone should have less thoughts. Those who choose simple foods should want for less in general. Those who don't crave for possessions should be more consistently happy. Those who love from the heart more likely to have long relationships.

Those who mix with many people have more on their mind. Those who love exotic flavours eat more meals that displease them. Those who crave material possessions are more constantly in need. Those who love flesh will never find lasting companionship.

Again so simple it need hardly be said but I see craving in everyone's eyes and peace in so few. I see a toothless old man as happy as can be, and in the same view a teenager with all the possessions you can imagine, but missing a smile.


Want for nothing, it is all yours. Desire nothing and you're at peace. Or is this the other way around? I'm not so sure, but the fact remains, simple, solid; yet lived by so few.

Von Curtis said...

Hey Olive do you believe they do have weather modification warfare methods and they are using them to make droughts and floods worse and more intense to make westerners believe in their man made global warming religion ??

David G said...

A night visit to the White House by Netanyahu? No media interview afterwards?

Methinks I smell a rat! Perhaps two rats. What are they cooking up, the imperialists?

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow...

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Hey Olive-

Been trying to send some traffic your way. I'm going through withdrawals on the love message! Hope to see you around soon.


Anonymous said...

A group attempting to bring Tony Blair and others to trial for war crimes.

check it out...

they have no chance, but, it's a good effort and will help to continue raise awareness.

KathyM said...

Olive, Hope you and yours are doing okay and getting settled in. Miss your posts! Hope your olive oil brings in a gazillion dollars this season. After that I hope we can somehow learn to live without money.

I could really get into the saving and the bartering system but the electric company and the water company here won't let me bake cookies in exchange for the energy and water I consume. What to do? Do we learn to make solar panels? Windmills?

I lived without indoor plumbing until I was 12 years old. We cooked over a wood burning stove or an open fire outside. We burned lanterns and candles when the electricity was off due to bad weather. We carried water from a spring near our home. We also had a cistern to catch rain water. I remember these things enough to know how it's done. I also know I'm so spoiled that I don't want to go back there. Oh but the big thing....I WANT MY INTERNET!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!! Take care and love....kat

Von Curtis said...

here come's the pope's man Tony Abbott

Today Rome has just taken over the Liberal Party in Australia in a leadership vote - So now we have both main political parties in Australia controlled by the vatican. Charming !!

A lot of this continual media Australian ETS nonsense phony discussion has been an elaborate set up to bring Rome's man Tony Abbott to the front in Australian politics. Abbott following directions from the satanist vatican intends to complete the NWO on Australia.
With a lot of luck I hope that won't happen.

Who is steering the NWO? Lets examine the JESUIT ORDER